Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six Siege ? Operator Starter Guide Thermite


Introducing Thermite. Thermite is a very important customer and supportive of any offensive team. Playing with Thermite requires patience, leadership and the ability to communicate clearly with your team. As one of the few clients able to break through in the game, losing it at the beginning of the round significantly reduces your team’s chances of success. Thermite can penetrate heavy reinforced walls and openings thanks to the Brimstone-BC3 reinforced walls penetration.

Choosing where to place the bombs is very important for your team’s attacks on targets. If used correctly, it will open fields of vision, remove blind spots And give your team a chance to attack the rooms tactically. Enemies can easily destroy your containers, and you have a limited number of them – use them wisely. Some defenders can deactivate your packaging with their unique defensive capabilities. Work with other agents and blend your abilities to disable enemy defenses. (Tips and Warnings) Warning: Do not place your packages on the non-reinforced walls unless the most important walls have been opened previously. TIP: Use your machine to find important breakpoints and lead your team to those sites. Enter immediately after your team to ensure victory.

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