Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Guide


Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Guide?by saxojam

Twitch may not be an entire replacement for Thatcher, but can certainly be used as a viable substitute.


  • F2:?The F2 is a great automatic rifle option for attackers, due to it?s good fire rate, and relatively high damage output. The F2 relies on a (or a few) quick bursts of accurate shots to take out enemies.

  • 417:?The 417 is probably the closest that you can get to Glaz?s rifle (without actually being Glaz). The 417 has a faster fire rate than Glaz (with lower damage of course), with still high damage output. The 417 is a great option for anyone looking to stick back and hold/cover angles.

  • LFP586:?Your revolver is relatively accurate, deals a massive amount of damage, and has a huge recoil. This would be recommended for a situation in which you want to rely on your sidearm for a quick precise shot on a damaged enemy over range.

  • P9:?Compared to the alternative, your revolver, the P9 offers lower damage, but far better accuracy and higher fire rate. If you wish to rely on your sidearm for frantic situations, this is a far better choice than the revolver.

  • CLAYMORE:?The claymore is of extreme use to you as Twitch, seeing as you will likely be spending a decent amount of time in a corner, on your drones. With the use of a claymore, you could easily save your own life while in your drone.

  • BREACHING CHARGE:?The breaching charge, which most of you already know, breaches a walkable hole in unreinforced walls, doors, or windows. This is an extremely helpful tool in any situation.

My Loadout:

Note that my personal preference leans away from ACOG sights, as I tend to get close to the enemy, and ACOG is very disorienting at close ranges.

  • F2:?Holographic Sight, Flash Hider, NO LASER SIGHT, and Verticle Grip

  • P9:?Muzzle Brake

  • BREACHING CHARGE:?Used as described in loadout details.

STATS:?Twitch is a standard operator, with 2 speed and 2 armor.


  • DO NOT send your drone into the objective room in prep phase. You have no reason to put your drone in harm?s way during prep phase, take the time to eliminate any and as many cameras as possible.

  • Don?t focus too much on zapping people unless they are downed or AFK. Zapping someone with your drone is a quick way to get it discovered and shot.

  • Send your drone into objective AFTER prep phase, the enemy team will not be looking for drones as actively if you let 10 seconds or so pass after prep phase. This will allow you an easier time eliminating any of Mute?s jammers or Bandit?s batteries.

  • Keep in mind that your drone can not jump. This means that when attempting to break gadgets, cameras, going into the objective room, or even just using your drone in general? you should hug a wall with drone holes/lots of objects to hide around or under for cover.

  • Treat each drone like it?s the life of your operator. You want to use your shock drones to the absolute best of your ability, they aren?t as expendable as the other drones.

  • Keep in mind that Mira?s black mirror gadget (Window) can be shot out using your drone. This should be one of your priorities after prep phase.

  • Laser sights on your F2 may not be an entirely bad thing. The spread on the F2 can be very precise, and I could start shooting accurately before you fully aim down sights. (Although be very cautious of where you point the laser, it can easily give away your position).

  • Use your drone to get your TEAM an easy kill. If your teammate needs to kill somebody, and you want to help them out.. shock them with your drone and roll around a bit to distract the enemy, so your teammate can take advantage of that.

Did I miss anything essential? Let me know and I will add it as soon as possible.

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