Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six Siege ? Operator Starter Guide Pulse


We present to you “GLS”. Glas is a roaming and information gathering agent for any defense team. Playing “GLS” skillfully requires a high knowledge of the map, awareness of the conditions, good communication and quick reactions. The ability to navigate GLS relies heavily on gathering information and rapid movement. Beware of confining yourself to narrow corners as you cannot move around easily on the map. (Distinctive ability) The distinctive “VLS” capability is the HB-5 heart rate sensor. This sensor can track attackers across walls and barriers, thus collecting important information about their sites. Next, GLS can tell its team members about the attackers’ locations and plan to resist their attacks. However, the sensor has limited scope to sense the impulses of enemies. The “glas” sensor can sense through shatterable, non-shattered walls and barriers. It can also palpate through the grounds and ceilings.

(Tips and Warnings) Warning: Do not forget that you cannot use your weapon during palpation, and the change between the sensor and the weapon takes a moment! 15 00: 01: 19,000 -> 00: 00: 24,000 Tip: Memorize the attackers’ tactics and the paths they often take to track and surprise them.

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