Rainbow Six Siege is a team tactical play field where strategy is king but resolution options are limited, which can be quite troublesome in some low end GPUs… so, is there anything we can do about it? Welcome to the LowSpecGamer mini guide. Short and simple extra videos providing quick tips to increase performance on some of your favorite games and now, a possible Patreon reward! Even while using the lowest setting possible and only 720p many low end cards will struggle with many parts of the game. Also, the game is a bit lacking on lower resolutions. What you can do is go to the configuration file located at youir document folder, my games, rainbow six siege, your id and GameSettings.ini.

Make sure all your settings down at Custom Preset Settings are all down to 0 and up in the file you can specify a lower resolution. Keep in mind you may have to try windowed for certain resolutions to work properly. And that might just be the little push you need to get the performance to play this game. There goes this very short quick guide. Thank you to the people at Patreon for donating and requesting mini guide.

Make sure to check the new mini guide reward and give me your feedback on any possible changes. See you on the next video!.

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