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Thatcher’s AR33 vs. L85A2: Thatcher Loadout META – Rainbow Six Siege


What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here said that this video is still the R6S veteran series Take a look at Thatcher’s L85A2 and AR33 this time Which one is the better choice! I generally choose L85 Because this gun is highly controlled And the AR33 was hit by me because I had a smaller magazine. Of course I admit that this is my personal preconceived judgment I haven’t really looked into their data And make the right decision So in fact, I am really looking forward to the results of this analysis. Take a look! As usual, first introduce the data of each gun And then analyze in depth what exactly these data play in the game. In fact, you can see at a glance how to choose between these two guns. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages but they look very balanced overall Don’t forget that they were launched at the beginning of the game You know the weapon balance at that time was not very good Damage output has always been an important indicator of weapon selection And both guns are very balanced The overall performance is very close to the average of assault rifles The L85’s damage is a bit higher at all ranges, but the rate of fire of only 670 RPM is actually slower.

Only slightly higher than Capitao’s PARA-308 and Nomad’s AK-74M pretty low; only marginally better than Capitao’s By contrast, the rate of fire of the AR33 is a bit higher. Of course, it ?s not too high Because the average rate of fire of the assault rifle in Operation Wind City is 746.71 RPM Equivalent to positioning AR33 in a satisfactory position These make the DPS of the two guns almost the same.

Are very close to the average of 538-313 rifles Preliminary conclusions, whether comparing each other or all rifles In terms of output, both are fairly balanced guns. Of course, not only output plays a role in the game Because when the enemy is actually knocked down, which gun is the first to hit more than 100 HP of damage It ?s important to consider ?kill / knock down? and DPS separately Speaking of which, I have to say a word. Did I say that we need to do a deep analysis? It’s interesting next Sit tight, a big wave of numbers is coming! Everyone knows that the average kill distance in R6S is 10 meters Fighting one and two enemies at this distance, both guns need to hit the torso 3 rounds In fact, in addition to the three armored enemies wearing Rook armor, 4 rounds are required Any armor-level enemy L85 only needs 3 payouts AR33 needs 4 rounds against the top three and above enemies Including the top three or all people wearing Rook armor It is more obvious when the range is longer (above 35 meters).

AR33 requires one more hit than L85 to knock down the enemy Now let ?s put the rate of fire together and count the time of knockdown / kill. Above 25 meters combined with whether to make useful Rook armor and shooting torso or legs AR33 is slightly better among 6 possible combinations The L85 performed better in the remaining six combinations. So theoretically it ?s five or five. But if the TTK of all combinations is averaged, the L85 wins with a small advantage of 14 milliseconds. Although it is only a small advantage Of course, this is only data within 25 meters L85 to combat all armor levels with an average knockdown / kill time of 48 when the damage attenuation is 35 meters and above Beat AR33 In short (a bit sorry here) Because the rate of fire is really too spicy. When considering the actual factors such as the armor of the armor level, shooting legs, and combat distance, etc. L85 can only count as a slightly better gun But no matter what level you are High rate of fire does increase the chance of headshots So this may give AR33 some advantages In terms of the actual combat distance of the R6S, the two are totally fifty-five.

But it can be said that the higher headshot rate is indeed better than the small advantage of only 14 milliseconds. I’m a bit tangled here Compared to other assault rifles at present The lethality of these two guns is quite good, and both are completely feasible options. In terms of magazine capacity, the L85 is a standard 30 + 1 AR33 and only 25 + 1 Although the gap is not large, it is indeed a disadvantage of AR33. The reload time of the two guns is almost the same, but the AR33 tactical reload is 100 milliseconds faster. Here to say again: really balanced The opening time is also the same 450 milliseconds, but the AR33 can be equipped with a corner grip Reduced the opening time to 270 milliseconds Then the only problem is not to use the vertical grip as a cost In exchange for the advantage in opening speed A careful comparison of the recoil of the two guns shows that the magnitude of the muzzle rise is almost the same.

But the range of the impact point of AR33 is larger. Especially noticeable from the fourth round The recoil force icon in the panel is the same. Although equipped with a vertical grip can make the gun better press But as demonstrated in the test snippet in the picture Even with the corner grip AR33 (at least on a PC) A brief summary from the control point of view Just a little practice with the corner grip is absolutely fine Reducing the opening time by 40% is definitely a big advantage The part that does n?t talk about the waist is because I think It ?s enough to explain the recoil of the optional grip.

There is nothing to say in this part. Just like the previous Ash article, I carefully measured the gap between two guns and one or two pixels. But in fact it does n?t make much difference at all Finally, there is actually a small advantage of L85 Both guns have a total of 8 magazines in the PVP game But because the L85 magazine is bigger, it actually has 40 more ammunition. To be honest, although 201 rounds are enough to deal with five enemies But this kind of thing is better, so it ?s a small advantage. Let me summarize quickly The output and kill of the two guns within 25 meters are quite satisfactory. But the L85 performs better at a slightly longer range The AR33 has a high rate of fire, but a small magazine and low ammunition. The filling time, waist accuracy and recoil are almost the same as the speed of the lens. But if you can control the corner AR33, you can greatly increase the speed of opening the mirror. And my final suggestion did take this into account All in all these are two fairly balanced guns The price of AR33 high rate of fire is the small magazine If you must give AR33 a vertical grip I still think that you might use L85 more suitable AR33 has to be opened properly to be more effective Conversely, if you do n?t mind that the gun is slightly harder to press, you can equip the AR33 with a corner grip.

Definitely give AR33 the upper hand To be honest, I didn’t even consider AR33 before this comparison and analysis. Because L85A2 is my favorite gun in the entire game. But now that I know this, I might seriously try corner AR33 If it works, I will continue to use it! Which gun do you like to use Thatcher? Which firearms do you want to compare? Leave a comment in the comment area! I think IQ might be a very interesting material Maybe I will analyze G8A1 by the way in the analysis of 552 Commando and AUG A2. How about a comparative analysis of a secondary weapon? Like GSh-18 vs PMM or LFP586 vs P9? I will consider making the one with the highest number of votes in the comments Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy this video I will see you in the next episode!

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