Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Outbreak Gameplay and Tips


Welcome to Truce-Concy Quincy New Mexico, This sleepy desert town. This is the starting point of the “ disaster” of the limited-time multiplayer cooperative activity, “ Rainbow Six Siege”. Let your fearless three special agents fight against a group this Just this group of guys. These mutant creatures will do everything they can to prevent you from accomplishing your goals. You will follow the Rainbow Squad as the story progresses to suppress the killings and reveal the truth. So if you want to survive, you have to adapt to your tactics Because infected people will come and hunt you.

They may seem to be standing upset, But if you can’t solve them before being seen, It’s your turn Equipped with a silencer to help you pass through specific areas without incident, But sooner or later there will be a Grunt attack and summon its good friends But other Enemies are not so direct Breacher with bubbles on his back loves to jump around, Prepare to explode or destroy your defenses. Next, to you Note, the bubbles leaking on the wall Then use a quick melee to make them respect your personal space. You also have to deal with Rooter. It will attack everywhere and harass you with spikes from below. This will tie you in place before you or your teammates can fix it And then Apex They wander around, Makes you weak and makes every enemy strong And from time to time. I look at you with a weird mist enough to make Smoke jealous What about Smasher.

Well, its name explains everything. It can’t see you, but it can definitely beat you or push you past, Try to lure it into the wall, To make it easier for you to shoot or pinpoint its weaknesses. If you and your teammates successfully complete a Cataclysm mission on Normal difficulty, Try to see “, Outbreak”, Friendly damage and more enemies will make the situation more difficult. No matter what difficulty you have, You will all choose your special service staff With equipment and weapons. To give you a head start in crisis, Choose Doc for awesome, hormone pistols Bring Smoke and his stunner to trap. The enemy Then bring Finka to strengthen you, so you can shoot them. Finka is one of the Chimera Operations agents. The other is Lion. His drone scans. The area to show where the latest threat is.

But remember: your team has only three places. You can also do it with less than three people, But it becomes super super hard Unless you happen to be a destructive God of Siege. The light machine gun is ready. “ Catastrophe” is a time-limited event Play on all platforms for a limited period of four weeks from March 6 to April 3, Although shooting so many bullets in this game may feel weird, You will soon be thankful for the existence of light machine guns And shotguns too. Basically, anything that can spray bullets on this group of scary monsters, More “, Rainbow Six Siege” news. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit the official Chinese UbiBlog