Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six Siege ? Operator Starter Guide Fuze


We offer “ Fuse” “ Fuse” is a heavily armored striker and is known to cause explosive damage to the defensive fortification. The best way to play Fuse is through violent side-attacks or by preventing defenders from entering certain areas. Its features allow him to use defensive capabilities and harass enemies in defensive positions. ( Distinctive ability, ), The distinctive “ Fuse” capability – is the APM-6 Cluster Bomb. This tool launches a set of explosive secondary bombs through any soft porous wall.

These explosions can clear entire rooms of defenders and are best used over bombs to maximize the impact. Cluster bombs are effective against defensive capabilities such as barbed wire and tools, And many distinctive defender abilities. Remember: Cluster bombs can damage clients and items simultaneously. Its sound is too loud to expose your site to the defenders, Use it wisely and tactically to reduce the possibility of danger, ( Tips and Warnings. ) Warning Do not use cluster bombs on the rooms containing the hostages. You will lose the round directly if they are killed, TIP, Try to be in a position above the enemy, to increase the risk of damage and increase damage.