The best spots on House – Pro Tactics Rainbow Six Siege


Hello, everyone, my name – is comrade drago and today and is the first episode of pro tactics in rainbow six siege. Today we look at the map house Rainbow six siege house tutorial. First up, we look at attacking master closet. Now you typically want to choose. Someone will be there, Ash’s breaching charge, frag grenade or bucks shotgun, there’s really the most effective three to get through the ceiling in kitchen to get into the master closet. We all know the typically turning people out of master closet be difficult, so they have the ager device, there’s something keeping them in there. But hey it’s each! You can destroy the four underneath them. They can’t stop you so simply fire ash charge. The roll grenade fire buckshot destroy the floor and then simply and I’ll annihilate the enemy defender. Moving on to number two Rainbow Six Siege house map tutorial

We have another look at master bedroom now, if someone telling upon discovery, looking very difficult now, if hatches on reinforced, you can blow Hatteberg renege and then you can simply chop them in the corner, another grenade and typically, if you cook it all enough, they won’t have Time to escape number three, an open master room say this time the H was reinforced you’re wondering someone’s trapped back there, how you gon na get them out easily. So if you’re slack-smith frag grenade, you can just cook a grenade top it up there and they’ll die right away.

You can also run over there over shot me on glass lips networks. Do we’re going to number four? We have the kitchen staircase, if someone’s, if someone’s, rushing front door, you as a defender and hiding kicking stairs into the very small hole underneath this cabinet, and you can light them up and they’ll be very, very low and they can’t even return fire on you giving You a very key badge. Number five is garage, so this you know the foreign lobby is completely avoided. You can you store. The entire thing you can see near is placed on the garage doors, and you can also see enemies trying to hide behind car. A very common, very popular spot to hide, especially towards the end of the round. Now you can open up their mirrors. That gives you lost possibilities to get them out behind car, and you can also shoot up them from all the way up at the top of the map.

Giving you great range on them, especially an ACOG. You can just toss grenades in through the hole works perfectly fine. Now we’re negative of a garage this time exclusively from the attackers point of view. To give you a better look at what you should be doing, what you should be seeing. That’S an attacker that entire port right there I just marked is all wood. You can sludge it, you can see, it gives you a look at car and the further you move back the better website, you’ll have of the garage door and of behind car itself. Now, of course, in an actual match, you want to make like one or two quick holes and not ten or twenty. That gives your opponent or duomac there a nitro or thrown aw, but you know one or two quick holes. You can also add sledge at least destroy the ramming and open up the wall into exercise, giving you a bit further range to play with.

As you can see, I’m all the way up hiding in construction. He can barely see me when I can see him pretty. Well, I’m gon na drop down and you can sit and see if me rose, oh there’s mirror pop it open now, of course, a drug result little longer. To give you a good example, opening of Linares people like to place their on those walls and of course you can also quite easily eliminate any players from up here now. Of course, you’re going to want to watch out for flying some kitchen, staircase and, of course behind you in living room. Of course they can come around. They can come up. Freakin stairs. You have to be vigilant. It’S not! You know. A foolproof plan now number seven living room if we all know and objectives in their bombs and their people like to hide in the corners of the map, and so you can come in from underneath them in the basement and just start shooting up into the floor.

And knock these ladders very common, our spots or as a defender, you can do the same thing and you can make holes underneath the windows and shoot out as attackers come in through the windows. It works basically exactly the same. You won’t use a shotgun or a nitro cell. Now number eight is tree house now we all know glass loves to hide out in tree house. You can shoot out in from living room and get a pretty good shot there. Of course, most glasses or other players know about that, so you need to do it from there or you and a friend, both people at the same time, maybe from living room and also from basement as well, giving you a slightly easier time. Well, everyone. Thank you. All so much for watching this, the first episode of pro tactics on rainbow six siege map house and if you enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe.