Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Grim Sky Gameplay and Tips


In Operation Dark Air It’s hot and inductive Two new special agents: one attacker and one defense Joined the Rainbow Squad They will challenge their training effectiveness at a completely rebuilt Hereford base The gentleman who quietly burned a hole in the reinforced wall was Maverick As a special three-speed officer Maverick is equipped with a “Sully” torch Unlike Thermite and Hibana, which can make large holes in reinforced walls Maverick can burn through obstacles and create holes of various sizes Making a hole that allows people to pass would cost almost all the torch fuel But what Maverick is really good at is cutting out tiny sneaky windows Creates eyeliner almost anywhere “Sully” torch can burn almost anything Which contains destructible walls Strengthen the wall Castle Blocker Deployable shield Floor entrance Maestro’s Evil Eye Or even fire-defense cadres.

This is currently the most dynamic equipment Burn holes of various sizes and shapes on the defensive team’s reinforced wall Any attacker can take advantage of Maverick’s results But he has a new AR-15.50 or M4 assault rifle. Obviously you can do it yourself Maverick’s welding torch is also very suitable for solving enemy equipment Can play hide and seek with Bandit’s battery and Mute’s jammer Clear a way for Thermite or Hibana Or make a door for Twitch’s drone Then rely on it to solve the problem As for burning bigger holes You need a pair of stable hands Moving too fast on the wall The contact time of the welding gun is not enough to burn through Too slow you will waste limited fuel Aiming can help you maintain steady speed Also make sure to burn out clean cuts Although not completely silent But Maverick’s torch is relatively quiet Can create the possibility of stealth and tactics And create many, many deadly perspectives.

The defender must pay more attention to the small opening But Maverick also has to look around “Sulli” welding torch is not a good weapon It has a range of only two meters Exposes Maverick to threats from the enemies while creating the finished art Defensive side shifts can put you under threat So be smarter about where you deploy mines Or you can invert the mine in front of the small opening Is a trap against careless enemies So many new openings on the line of defense It’s better for the defense to have extra protection Defensive Special Agent is Clash Is the first defending defender in this game Her unbreakable CCE shield covers her entire body in front There is also a built-in stunner that slows down enemies and deals damage Make her a formidable obstacle Her shocker is rechargeable and will recharge as long as it is not activated But pay attention to your battery level If you run out of shield power You have to wait until it is fully charged before you can reuse it To take out her sidearm Clash had to take the shield back Just like other shields still provide some protection She must be able to kill if necessary But her main function is to control the field Former crackdown officer as a British gendarmerie Clash is very familiar with melee scenes Slowing the attack speed may make the remaining time good for you The idea of ??distracting the enemy can also make them more afraid of being attacked by your teammates And let’s not forget one of the most powerful features of shields: blocking enemy fire What if the annoying Maverick cuts a hole in the reinforced wall that exposes your entire team? Just plug it with Clash Sometimes physically blocking the enemy’s progress is your best play But do n?t be afraid to use this protection as your advantage The top three Clash doesn’t seem to be suitable for junglers But her shield is also a good way to get her into places where defenders are usually afraid to stay.

Do some pre-battle investigations outside Use your knowledge of the map to explore areas where it is not easy for the attacker to run behind you Your P-10C or SPSMG9 portable weapon means that the enemy cannot safely reveal the back to you But even with a shield, you are not invincible. Thatcher can use electromagnetic pulse grenades to temporarily disable the stunner Thatcher can use electromagnetic pulse grenades to temporarily disable the stunner Capitao’s incendiary can cause severe damage to slow-moving Clash Even using a shield is useless In addition, Clash cannot use her shield for melee combat. In fact, if the enemy hits her in melee Or if she was hit by Zofia’s shock grenade She will temporarily lose her defense and expose the gap. But Clash will not be exposed for long And it would be very difficult to break through her strong line of defense. Operation Dark Air will make a significant change in the situation on both sides of the conflict For more news please subscribe to our YouTube channel And stay tuned for more information on the official Chinese website

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