Rainbow Six Siege – Phantom Sight Gameplay & Tips


(Chris Watters, Moderator of Ubisoft News) Operation Phantom Vision is about to debut, “Rainbow Six: Siege Operation” “ Magic ” refers to Nokk The attacker can use gear to hide her footsteps Keep her from being seen Makes everyone creepy The “view” part is a well-dressed defensive cadre Warden His glasses will protect him from flashes And see everything in the haze We will next introduce the details of the two secret agents And take you to the recently renovated Dostoevsky Cafe No need to make an appointment yet First let’s meet this Warden in a tie US Secret Service Warden is a capable defender Equipped with smart glasses for peeping and fashionable When things are in chaos Warden can use his glasses for the following functions First, make him immune to flash Second, eliminate the flashes he is subjected to Third, let him have a clearer view in the smoke And fourth Show some high-tech flavor in this “I killed you” screen You can lift the glasses manually Or when you run out of energy and need to charge Anyway, there is a fixed cooldown before you restart But there is no limit to the number of times you can use it in a battle The situation that the glasses start Warden is a powerful counter-attack for smoke and flash parties If Blitz and Ying mess up with flash and candlelight Warden will be completely unaffected Even Glaz thinks more about whether to stay behind the precious smoke Although he can still take the lead with greater magnification and thermal sensing capabilities Note that the smoke filtering function of Warden glasses will be less effective on the move.

So choose a corner and move quickly to make the most of it. And when his glasses are active You have to pay attention to those who can invalidate equipment and detect equipment, Thatcher and IQ But as a heavily armored, low-speed special agent He can equip MPX assault rifle or M590A1 shotgun Warden is a strong stubborn unit And he did it very well In a completely different fashion concept, there are also cadres like Nokk The attacker from the Danish Hunter Corps Although wearing a weird outfit But she would rather you not notice her at all When her sensorless device is activated You will not hear her steps I ca n?t even see her trail on the camera screen It’s a bit scary Considering that the defender now has multiple potential sources of photographic footage Nokk’s ability to hide from it is a great threat Her gear is charging design Just like Warden’s glasses But unlike Warden’s glasses, there is no cooling time required So Nokk can be turned off and on at any time when power is available Make her more tactical At the same time she doesn’t need to change weapons to activate the equipment So she can keep holding her main weapon Which is the FMG-9 submachine gun or the SIX12-SD shotgun.

And her secondary weapon, the 5.7 USG pistol. Or a D-50 pistol that can be equipped with a silencer This makes Nokk a daunting side attack, a breakthrough threat However, like all secret service officers, she has her own restrictions. If Nokk performs actions other than basic actions, her equipment may malfunction and be displayed on the shooting screen. That is, actions other than squatting and moving at normal speed or slower, or reloading and switching weapons You can also pay attention to the hints of the environment Like pieces that suddenly move Or you can use a more proactive approach Put down some barbed wire Nokk will show errors when passing And the tricks that make her feel tricky Is using Leison with his hoe mine As soon as she steps on it, she will make a mistake Show errors every time you take damage And errors appear when removing the needle.

In addition to the appearance of errors The only camera that reveals Nokk’s nearby The disturbed ripples shown by Mozzie’s invading drone and Echo’s monster Difficult to detect by other cameras And it’s hard to hear in your ears about this medium-speed, armored attacker. Let Nokk work with counter junglers Or use her to sneak into a path that can be attacked sideways Is a new way to give the defending team a strong sense of uneasiness You may be familiar with this map This is Dostoevsky Cafe Regular customers call the cafe The development team renovated this wonderful three-story gathering place Create new bomb points and make old ones more practical Make the overall experience more balanced For example when you pass through a brand new reception area You will find that the stairs have changed position Opening up new possibilities for breaking into the reading room Kitchen area remodeled Brings a little festive atmosphere Even the roof has some adjustments New shiny cafe will replace the old cafe map for free And launched with Operation Vision Two new Secret Agents will be available directly to Year 4 Pass owners And let all players unlock with reputation or R6 points after seven days More about Rainbow Six: Siege Please subscribe to this channel and visit the official website

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