Top 5 Common Mistakes (Rainbow Six Siege Tips by NAVI Doki)


Okay, so for our first mistake, we have reinforcing between sites when you can maybe make a rotation or something instead. So, for example, we’re gon na demonstrate on cosine here when we reinforce off the wall between the bond type, it means that we are not gon na. Have any angles available on to the a bomb from b-bomb or like vice versa, so Mike pretty much this whole site is blocked off now at the reinforcements. I know this is something that seems a little bit obvious and there’s a lot of people that do this, especially in the lower ranks. So that’s maybe something you can struggle with and, as you see the reason for this is this guy’s planting behind the bomb and we change cannot be stopped us.

There is no longer indicator home. Okay, no we’re gon na demonstrate how to do it properly. Instead of reinforcing the whole walls and making it and make their for your defense instead of reinforcing the whole wall, just reinforce qab the metal wall, and then that means you can have holes on the right and left side of the wall. Giving you length of sight onto the the other bomb site also from this angle. Here you can smoke, you can smoke the plant you can thirsty for it. You can deny all the utility turn onto the a bomb site. So it’s a good. It’S a good way of defending other sites from like a distance from like a long, a long window. So another living mistake is not using.

Your can comes on drones effectively. You shouldn’t really be spotting on these terms when you can relay information instead, if you spot on cameras, you’re gon na be really messing in on some opportunities that the defense should like be able to execute on so right now we see the crates walking a sh. If I spot him, if he’s knows that, we know that he’s there and he’s gon na run away and stop his push. If I didn’t spot him, I can easily have told someone the team is pushing the corner and pre-file he would be dead again. This is something that’s kind of really default and basic, but this gets so many people like not killed. You know a lot of missed opportunities because of stuff like this, and I see it a lot, especially in lower ranks and even sometimes in high ranks when people don’t bother communicating or using their microphones, so make sure you communicate, especially if you’re playing drunk then you’re. Not an f5 stock or whatever make sure you use your mic or even type in chat.

It’S gon na save your life and it’s gon na win your rinse okay. So this time, what we’re gon na do is kind of show you how to do it right. Reenact it properly and actually communicate your teammates, so you can capitalize on these best opportunities like this. So again, we’re gon na let the ash kites walk down and instead of me, spotting em, I’m going to communicate to my team of bad years coming so we’ll get on our amazing welcome by the way, hmm, and we will wait for the ash to come. So, instead of spawning make sure you communicate it’s basically, the type of this okay ash is coming down right side. Longdesc I’ll tell you when to peek, really close picnic, picnic, picnic, easy so yeah there you go okay, so the next! I just newbie mistake. You can call it and it’s not shooting the glass out on windows. This is a mistake that I see stung a lot even in prolly play, I’m a Mekhi around the diamond dealer.

Basically, if you don’t shoot the glass behind the wooden bar like head of the window, you can’t hear anything outside. You can’t hear apparels. You can’t hear if someone’s walking around, so we always recommend to the spray the window a couple times to remove the glass. So you can hear so. For example, we have a guy repelling right now on the connector window and we cannot hear them so only reason that we weren’t able to hear him was because he was repairing and the glass was still intact. So whenever you see a window, the stump has the glass. In fact behind it, you should probably empower on that and try to get a free, a free cable, because the chances are. The defenders will not be hearing you.

So, let’s just let’s just test it now. What we’re gon na do is we’re gon na shoot the glass out on the window and then we’re going to see if we can hear him better. So, okay, it’s just a few top, so the window with any gunman will remove the glass it gives the same to you as well. So it’s easily to know what you, I guess done it right and then this mistake is something that I see a lot still improperly so right now the grass is thumbtack. You can’t hear anything, I would say it: let’s break the glass, that’s the glass go on and you can already start to hear someone else coming outside the window and there’s your repel. So that’s a signal and someone’s repelling on your window. It’S gon na be a free, kill, easy TV.

So one more thing that I believe me that’s count hard to show off in, like a gameplay of a new format is when you play in a ripe game and your team. Let take like a full lineup of like fracking operators and nobody sacrifices themselves to put a hard breach or like some support operators and then, like you, end up losing their owned, and then your team start complaining like. Oh, why do you lose this? Why did you pick this etc? In my opinion, especially if you’re solo queuing, it gon na, be really beneficial to play that hard breach or like faster roll, for example. Instead of you taking like an ash like a Sofia, because bringing that hard brick to the table cannot allow this year to like leave your team of like random five people and cannot build a strategy around you. Instead of you rushing in with ash and hoping that you get like one or two kills um other said it’s kind of hard to like put this into video format, so I just thought I’d, explain it and the way I feel about it, um so yeah. If you’re pointing right, maybe try and sacrifice yourself a little bit and play more support, orientated roles cuz, it’s gon na help it even probably gon na help. You win a lot more than you run around the map with like Jaeger.

Oh my gosh, for example, so yeah, please support and one more thing: that’s kind of hard to visualize in-game, because it’s like always changing. It’S always unique situations when you die to something and then players continue to do the same thing for that, the following two or three rounds after I see so many people. This is an example like spawn kicking a window, for example in a ranked game, and then you can, you kill the guy in the first round and then he keeps doing it for the next two or three rounds. It’S like so annoying and I’m so pointless like. If you change up your playstyle, especially in a ranked game against people who aren’t as organized as teams – and you keep doing something different every single round – it’s gon na be so hard for that people to read what you’re doing and they’re gon na need to change.

It their play style every single round when, when you’re with a plan against here, so I don’t don’t roam in the same locations for three rounds in a row. Both spawn pick the same one though for three rounds in a row, but just change it up. Do it something different every single round like you’re, a to change your playstyle? But if you change of possession and change the way that you move around them up, it’s gon na you got ta see a lot of improvement, especially in a ranked game.