Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six Siege ? Operator Starter Guide J?ger


We give you Yagr. Yagger is a mobile agent in support of any defense team. Mastering playing “yagr” requires making quick decisions and knowing where to attack. Yeger can use several tactics to help his team build a defensive fort Or navigate the map to take over lateral attackers, if necessary. (Distinctive ability) Yagr is capable of destroying enemy projectiles thanks to its unique tool: ADS-MKIV. It can be hung on the walls or placed on the ground.

The bombs will destroy most enemy projectiles in their field. Thus, Yeager protects the rest of his team. The Bomb Hunter denies a number of distinct attackers’ capabilities, thereby reducing the risk of attack. Enemies can easily disable the Bomb Hunter, so placing them out of their field of view is very important. To take full advantage of them, you have to place them where the bomb hunt has a direct field of view in the defensive area to facilitate the hunting of projectiles. (Tips and Warnings) TIP: Try to use bomb hunters as parts of a shared area are covered to increase protection. Warning: Do not use the Bomb Hunter in areas where projectiles are not being thrown! .

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