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Rainbow Six Siege Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Improving By: Askura


Here?s a list of tips, tactics, strategies, and things all players need to know to stay sane and positive ELO in Siege. I took a few hours to try and compile everything that comes to mind in regards to playing well.

I?m Askura and I make the?Luck Over Skill series. I?ve been playing Siege for 4 years now and while I?m not a God I?ve figured a few things out that others may find helpful.

General Game Tips

Make Friends?? Find a 5 stack. SoloQ is hell. It is the barren pits of ELO loss which will sap your will to play and your will to live. Use?r/R6STeams?or the?r/shittyrainbow6?discord to find squadmates. You can also join our?Luck Over Skill discord here?if you?re truly desperate. An average skilled 5-stack will more often than not stomp a SoloQ stack.

Pick & Ban?? Don?t just pick Echo/Jackal etc but think about the site. Echo is very strong, sure. But think about whether you?re attacking first or defending first. Blue Team is always attacking first. Orange team is always defending first. If you can deprive the Defenders of a key Defender (such as Mira etc) it can have a great effect. Momentum is a real thing so if you can take a few early rounds it may lead to a 4-0. However if you?re SoloQ stick with what you know.

Communicate?? If something is happening just call it out. Every little bit of information can help out even the most dire of situations. It allows people to make sense of the chaos but please remember to only call out things you KNOW.

Example of communication saving an otherwise dire round

Spacing?? Don?t just stack up like a SWAT team busting a crack addict. A single nade, nitro, or well timed spray can take you out. You can also inadvertently block people from retreating or pushing so be aware of how close you are.

Barricades?? You can make any barricade 1-hit vaultable by hitting it twice. If you wish to do it discreetly on a window make sure you hit the bottom two below the frame. Doors can be punched at the bottom to allow a crouch/crawl space without revealing the door is compromised (from certain angles). Barricades can also be made one hit vaultable by punching just to the upper left of the middle X. Practice that in custom games til you get a feel for it.

Droning?? If the site is already located save your drone. Place it near your preferred entry route. Drones can be used as a fake flash/misdirection if you setup advanced controls to try and bait someone to push you. Getting inside the building is the hardest defensive line usually so try to save them for taking ground. Hipfiring rather than ADSing tends to be easier to shoot them.

Gunplay?? Don?t neglect your ability to win firefights. Siege can allow you have a subpar aim and still come out on top but it is still a core part of the game. While some people recommend using aim-trainers I recommend simply putting the time into TH. It mimics handling the weapon exactly how you will use it in game. Play a few rounds before going into ranked to make sure you?ve warmed yourself up.

Shooting from the hip?? Hipfire essentially leaves things up to RNG. There is rarely any occasion to hipfire as the accuracy from ADSing is absolutely superior to hipfire in every way. You may have someone get the jump on you so a hipfire may be a good last ditch effort. Yet if they miss their first shot and you hipfire in return you may miss completely. Shotguns have a decent enough spread to be the exception to this rule. Even if you are close enough to knife your enemy you may find hipfire to be wildly inaccurate.

Stop shuffling?? Everything you do makes a noise. Good players will respond to it. Even looking left or right will make your character make a noise. As does ADSing. If you know someone is nearby you will give yourself away by constantly repositioning.

Movement?? Learning how to quick-peek corners and quickly traverse the map is important. So is moving throughout a room while using every possible point of cover. Never stand out in the open. Always use angles to minimise your profile to make yourself a smaller target.

Leaning?Always lean the direction you are moving, not away. Learn to quickly peek around corners, then quickly return to cover to minimise risk. Putting your lean buttons on the mouse can affect your fine aim skills due to adjusting your grip.

Middle finger leaning

Index/ringer finger leaning

Resetting?? Pointless. While there?s less use in resetting people now if you fire through a single wall into the body/limbs they will ALWAYS be DBNO even without Rook armour. Glass/debris etc does not lead to a DBNO.

Example of glass not working for a reset

Always Aim Head Height?? Make sure whenever you?re aiming, moving, and holding an angle its where the enemy will be at head height. If they turn the corner at crouch height if you hit crouch you will already be at a great position to shoot them in the head without much adjustment.

Faking?? You can fake a plant, a reload, a drone, etc to give yourself an added edge. Skilled enemies are listening for audio tells to let them know when is best to push you. You can punch out some windows that overlook spawn to make them wary of their approach and waste time. Additionally you can fire in an opposite direction or away from where someone is playing to coax a roamer into thinking you?re vulnerable.

Time?? When you?re on Attack the clock is your enemy. Every second wasted removes an alternative strategy or tactic from your play. When you?re on Defence the clock is your friend. Every second of the Attackers you waste makes their plays more predictable and easier to deal with.

Masking Actions?? You can use flashes, nades, or any gadget that has a distinctive or loud noise to mask what you?re actually up to. Throw a flash then rotate if you want to hid your plan. Throw nitro then try to defuse using the sound to buy you valuable time if you?re in a 1v1 defuse situation.

Kapkan using Nitro to win a 3 v 1 ninja defuse

Sound Travels?? Bullet holes help sound to travel further. If you shoot a few shots through a barricaded window (without breaking the barricade) actions outside that window will sound as if it were completely open. You can use a shotgun (or any gun) to open soft walls you intend to eventually bandit trick. In doing so you will be able to hear where charges are being placed slightly easier. As well as hear Grenades being cooked or EMP thrown.

How sound works in Siege

Attacking Tips

Taking Ground?? You?re most likely to be killed when entering another room. To quote Miller from The Expanse, ?Doors and corners are where they get?cha!? If you have a drone, use it. If you?re not confident on your gunplay request a teammate help you push up. If you?re in a SoloQ you then have to make an educated guess. Learn to quick peek corners or make use of your utility. If you die with grenades/gadgets left to use they?re ultimately wasted.

Entry Stalemate?? Sometimes you?re stuck and unable to push forward without definitely dying. If this is the case, and the route you want is too heavily defended, rotate. If you see your team are working on trying to enter elsewhere then you have to find a safer way to push forward. There is no point of you going to where they are as if nothing is happening they are suffering from the same issue you are. Just be careful of roamers as this is when you?re at your most vulnerable to them.

Make Something Happen?? As an Attacker you cannot just hope that the enemies will just make mistakes you can take advantage of. By the nature of defending they have the advantage in holding an angle. You need to push and prod at their defences to find a weakness you can exploit. Holding an angle for 90% of the game and gambling on a last second push is madness.

Know Where People Are?? It?s very easy to push opposite ends of site, clash in the middle with friends, then get yourselves killed. You can turn off outlines to declutter your screen but pay attention so you don?t end up Tking and throwing the round.

Example of Ash, Ying & Zofia clashing after taking site

Time Management?? If your plan A fails then you need to quickly try something else. Trying to force a strategy when it is clearly not working means you need to make haste elsewhere. Every second that passes by without you doing something makes it harder for you to get the win.

PTFO?? Kills don?t matter. The OBJ does. If you can take enough of a site to achieve your goal then fall back to a more desirable position you have robbed the Defenders of their only advantage. Which is that prior to planting the defuser you had to go to them. This also means there?s no reason to enter the furthest point away from the OBJ and away from anyone to support you.

Get the defuser down?? The sooner, the better. The?default?plant spot on each objective tends to be the most effective or easiest spot for someone to plant while your team provides cover. Consider whether your team can cover you, whether the Defenders can interrupt with utility, and whether the Defuser can be guarded once placed.

Guide to default defuser plant spots

Dying?? When someone dies that?s an opportunity for a refrag. The few seconds someone has during to after the gunfight is when they?re at their weakest. Less rounds, disorientated, and if they?re near by try and take that shot. Make use of your teammates dying by trying to get something in return. At the same time don?t try and fight someone if a teammate can?t make use of your death.

Playing Shields?? As Monty you?re nigh unstoppable but be wary of Kapkan or Lesion baiting you to overextend. Remember you can put pressure onto Defenders who are fighting teammates just by dropping your shield occasionally. Block doorways if you can force them out of site and allow your team to flank. As Blitz use tight spaces to allow you to sprint forwards without exposing your legs. You need a teammate with you to make up for your lack of fragging and slower ADS time.

Entry Fragging Tactics

First Moves?? The first thing any entry fragger does is safely get in the building. This is the hardest part. You are putting pressure on the Defenders so hard walls can be opened up. You are making things happen so your team can take advantage of the chaos you cause. You can cause uncertainty in the Defenders by taking map control. Typically if you?re an entry fragger it is on YOU to break the defensive line. You don?t need to get kills. You need to create an opening.

Sound > Sight?? Your sound is incredibly important when you push. Make sure your teammates are turned down slightly and you have a hotkey for discord muting. You will often hear Defenders still preparing or roamers rotating when you first get in. Calls are important, as is passing intel, but if you?re deafened by friends you?re giving up your biggest advantage by being first in the building. To which you can assume most noises are being made by enemies.

Examples of sound giving away Defenders/roamers

One Vs Many?? You?re the most vulnerable out of your squad. If you don?t have someone else backing you up you may even end up in a 1vs5 situation. In which you?re going to get fucked. Your objective isn?t purely to kill but to disrupt the defence. Sure if you?re taking out 2 people per entry you?re pulling your weight but fragging isn?t the sole purpose. You?re clearing an alternate path ultimately for your teammates in case their plan is foiled.

Real-Time-Reporting?? Typically you?re first on site or got the best idea of what?s going on. Share that with your team. They might be able to make something of it. If you have ripped through their rear and can hold the position tell your team to rotate to you.

Why was he there?!?? Lots of rounds are lost by people being caught off guard by people not being where they?re?supposed?to be. People can be ANYWHERE. If you die because you were too laid back then that?s on you and not on them. They were there because they were hoping to catch someone off guard.

Support Tactics

Wearing Many Hats?? If you?re soloQ give it a few moments to see if someone brings hardbreach. If that?s sorted bring someone to get rid of jammers/kaids/batteries/etc. If there?s already a Thatcher/Thermite or Twitch/Hibana combo then look at what other gaps you could fill. You can tentatively ask if anyone has any ideas or make suggestions yourself to someone playing frag. Either way use that VC. The person most responsive to you is your best buddy in this situation.

Best Route?? Your role dictates what you need to do. Yet so does the map/site. If there?s ADS to clear or angles to watch make sure you?re paying attention. If you?re unsure ask your breachers where/what they want you to cover with a ping. Some people play support because they?re not much of a fragger. But often it?s because you?re patient, can take direction, and make up for it by performing other essential tasks. Yet if the initial push or idea has fallen apart immediately start looking how best to flank. If you have absolutely no job to do then just drone in the entry fraggers.

Watch Your Ass?? Don?t let someone wander up behind and gun you all down. Trust your teammate to watch ahead of you where as you make sure you?re keeping where you?ve come from secure. It?s easy to get blinded by the temptation of an easy kill. It?s even easier to become that easy kill because you got careless. Sometimes you shine by just letting others fully focus on the task they?re working on. Watching out for roamers is YOUR job, not the entry fragger?s role.

Support not watching the flank and allowing Alibi to dismantle their attack

Tunnel Vision?? You?re best suited to know what?s going on. The hardbreach is usually focusing on the initial defence. The entry frag is probably in a gun-fight. If you can see an opportunity either take it or relay that opportunity to your team.

Use Your Gun?? Playing Support isn?t a free pass to donut. If all Defenders are accounted for and their rotations are limited, do your best to help take them out. If you?re hearing an exchange of fire then you need to help out your entry frags. Their position is known, they have already suffered most of the Defenders utility, so get up there and lend a hand.

Defending Tips

Denying Ground?? You don?t need to kill anyone but make it hell to take a step forward. Hold tight angles and pixel peeks that allow you to fall back to a better position. Make them waste utility and drones trying to get to the site. Don?t isolate yourself or give yourself no retreat path.

Your Turf?? You have 45 seconds to make any changes to the site/map you see fit. If you know they?re going to have to take hatches or certain routes then lay traps or ambushes. A few punch holes on a wall overlooking a corridor may cause them to waste time to see if anyone?s waiting there. Bait Defenders to existing traps such as Kapkans/Frost/Elas if you?re overwhelmed.

Baiting a Blitz onto a Frost mat

Don?t Peek?? You have the advantage that Attackers HAVE to come to you. So make it work in your favour. Find a tight angle, take that shot, then fall back to a better one. Move around the site and make sure you?re not where they last saw you. But don?t feel that you have to go to them. That?s their job. If you can safely spawn peek then take a shot then fall back. Make them nervous.

Round Start?? When it says ?Round Start? it doesn?t mean you have 30 seconds more to idly setup whatever you want. A rusher who has droned out their entry point could already be sprinting towards you. If you?re ill prepared or think that ?There?s no way they can get here just yet? you?d be surprised. Every second counts.

Run outs?? If you?re playing a site where Attackers can sit outside then prep those doors at the start of the round. It makes it easier to spot claymores and makes it less obvious then having to break the door down later. Sometimes you?re put into a bad spot where you HAVE to runout because the defence has fallen apart.

Using Your Advantage?If it?s 2 vs 1 don?t try and be clever and go for a long flank. You have now made it into a 1 vs 1 situation in which if the other player dies you have lost that advantage. It?s best to hold complementary angles together.

Ambushes?? Coordinating with another roamer can give you excellent chances to get easy picks. Have a teammate fire at an enemy and fall back while you?re hidden somewhere nearby to jump out on them while they?re focused on you. Even having someone fire at the enemy while you?re flanking can help.

Tunnel Ambush on Bank by having a teammate fire from near the Server door.

Kill The Fucking Drones?? Always kill drones. Sure, don?t waste time chasing after them but if you see one stop whatever you?re doing and take a shot at it. You need to deny as much intel as possible to make it harder for them to pinpoint what you?re doing. Your location is the most valuable commodity you have.

Fighting Shields?? If you can?t get an angle on their hands, legs, or have help ? RUN. Use tight angles to deny line of sight. Be aware that they have help on the way and they?re probably pinging/calling your position. Shields are tricky because they can put pressure on you. Get help or break their LOS immediately. They cannot effectively chase you as once you break LOS you can sprint out of there. If you HAVE to fight a Blitz always remember you can use the red marker when blinded to figure out the direction of the shield (but you?re probably fucked so GG).

What Matters?? Roamers and Anchors need each other. Roamers need anchors to not surrender the site or lose to the initial push. Anchors need roamers to run the clock down and get Attackers to waste utility. Play to whichever role suits you best. Just remember without the other you?re fucked. Don?t get overconfident and throw that easy round because it?s 1vs4. Just relax and take the win.

Throwing a guaranteed win at 00:01 seconds

Roaming Tactics

Time Wasting?? Every second the Attackers spend hunting you down, wasting drones, or abandoning their push to get you off their back hurts them. You don?t need to get kills. If you can waste 01:45 without killing them then they?ve already wasted most of their time and have to gamble on a big push to change things up. The threat of you alive and nipping at their heels keeps them unable to dedicate to a solid play.

You?re the Calvary?? If the anchors are getting smashed then you?re their best hopes for getting them out of that tight spot. You don?t have to get kills but make sure you?re not on the other side of the map when they?re under heavy fire. You are utterly useless if you?re nowhere to be seen when they have 5 Attackers taking the site.

Escape Routes?? Know where and when you can fall back. You need to have a rough idea at all times where the Attackers are. If you don?t know from Intel, or gunfights, at least have some kind of idea where it is safe for you to rotate around.

Roaming vs Lurking?? Sometimes you?re better off hiding and waiting to leap out on unsuspecting Attackers than straight up taking the fight to them. Others you?re better off hitting them hard then running off. Lurkers tend to wait for an opportunity whereas Roamers make opportunities themselves. Learn what works for you. Learn what works best for the map/site you?re playing.

Be Flexible?? You?re only a roamer as long as you?re needed. Sometimes your best bet is taking up the role of a fallen anchor and reinforcing the defensive line. Know when you?re needed on site and know when you?re better off flanking.

Anchoring Tactics

Keeping Them Out?? Its your job to make sure Attackers don?t just walk on site and plant. Make sure you have a safe LOS on the most common approaches. When the round starts you are best suited to jumping on cams and seeing roughly where people spawn. Relay this to your roamers. If you die early it?s far worse than if a roamer dies because there is nothing stopping Attackers from turning your own defences around on the roamers.

Home Advantage?? They HAVE to push or peek you. They HAVE to come to you. Don?t peek a stupid angle trying to get a lucky kill. It?s far more effective to have them come into your well prepared site/angle than the other way around. Leaving cover to try and get a frag loses you your best advantage while defending.

Know Your Responsibilities?? If Bandit is tricking then your job is to watch out for him. Yellow for example on Consulate is where he is incredibly vulnerable, as is Piano etc. You?re not glued to any specific spot you?re just performing a role. If you?re watching Kitchen then your job isn?t just to stay in there but to make sure no one waltzes in and dismantles your defence.

Know Your Angles?? If someone is holding a key angle then are they safe? Make sure you?re not allowing enemies an easy pick on someone doing a core job. If someone isn?t safe anymore ? TELL them. It?s also important to not neglect vertical gameplay. Be wary of Buck/Sledge/Ash or anyone opening up above you. Such as on Chalet the Bathroom door can be opened to give an angle into Trophy etc.

Hard Vs Soft?? Hard Anchors (like Mira) have to play a set rigid role for denial. Where as others are able to slightly wander from the site for better effect (Such as Clash/Goyo). You don?t have to just hunker down and wait for them to come to you. Fulfil your role as best you can while making sure they fight for every inch of the map.

Deny Them What They Want?? If your enemies want something, it?s usually best to deny them it. If they need a specific spot to make their most optimal play, make them work for it. Just make sure you have a escape route/plan for when they come after you.

Relay Intel?? If you?re being pushed and have eyes on several Attackers let your team know who/what is there. If people don?t know they cannot help you. If you have any Intel operators leave that to them. If you are an Intel op (Valkyrie/Echo/Maestro/Lesion/Mozzie) then that?s your job. Don?t just look at your cams/traps but flick through the standard/others too. If a cam is missing that was there a few moments ago then you know something is up.

Stay Sharp?? Just because it?s quiet at your side, doesn?t mean you should run out trying to get frags. At the same time if the entire enemy team has been called at the other side of the site then you should be prepared to give them some support.

Team-play Tips

Make The Call?? If no one is taking charge then relay to your team what you?re going to do. Ask if anyone wants to help you and if they don?t then try and work around then. Any plan is better than no plan. Just make sure you?re asking and not demanding.

Learn the callouts?? While you can use your compass to see what the name of a room is every map has shared callouts that you will hear. ?90? or ?L? refers to any long corridor with a 90 degree angled turn. ?Main stairs? tends to mean the largest set of stairs. ?Spiral Up? or ?Spiral down? refers to whether they are going up or down a spiral staircase. ?Blue? ?Green? or ?Red? will refer to areas which heavily feature that colour. ?Yellow stairs? on Consulate for example is the staircase that up to CEO on the 2nd floor from the basement.

Guide to all ranked map callouts

Don?t backseat?? It?s nice if you?ve got comms going but by and large don?t disrupt people when they?re playing. Make calls short, precise, and based on real intel. Not your best guess. Not on your?intuition.

Be positive?? Don?t rage. It breaks morale. Don?t complain. It sours the mood. Don?t give useless intel. Typically if you die it could be out of your hands or completely your fault. Just make your calls then flick to intel. Laugh or cry about your failures when the round is over. It?s better for your own mental state to simply chalk up a failure as a learning experience.


Say What You?re Doing?? Let people know what you?re doing so they can attempt to work with it. At the very least people who don?t talk or whatever make decent bait for you to work around.

You vs Many?? Just assume that your team (if they?re not responding to you) have no intention to help you. So play like it?s 1 vs 5 and don?t assume they care about what your situation is. They?re no mind readers either. At the same time you can also follow people and hope to get refrags.

You?ve got a job to do?? Which is basically to fill whatever gap is left. If you got hard breach then you?re the support. If you?ve got that, then you?re the fragger. If you?ve got nothing and you KNOW they?re going to be on a certain site pick something that will give you a fighting chance. If you?re starting on Attack you?re doubly fucked because you now have to play 3 rounds trying to open up tricky spots/sites with minimal co-ordination. So try and make it easier on yourself.

Don?t Hot Mic?? You?re basically fucking over 4 other peoples chances by masking enemy tells. Push to talk is the master race. (On console this cannot be avoided without self-muting options etc).


  • Don?t plant on hatches. They can be destroyed which automatically causes the defuser to fail and the Defenders to win.
  • You can cancel a nade or gadget by scrolling your mouse wheel or changing weapons.
  • Know your hard limitations. If you play on a small screen don?t play those super long angles. I play on a 14? laptop and it?s nigh on impossible to tell an enemy pixel from a nice pixel at distance so I play close/medium angles so I can see what the fuck I?m shooting at.
  • Place barbed wire where Attackers have to fight you while clearing it. If they?re in a safe spot to hit it without being shot at, you?re placing it wrong. That said you can also use it to give a clear audio tell when someone is near for you to jump out on.
  • Capitao?s arrows drop to the ground if you fire at the roof. You can fuck with a Mira by opening above her and dropping fire in.
  • Call it don?t ping it. Pinging someone means they?re aware you know their location. Where as a call out means you may lull them into thinking their flank is safe.
  • Some walls/cabinets have glass on it. Make sure you break it before you place a gadget (like ADS/Maestros) because otherwise when it breaks due to a stray bullet it takes the gadget with it.
  • If you?re closer to a corner you see less and reveal more of yourself than if you are further back due to how perspective works. Hugging the wall to peek is not as effective as being a few metres back.
  • Don?t waste your Lion scan/Dokka calls til you?re out of spawn. It does NOTHING to stop a spawn peek.
  • You can vaguely tell the angle of where someone is by the tracers left by their bullets through smoke/the wall. Get a friend to show you the difference in custom if you want to up your wallbang game.
  • Don?t slow peek. If you have no drones and if you HAVE to check a corner do it quickly. If you don?t know how to do this then get into THunt and just practice doing it on every corner you turn for a few games. Get the general idea.
  • If Zofia?s Thunder goes off immediately an enemy is there. If it doesn?t then it didn?t land near someone.
  • Farming renown is faster in casual than it is ranked. If you?re in need of renown spend your time there and not in unranked.
  • Don?t reinforce next to people. It has a knock on effect in regards to time wasting. If only two people can reinforce a wall go find another. That way you?re both not running around looking for a single place that needs reinforcing.
  • Night mode makes the sound pitch tighter. So louder noises are quieter and softer sounds a tad louder. It fucks with sound direction though. TV mode is basic stereo and Hi-FI allows greater directional/distance sound but loud noises can sound nearer than they are. Always play with headphones.
  • If you HAVE to give a callout to the left or right, instead of a cardinal direction give it in relation to whether it is to the left or right of the person you are talking to.

Example of giving a callout to someone on the opposite side

  • Just play. The more you play the more you learn or at the least what not to do again.
  • Don?t barricade common routes for roamers/etc so they can easily get back to site.

Example of a common path barricade screwing over a soft-anchor play

  • Don?t jam coms or keep repeating callouts. Sound is often more useful than your decaying intel.
  • Instead of repeeking the same angle if you get shot at look for softwalls you can try and return fire.

Wallbang instead of repeeking

  • When you attack it?s bad to die in the first 30 seconds. It?s worse when you?re left alive and lose the round because you didn?t push up.
  • Any game can be won at any point. Don?t give up. Don?t throw. Don?t BM teammates because they?re not your perfect vision of what a team should be. You?ll just get saltier over time.
  • The compass at the bottom of the screen has all the callouts/locations listed next to it.
  • You can avoid Ying Candellas by going on your phone and waiting it out. With flashes you can just look away.
  • If you don?t open event alpha packs you will eventually lose them.
  • Rook armour upgrades your armour class. So a 3 speed 1 armour becomes a 3 speed 2 armour etc.
  • Lesion traps are easier to spot with drones than by the naked eye.
  • Watch streamers/youtubers for ideas/tips but remember there?s a reason why people watch them. They?re in the top percentile, have thousands of hours, and plenty of practice.
  • Leaving the game doesn?t stop the interrogate happen. It just gives the Cav an instant interrogate. So stop doing it.
  • Drone holes on the roof can also become nade delivery chutes. If you know where someone is playing try that instead for safe free kill.
  • Fixed light sources give off shadows if your shadows are above the low setting (which it should be as shadows make 1-2 FPS difference). Know where they are if you?re roaming.

Example of shadow giving away a roamer

  • Fuze has a gadget that is very handy for clearing traps, gadgets, and Defender defences. His gadget deploys them from right to left.
  • There?s a meta but it doesn?t HAVE to be played. Don?t lose sleep over someone not playing the most optimal possible play. There?s other ways to achieve things and that?s what makes Siege fun.
  • Shotguns have RNG but the middle of your crosshair or ADS is where a single pellet will always go.
  • Melee is borked. It?s broken. Don?t rely on it. Shoot them if possible. Knife as a last resort.
  • Don?t TK if things don?t go your way. You can always come back. Even if someone isn?t playing the ?meta? by the book there?s no reason to sacrifice someone.
  • Older CPUs get a stutter/CPU bug. This is because SSE4 support was dropped. Which means Phenom X/II/IV and Intel Core 2s no longer work well. You can also turn off full screen optimisations in compatibility if you have a newer CPU and still get the bug (this helps for my Intel Core 7)
  • Everyone has bad games. Let it go. Sure you might not have played well this round/game but there?s always the next game.
  • Use Alibi?s holograms to block windows or other points enemies HAVE to jump through. Place them close to the frame slightly angled to minimise their profile so they cannot be shot from the window.
  • Blitz?s flash isn?t based on LOS. Even if you turn away if he is close enough you are still blinded so always look to where he was last if you?re about to be blinded and just hipfire and hope.
  • Drones have a better hitbox than people. You can jump and turn to the side to get yourself into/through tight spaces. Look up to jump higher. Look forward to jump further.
  • If a softwall has a few holes in it, sound travels further.
  • If someone tears down your Castle Barricade you get it back. Don?t TK them. If your Castle Barricade has been punched a few times you can also fix it by taking it down and putting it back up.
  • When an enemy is detected outside (such as a teammate already outside) it won?t say it again if you want to double up on that. You are revealed as a marker still though.
  • Watching pro-players won?t instantly make you good at the game. You won?t understand the logic behind WHY some scenarios or methods work better than others. Stick with the basic strats and approaches. You lack the ability to make sure of the more nuanced plays that they make look easy at the moment.
  • You can fix your own barbed wire if you accidentally hit it simply by picking it up and putting it back down again. It will reset it back to 2 hit break.

Example of how to fix here

  • Don?t play with your food. Just confirm the kill as opposed to BMing them otherwise you may end up getting killed as a result.

Example of BMing resulting in a lost round

  • Monty can be baited into dropping his shield sometimes if you drop nitro at his feet and pretend to pick it up (if simply throwing it behind won?t work)
  • IQs gadget can see ALL electronics. This includes Defender?s phones when they ring. Great to combo with Dokka or if you have a tricky Echo/Valk sat on cams.
  • Kapkan traps make a low hum noise. They are easily heard if you hug the frame of a door before going in. Seriously. Go to custom and place one down to recognise it.

Example of Kapkan traps making a noise saving Hibana

  • Align yourself with a single bullet hole peek, simply by walking directly at the wall and looking slightly to the left or right (instead of using W or D to move left or right).
  • Adjust your FOV according to your screen size. A wider FOV means on smaller screens you lose some of the zoom effect. Which makes it harder to see things. ? by?/u/eduiiko


  • You can kill a teammate at the start of the round to see if they drop a phone. If so, they have a Dokkebi.
  • You can wait for when your other friends are starting to queue in ranked to up your chances of playing them (and getting a potentially easier matchup)

How to do this.

  • You can play the piano on some maps by rolling your drone over the keys.

Playing the Piano on Hereford.

  • Jumping your drone out of bounds or into fires will kill it.

Example of drone dying to fire

  • You have a low chance of injuring the hostage with your drone if you jump into the hostage with it.

Example of hurting the hostage with the drone

  • The Twitch drone can kill friendly drones.
  • You can exchange a Lesion Gu for a drone by parking your drone just behind a trap. Works well if they?re not a Lesion as they can?t see the marker.

Example of baiting a player into shooting the trap

  • Go for psychological damage if you can?t do actual damage

Example of hurting the feels

  • You can perform a suicide bomb attack by pulling the pin out of your nade and running at your enemy to have it drop near them.

Example of suicide bombing

  • Showcase you?re under 13 by typing ?GG EZ? when carried to a win.
  • Always reload when you fire a single round just in case you come across a over-stimmed Rook armour wearing Doc.
  • You can shoot open hatches with any gun. It takes approximately 130-150 rounds. You can?t melee it open though (Unless you?re Sledge).
  • Get more pew pew by being closer to your enemies.

Example here by agathange


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