Rainbow Six Siege – White Noise Operators Gameplay and Starter Tips


“ White Noise” will bring “ Rainbow Six Siege Operation” Travel to South Korea. There is a brand new map. “ Tower “ Will challenge your fear of heights And at the same time there are three new agents Will bring new usable gear to the scene. Let’S start with Dokkaebi This second-speed second-tier, offensive corner from South Korea Will bring the tablet to the battlefield Disturb her enemies. In a way, we all understand Call them at a bad time. Two chances per game Dokkaebi can invade all defender’s phones simultaneously with logical bombs. This will lead to some results. The first is to make all the defenders phones Noisy noise. Second, it interferes with the defense’s surveillance system, Give the attacker a chance to move without being detected. Third, this can annoy all defenders Until they spend a few seconds to turn off the noise, But Dokkaebi can do more than that. If she is in battle, All killed defenders will drop their phones. If Dokkaebi successfully invades an enemy’s phone, She can let all the attackers Can use defensive cameras. What can the defense do at this time? Dodge the camera view Shoot off your own camera, Then let yourself be out of control. The best way to avoid this situation Is destroying their phones when their companions fall Make Dokkaebi invade. There are also several ways to avoid logical bombs As if standing by Mute’s jammer when invaded Or play Echo immune to invasion, Because these two have technology sharing in the rainbow team. But when it comes to dodging cameras, There is a new special service officer who is even better at this

Come and meet Vigil This South Korean defender doesn’t like to be monitored very much. He has a piece of equipment that makes him invisible to the camera. His electronically rendered camouflage won’t mask his footsteps Or affect the sight of the naked eye. But if you plan to spy on him with a drone Or find him through an intrusive camera Is useless, Affected drones and photo opportunities. Glow white And Vigil’s ability can cause visual interference In all affected scenes. These tips can tell Vigil is around As a three-speed one-piece defender Vigil has the speed to defend multiple offensive positions And let the attacker guess where he is. Actually, His abilities are similar to Caveira’s silent footsteps, So he cannot be endlessly invisible And his invisibility will end at the same time as shooting Or when interacting with the environment.

At the same time as Pulse’s heartbeat sensor, Vigil is detected by IQ when using capabilities, Jackal can also scan his footprints. But if you do, nt have a strong, anti-loitering special agent present. You have to be extra careful And about our third special agent Zofia. This tenacious two-speed second-tier, attacker GROM anti-terrorist unit from Poland, Is your best choice. Her unique gear KS79 Lifeline is a dual-barrel grenade launcher Impact bomb in one of the chambers Shock bombs in another chamber. Stuns nearby defenders Make them very vulnerable. She can switch the barrel under one button, No need to refill between shots. There is one more thing about the characteristics of the shock bomb Is that you can do ejection around the corner.

Let them fall into some tricky positions before detonating. They also have a close detonation mechanism, So if they fly near, the defender Will immediately detonate and cause dizziness. It’S similar to Ela’s mines, right, Zofia and Ela are sisters. They are all trained to face shock. They are half the time to recover when shocked. Bosak sisters are tough, But Zofia is strong enough to have a chance every game To recover from a fallen posture, Although there will only be a little health when standing up, But god she can stand up. If you want to know the latest “ Rainbow Six Siege. Operation” Please subscribe to the official YouTube channel and visit Chinese UbiBlog