Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six Siege ? Map Starter Guide Clubhouse


Time to get to know the club, big map with a focus on portability and fast movement. This map contains three floors: first floor, second floor, and cellar. Inside The pub is located on the first floor, and is the largest and most important area of ??the map. Divided into three sections: billiard table, pub and theater. This region is full of shattering walls and land sections It connects to important areas of the club both horizontally and vertically. To the west of the bar is the billiard table section, where you can shatter the shattering wall and enter the nightclub. The western corridor leads to the billiard table section. Let’s go back to the pub. Towards the east, you can smash the wall and enter the stove directly through the theater wall.

In the waiting room there is the east stairs leading to the second floor. While the blue staircase in the garage warehouse leads to the basement. The last room is in the eastern section of the first floor in the garage. Notice the horizontal door that gives you entrance to the cellar and stairs leading to the stolen floor on the second floor. You can smash the wall shattering through traffic through the waiting room and hall to return to the pub. Towards the north, there is the kitchen and a horizontal door leading to the cellar. Toilets that lead to the western corridor, The main staircase leads to both the cellar and the second floor. Among the contents of the second floor is the corridor of the bedroom and gym.

Shattering the shattering wall to reach the bedroom, The logistics office has its secret hideout. From the logistics office you can access the construction corridor through a shattering wall. Construction corridor leads to the bedroom. Notice the shattering wall on the eastern side to the balcony, It is a good entry point for the second floor. East of the construction corridor is the financial room and control room. Next to this room is the eastern staircase that we saw previously, which leads to the waiting hall on the first floor. Let’s go back to the control room. From the south of the room, you can reach the stolen floor through the shattering wall or the adjacent window. Use it to reach the garage and note the field of view from the stolen floor on the first floor. Let’s go down again to the garage, a good entry point for the basement.

From the garage, use the red stairway to go down the oil pit in the basement. Move north to enter the service room. To the east is the blue staircase that we saw previously leading to the garage depot on the first floor. Be careful, you can be seen easily here. By shattering this shattering wall you can reach the church, And the memorial room, The cellar corridor contains the main staircase that we saw previously And the corridor leading to the first floor The corridor of the bedroom is on the second floor.

You can reach the most important room in this area, the arsenal room, through the cellar hall. This site has many target sites and features a lot of shatterable roofs It can be easily accessed from the rest of the map. Also note the escape tunnel leading out to the construction site start point. The club has four starting points. Northbound is the entrance to the construction site. The starting point of the warehouse is on the eastern side. To the south is the entrance to the main gate.

Finally, on the western side is the starting point for the shipping port. Generally, the bar area is the central point of the map. The garage leads to both the basement and second floor. The club’s design focuses on spin and speed options Also, don’t forget to design the vertical map. The club is full of horizontal doors and shatterable lands. Ready, customers? let’s start.

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