Rainbow Six Siege – Smoke Operator Guide | deutsch


Subtitles by CypheR, Twitter @ CypheRisTaken, Hey guys, here’s steffen welcome to a new video on my channel and i wanted to catch up on operators that never got a guide or where the guide is outdated, to update them in new videos, and today i start with Smoke When talking about smoke, the first big question, because the SMG [ 11 ] isn’t as good anymore as it used to be. It has now way more recoil, which is noticable at a distance, but i still favor her over the pistol because in close combat i have a high rate of fire and a scope. I prefer to play the smg11 with the flashhider: either you use small bursts with a maximum of 4 shots and bigger breaks in between or you just pull the mouse or controller, all the way down to compensate the high recoil. But it is more manageable than the smg12 or the bearing 9 compared to the past.

It is more rational to think about if you maybe wan na use the fmg9 and let the shotgun be unused. If you need to open up a lot and you dont have a mira, you should still use the shotgun, but if you don’t, you can play the fmg9 and you can replace barbed wire with impact grenades. Then you use them for 2 [ rotation, ] holes smoke has 2 armor and 2 speed points. Let’S talk about his gadget smoke has 3 gas canisters that stick to surfaces and can be detonaded remotely the gas lasts for about 10 seconds and about every half. Second, you take 15 damage independend of the armor stats. The gas deals 22.5 damage. If the attacker got a finka boost, active attackers and defenders take damage. Exept smoke. Operators with more speed points can, of course, run out of the gas faster than operators with less speed points. Traps from lesion, ela and barbed wire are very effective in combination with a good smoke grenade, because these slow, the attackers, so it takes longer till they got out of the gas range.

This also works with a clash but watch out that you don’t damage the clash. The gas spreads in every direction, exept the one it sticks to this. Can you see very good here? [ video clip ] one side is full of gas and the other one isn’t. This is very interessting in anoth point because the gas goes through ealls. If you throw the gas against the wall, the gas won’t spread at the other side of the wall. But if you, through the gas next to the wall or on the ground, the gas will spread. On the other side aswell, you can delay a thermite charge or prevent the defuser plant. Thatcher and twitch can destroy the smokes and IQ can see them, but almost never can an operator destroy the canisters exept. It got preplaced. But let’s look at the use of smoke and first what do you do at the start of a round? Most of the time you are responsable for roations and [ murder ] holes, so you can move between rooms more effective on oregon, for example, between laundry and supply. You can also make holes that arent for rotation, but to throw smoke through, for example, here at the standart mira window spot in the basement, or you make holes at footlevel. So you can see attackers, but they can’t shoot back instantly.

There are many other holes. You can make to creat a line of sight to cover hallways or rooms vertical some maps more such spots and some less, but you can do a lot with the shotgun when playing smoke, stay on site or nearby smoke is an anchor operator and your last line Of defense, his gas grenades can secure you the last few seconds and the win. When do i best throw a gas grenade? If posssible you keep the gas grenades until the last 30 seconds and then just smoke the entrace, the attackers wan na use every 10 seconds. This is the best case scenario and won’t happen most of the time, because there are either more possible entrances and you need to choose, or the attackers are on site way before that you need to develop a feeling when you need to smoke. If the attackers push with more people, the first smokes and candelas are thrown, you should counter it with your gas grenade and don’t wait any longer, because when this is happening, you can be sure that the attackers will push on site. You trade one or two gas; grenades for the smokes and candelas etc.

And also win some time, i would say it’s worth when the attackers are playing without smokes and just run on spot, throw the gas grenades at best on the person that is planting the defuser. This also applys, when there is still 1 minute on the clock. You don’t get anything to keep all 3 gas grenades when the defuser is getting planted. But if the attacker only hits the barbed wire you don’t need to panic and throw all 3 of your gas grenades some times. You can’t see a lot because your vision is covered by a smoke grenade.

That’S why you should learn the common plant spots on the different maps oregon downstairs, washing machine or by the basket consulate garage by the white van consule by the desk coastline, penthouse behind the bed or by the big window. If you throw the gas grenade just in time, it should deal enough damage, so the plant get’s denied and you can win the round by that, the more you play the better. You will learn the default plant spots and will be able to counter them. Maybe practice the flight curve of the canister in a custom game, so you can, when being smoked or blinded still thow it precise and it doesn’t land where it’s useless next to stopping a push and dealing damage. The gas grenades. Als can deny vision to the attackers and give yourself some cover, not against glaz directly, but you can deny that he is covered in his own smoke. Generally speaking, gas canisters are good to counter smoke, grenades if you’re getting droned and are in a bad spot. An attacker will probably aim at your doorway and waits for you to leave your cover, throw a gas grenade in front of you and use the big cloud so you can escape. It, surely is worth to invest a gas grenade instead of dying..

Because you’re dead, if the attackers are already on spot and the defuser is already planted – and you want to retake it – use the remaining gas grenades to lure the attackers out of their cover or to cut of rotations. So you can kill them easier. They can also be used as cover if you want to defuse against shields. They are also very effective because they are very slow and will surely take more damage compared to other operators. From time to time, you can preplace your gas grenades, for example, on oregon. Behind the washing machine you save time and you don’t need to leave your cover sucks. Of course, when the attacking team doesn’t come that way and you wasted your gas grenade.

So don’t do that too often, when playing bomb. I recommend smoke because he is very useful. Secure area and hostage are something different because you can’t block an operator that is defusing, but he is not bad. Either. Smoke is very good, in combination with mira windows to to expand his field of view, valkyrie, cams, barbed wire and traps. It’S useful that he can take barbed wire himself. You can try to together with echo to stop the push in turns maestros, evil, eye and bullet proof. Cams are also useful because the can see through smokes try to keep a high level of communication with your teammates. So you know what’s happening so smoke can react optimal. This was the first “ reboot operator guide”. My next idea was glaz because that guide is really outdated. I hope you enjoyed the video cya