Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six Siege ? Operator Starter Guide Kapkan


We present to you “Capcan”. “Capcan” is a bombing and lethal agent for the defense team. Playing with “Capcan” with skill requires cunning, high knowledge of the map and the methods of playing the attackers, especially the front attackers. (Distinctive ability) Capacan’s signature ability is the Entry Port Traps or EDD MK II. This trap contains a C4 detonator that is activated upon motion detection. “Capcan” traps can be placed on door and window frames, thereby preventing attackers from swaying through key entry points. Its explosives are very effective against quick-acting agents Place the EDD in low positions, out of the field of view, taking advantage of their rapid movement and lack of attention against them.

Remember: Your traps have a visible box, so try to place them in places that are difficult to see. (Tips and Warnings) Warning: Do not place your traps in clear and intuitive places! Especially around targets where the attackers are careful and attentive. Tip: Hit the barriers twice to trick the attackers and make them jump through the barriers without thinking. Or place the trap in hidden places where there is no barrier.

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