SC3000K vs. MP7: Sam Fisher Loadout META – Rainbow Six Siege


What?s up guys, Rogue-9 here and hurray & huzzah, good news everyone; with the launch of Operation Shadow Legacy and the addition of Sam ?Zero?? Fisher to the game, we finally have a brand new and shiny gun to analyse. Ah, remember the time when every season offered us four or five new guns to explore? those were the days but beggars can?t be choosers; one new gun is better than nothing and in today?s video I will be comparing Sam?s iconic SC3000K with his alternative primary, the trusty MP7. What are their individual strengths and weaknesses, how should you set up each gun with attachments and which one will be the better choice for you? Let?s go and find out! As always, we kick things off with a general overview of the most important stats of the two guns and on average, the distribution of green and red stats is pretty even. That?s a great start and things should get quite interesting! Now let?s break these stats out into the overarching topics of firepower and usability and let?s go into a bit more detail.

As a bullpup rifle, chambered in .300 blackout, the SC3000?s damage per shot is 40-45% more powerful than the MP7 at all ranges and its drop-off basically only just starts where the MP7?s is already bottomed out. Interesting side note here is that even though the SC?s close range damage is only about 1.8 points above the average for the rifle class (so essentially good, but not great), its long range damage is joint second, only beaten by Blackbeard?s lousy MK17 CQB of all guns. The takeaway here is that even though the SC3000 is quite powerful at short to medium range, it is unusually capable at longer ranges.

By contrast, the MP7?s long range damage, compared to the SMG class, is actually below average and we will see the effects of this in a little while. And while the MP7 does have a fire rate advantage, it?s not actually that huge and therefore the resulting damage per second output of the SC3000 is still between a quarter and a third higher depending on range. One point to the SC3000 but let?s dig deeper! How do things compare once we drill down to the number of shots to down/kill and the time to down/kill? As is to be expected, before damage drop-off, the rifle?s greater damage per shot means that it will need one or sometimes even two shots less to down or kill a defender and despite the higher fire rate of the MP7, this still results in considerably faster takedown times for the SC. Given the SC3000?s unusually high long range damage AND the later drop-off range compared to the SMG class, the divide between the two guns becomes even more extreme, once we move on to medium to long range.

Here, the MP7 will need up to four shots more, depending on armour type and hit location on target and this leads to massive takedown time disadvantages of up to 200ms. The fact is that when it comes to pure combat power, there is absolutely no debate here. In general, the MP7 is arguably one of the best primary SMGs in the game. It has an above average fire rate and the highest DPS of all but up against the SC3000K, it just cannot compete because this awesome new rifle, with its above average damage and fire rate compared to the rest of the rifle class, is simply better. In fact the DPS of the SC3000 is only beaten by Fuze and Ace?s AK-12, Jackal?s C7E and Twitch?s F2 (and the C7E and F2 only just edge out in front to be fair.) So that?s it in terms of combat effectiveness. The SC3000K is always going to be the better choice when compared to the MP7 but there is still a chance for the MP7 to redeem itself when it comes to handling and ease of use! This video is brought to you by long time supporters of the channel: Ridge Wallet! I’ve completed the Hat-Trick! Not only have I now used the aluminium and titanium versions but over the last couple of months, I have been using their carbon fibre model, which is the lightest one of all and I’m really happy with it! If you’re looking to upgrade your bulky old wallet, check out the Ridge Wallet, at that’s and if you use the code “Rogue-9” at checkout, you can get a 10% discount and free worldwide shipping and returns! Right off the bat, the MP7 gets a five bullet capacity advantage and while 25+1 is still very decent for the SC3000 there may always be the odd situation where those five bullets can mean the difference between winning and losing a gunfight.

When it comes to reload times, the new rifle is 100ms slower than average when compared to the rest of the rifle class and that makes it around 20% slower than the MP7, which in turn (and by sheer coincidence) just happens to be 100ms faster than the SMG class average. Less ammo means more frequent reloads with the SC3000 and these will be slower compared to the MP7.

If you?re the type of Siege player who finds themselves routinely engaging more than one opponent and chewing through 30 round mags like there?s no tomorrow, then maybe this might actually be a bit of a reason to favour the MP7 over the SC? but for most players, the greater combat power of the new rifle will still be the far more important factor here. But, of course, there are more handling factors to consider. The aim down sight times for both weapons are the standard 400ms for rifles and 300ms for SMGs, which means that out of the box, the MP7 will allow for quicker target acquisition. But whereas the MP7 has its integral grip set to the vertical position by default, we will have the options of choosing either a vertical or angled grip for the SC3000; (Ah, check out how cool this gun has been modelled! Honestly, whoever built the 3D model for this gun, hats off that?s a great job, I love the attention to detail that has gone into making this gun special!) And if you pick the angled grip, you of course get the 40% aim down sight speed bonus, which it turn gives you an outstanding ADS time of 240ms and ends up giving you and actual advantage over the MP7.

The question is, is the recoil of this rifle still manageable if you forgo the vertical grip? Let?s get to that when we discuss recoil in just a second! Before then, let?s compare the hip fire spreads and the simple summary is that compared to all of the guns I have ever tested in the past, the MP7 is really not great? it?s not terrible but definitely not good either. The SC3000 on the other hand is pretty much one of the best ever, right up there with the AK-12 and Nomad and Iana?s ARX200 and so it is a lot better than the MP7.

Now as ever, in general hip-firing is a really bad idea in Rainbow Six Siege, so the actual effective value of this advantage for the SC is not a huge deal but as I have explained in the past as well, having a tighter hip-fire spread does also mean that your gun will achieve higher accuracy just that little bit quicker when aiming in, so there?s that! And finally, the last piece of the handling and usability puzzle, recoil! Looking at the in-game recoil charts gives us our first indication that out of the box, recoil for both guns is pretty similar but, the added modularity of the SC3000 can end up giving it the edge over the SMG.

Moving on to the right in the charts, we first have both guns with the Muzzle Brake and then the Flash Hider, except that the SC3000 also gets to use the vertical grip, which reduces vertical recoil by a further 25%, making the rifle quite a bit more controllable. I also added the vertical grip and suppressor combo in for the SC3000 and even without the benefit of a recoil controlling muzzle device, the rifle stays very competitive compared to the SMG.

But of course, the first 5 shots of a burst only tell half the story and so I ran some practical tests for myself. For instance, the in-game patterns did not tell us at all that the MP7 does have a tendency to veer off to the left, because this happens a bit later in the burst. Looking at the resulting patterns of my tests, I would say that the compensator is not a great choice, due to the large first shot recoil and while the muzzle brake does a great job at countering this, it offers no advantage in terms of the random spread throughout the burst.

So my recommendation would be to use the flash hider, since it offers the best of both worlds: sufficient first shot vertical recoil reduction and still a little bit of an advantage throughout the rest of the burst. Moving on to the SC3000 and I have to say that the recoil in the gun is really pretty decent. Even without attachments, it has a tight cone that swings to the right consistently throughout the burst. Once you attach the vertical grip, the muzzle climb becomes very manageable and in terms of the muzzle attachments, I would again opt for the flash hider, for the same reasons mentioned earlier and if you go for that combination, you are going to have a significant controllability advantage over the MP7.

So that?s settled: if you want easy handling, definitely choose the SC3000 and slap on a vertical grip and flash hider. But are there any other viable attachment combos that might make this gun fit a different playstyle a bit better? Specifically, what I am referring to are of course the suppressor or the extended barrel. These are quite quick to summarise: The extended barrel on the SC3000 is in fact a buffed version when compared to the extended barrel all other guns get! Not only does it raise the minimum damage at max. range (which is 35m in the case of the assault rifles) but it also actually extends the damage drop-off range to 40m, which is a distance normally reserved for the DMRs and LMGs. I don?t know whether this inconsistency is an oversight or a purposeful buff but as of right now, it is only Sam who gets this additional little benefit. It could actually be interesting to extend this buff out to all other characters in the game? But that aside, the one big downfall of this attachment remains; it only adds a benefit at pretty long ranges and with the average combat distance in Rainbow Six Siege being around 10m it is almost impossible for the advantages of long range damage to ever kick in.

And for that simple reason, even the slightly better version of the extended barrel that Sam gets to play with is still basically pointless. The suppressor though is a different matter and not just for the SC3000 but also the MP7. At the most common combat ranges you are going to need one extra hit on half of our strike location and armour type combos. It really boils down to needing one extra shot against level 3 armours and against level ones if they are wearing Rook plates.

And that shouldn?t really be a surprise because pssst, here?s a little secret: putting on Rook plates basically turns level 1s into level 3s in terms of the damage they can soak up. But that?s just a little side note; the main point here is that while needing one extra shot against level 3s at close range is not ideal, it?s still in the region of being tolerable when weighed up against all of the advantages you get out of the suppressor. And, wonder of wonders, the suppressed performance of the MP7 at shorter ranges is exactly the same! Now just like every single other gun in Rainbow Six Siege, when you get out to those longer ranges, the suppressor is no longer ideal for Fisher.

You?re going to need at least one and maybe even two extra shots to take down your opponents, PLUS you will also have more recoil to deal with because the suppressor won?t help with recoil at all. And that opens up the question of how controllable are these guns when you use the suppressor. In my tests, the SC3000 is definitely still relatively easy to handle, especially when you also use the vertical grip. The MP7 is a bit tougher to use effectively so you will need to take that into consideration. My conclusion of all of this would be that whether you are using the SC3000 or the MP7, if you are aiming for the best possible recoil control, take the flash hider and the vertical grip if possible.

At the same time though, if you think that you might benefit from being a little bit harder to locate, then the suppressor is definitely an equally viable choice for both weapons. The final point to consider in usability is the selection available sights. This was never a huge factor in the past, but now with the new sight options in the game, it?s worth taking into consideration. Of course, every player will have their own preferences when it comes to sight choice and the objective measure here becomes: the more choice, the better. And that?s where I think once again the rifle takes another point, simply because it gets one more choice in the 2.0x scope. And when you then boil down all of the factors that I include under usability, then the only things the MP7 has going for it are the slightly larger capacity and the quicker reload. In terms of target acquisition, controllability and sight selection, the SC3000K is the winner and that leads us to the very straightforward conclusion for this video: Yes, as an SMG, the MP7 is one of the best defender weapons you could pick but when compared against a very good assault rifle, it just cannot keep up.

Lower takedown power in all situations and worse handling & usability make this little personal defence weapon the worse choice for almost every player in every conceivable situation. It?s a shame that the choice for Sam is not really balanced right now but at the same time, I don?t want this to be fixed. Since Bandit also uses the MP7, buffing that gun is pretty much out of the question and so the only way to create balance would be a nerf to the SC3000 and in my personal opinion, that step would be a real shame. And that?s it. Do you ever choose the MP7 over the objectively superior SC3000K? If so, then why? Let me know in the comments section below and with that, many thanks for watching; I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!

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