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Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six Siege ? Operator Starter Guide Ash


Introducing Ash “Ash” is a fast military front fighter, able to penetrate the walls and side attack and deflect the attention of defenders within seconds. To master Ash, you must practice your aim, your reaction speed, and learn the defender movement patterns. Ash must be one of the first to enter any building, as she makes sure to clear the rooms to give her team the chance to attack the target. (Distinctive ability) Ash is able to penetrate the soft surfaces of long distances thanks to the M120 CREM Compact Rifle Thrust Equipment. The best way to play with it is the constant movement, and contact with colleagues to open ways or fields of vision Or to plan quick attacks. Ash shots have infinite range and can eliminate many defensive devices Including some distinguished defender capabilities.

Try hacking to learn the many ways to use them on the battlefield. (Tips and Warnings) Warning: Precious Breakout Shots Don’t Overcome Enemies! TIP: Open up your team’s vision areas and entry points for your armored colleagues.

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