Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka Guide


Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka Guide?by upgraded

Now, I may not be the greatest player in the world,?but I play a lot of Tachanka.?This?ll be broken into two parts one being solo play, and another playing with a second person or team. Now that?s out of the way lets jump right in.

Solo Play

Tachanka gets a bad rap, but he?s not as bad as some would like to have you believe (note he?s still bad, just not awful) the best way to play Tachanka is to be a semi-roamer, stay within 30m of the objective and try and have easy access to it as well. The biggest issue I?ve seen with him is that people try to set him up in spots where the enemy will have a range advantage (really long corridors, aimed at windows, etc? etc..) instead try placing your turret in areas where you will end up behind the enemy, his turret can do amazing amounts of damage in a very short period of time, the turret itself is incredibly inaccurate so try to use trigger discipline and wait for the enemies to come out into the open before firing.

Tachanka is immobile when he?s on the turret making drones his worst nightmare, try to wait until the very last minute to put his turret anywhere as that?ll cut down on your death count by a lot. Tachanka?s turret whether you?d like to admit or not is great at shutting an area down as he says ?killing field deployed? and that?s exactly what it is. When placing Mr. T?s turret try to not be super cautious about your surroundings, while it?s important to know what walls are breakable it doesn?t always mean they will be sometimes it?s best to have your back to a breakable wall if it means getting a few kills through the wall you?re looking at.

Probably the most important of the group when playing Tachanka always?always?be moving, I know what you?re thinking ?but upgraded434 how can you move when his turret makes you immobile and takes 50 years to pick up?? Sometimes it?s good to ditch the turret, sometimes, but if you can save it and move to a different spot you can throw people off guard and get a few more picks. And know when to ditch, if the enemies have created a long range fight, ditch and try and get them with your gun.

And last but certainly not least what should I use? I find the SASG-12 to be absolute crap it?s worse than frosts, it?s worse than pulse/castle?s, it?s worse than bucks, BUCKS, it?s only good for making holes in the wall. Save yourself the trouble and use the 9x19VSN it?ll save your life someday. As much as I hate the deployable shield with Tachanka it is very good, but I wouldn?t recommend it in solo play, sure you can place it in front of your turret and just take a ton of shots to the body, but if you setup behind a wall you can place the razor wire and sound whore the wall for enemies. I only recommend the shield if you have to defend a longer corridor.

Multiplayer?the part of the guide where squads and duos learn together.

1. How to play in a squad

When playing in a squad or with a second person you can communicate and become even stronger, I think this is where Tachanka really shines because you can absolutely destroy with a full squad or even with one extra player. Tachanka doesn?t change much when you have more players but he does get stronger, much stronger. Tachanka can synergize with almost anyone and be effective in any situation with any operator in any place. I?m always thankful to have a Castle, Jagar, mute, and rook on my team which is great because they are some of the most played anyway.

2. What to do with your squad

If you can get Jagar and Castle you can have a way to save you from Grenades, and bullets, grenades are Tachanka?s second worst enemy (right behind drones) even one Jagar ADS can save you from two frags which would normally destroy your life work, just make sure he places them in a spot where they won?t go off in your face. Castle can make a lot of the places where your turret goes safer, and he can take a shield and place it in-front of you so you can take barbed wire (uses of which I will talk about later). I know what you?re thinking ?But upgraded434 why should I force my team to pick around me when I can just play someone else?? Because it?s a team game, and Tachanka is a team player, he can do well on his own sure, but with team mates he can do more, he?s like Rook and Doc, Castle and Mute, Bandit and Jagar. He doesn?t just go well with one, or even two people, he goes well with everyone.

3. Turret spots

I have quite a bit of images to show so I recommend reading this on a PC or laptop because it?ll make loading them much less of a hassle. I?m just gonna show images of house, because i feel it gets the point across on how you should play.?in this image?you can see that I have my turret set on the stairs pointed at the kitchen, this is placed in such a way that enemies can?t see you unless they round the corner look at you, most people tend to look at the lower stairs instead of the upper especially when the objective is in the basement/garage. We?re gonna start with the objective in the master bedroom but it?s also good for the kids bedroom.

If you place the turret in?the walk-in closet?you can have a perfect shot into the kids bedroom, I see quite a few people come from there so if you leave the wall in pristine condition, with a pulse you can absolutely kill anyone in there with a few shots. Once that spot becomes compromised you can shift?into the bedroom?(you can shoot through the couch with Tachanka?s turret at least in my experience) when they vault into the room you can open up on them through the couch and get them. Staying in the objective room not your taste??setup in the workshop?when they come up the stairs you can take them through the walls, be careful though they can shoot you from behind if you?re there too long. You can also?setup in the bathroom?and?the kids bedroom.

The living room, this one was the hardest but I learned some new things as well. first off?the stairway?if the upper floor becomes compromised?move here,?be sure to place your barbed wire as well?the way these are placed forces the enemy into a bottleneck and if they follow on the non-barbed path you can kill them before they even notice you. I found?this gem?place your wire?here?and?here?be warned you can be shot in the back from?here?if you?re not careful, although no-one really goes that way.

The basement, this is a hard one, like really hard, Mr. T?s turret is so hard to place in this area, because the enemies come from the garage most of the time so it makes it hard to place anywhere without getting shot in the face or the back.?starting off with this one?this is mainly a joke spot, so I wouldn?t recommend trying it without a full squad of 5.?This one?is actually pretty good, if you have someone look for enemies feet under the door you can shoot through the wall and get some nice kills, then move it to the?other side?of the laundry room, it?s good if they get in the garage, I?ll let you decide where to place the wire, but I?ve done some creative things with it.

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