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Top Ten *BEST* Tricks to use in Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard


I went through all of the tricks that i learned last season and picked out my top 10 favorite ones that you should know about going into this season of crystal guard plus my good friend allen from the dangleberries did the same. So if you like my list and want to see more then head on over there for more and at number 10 is the phase fuse trick. That gust has found, and it’s how you can take out anyone in what’s probably the most common anchor spot in all of clubhouse. I especially love this one because fuse did just get a buff with crystal guard coming out, so you’re now going to be able to go infuse the reinforced hatches and to do this trick to get easy kills on one of the best sites of clubhouse. Now, before we get into number 9, i want to thank ubisoft for sponsoring this video and show off a couple of the new battle pass items.

The crystal guard battle pass is available from september 7th to november 23rd and features 100 tiers of exclusive cosmetics like weapon skins, charms and more premium track. Owners will receive 600 r6 credits to boost their season gameplay and have two-week early access to osa before she becomes available to all players. If you haven’t seen osa before then she’s the new attacker, that’s equipped with a queer shield which is bulletproof and can be deployed on the ground and even in doors and windows. Siege is also on sale for as low as five dollars. So it’s the perfect time to grab the squad and try out the new season and see how you, like it, click the link in the description check out the new battle pass and you’ll be able to learn a little bit more about it.

So you can decide if it’s something that you’d like to get clicking. My link really helps support the channel, so i really appreciate it and now without further ado, let’s get into number nine now another really sick trick. That shaved raccoon showed me was how it’s actually a big misconception of how you can only get up on top of the shelf. If you open the hatch and drop down onto it, you can actually just run and vault up. On top of this, after you reinforce the hatch and it’s going to make this spot a million times better, you can see in that last clip that we even did it with rook.

So three armor doesn’t matter at number. Eight. We have the three four angle on favela that goes from the top of trash stairs in that small room called electrical all the way down to the doorway on the first floor of blue apartment, there’s, usually defenders that are going to be roaming around down here, and It’S an easy angle to cut off really early, especially if you’re going to play, as somebody like amaru, plus favela, isn’t ranked now so you’ll be able to go for it in the 1 out of 100 chance that it doesn’t get banned. Next, we’re going to be going over two insane hiding spots, that trans taught me with the first one being on chile, use five bullets and shoot the boxes. How you see me do and you’ll be able to crawl and put your legs behind you look at the floor and then lean right to go invisible in this high traffic area.

Bonus tip that’ll help you stay hidden even more is to use a mute jammer on the other side of the reinforced wall inside of sight, and that’s going to make this whole hallway even harder to drone going over to cafe. We can actually find similar boxes on bottom white and, if you prone into the corner, then you can shoot out the sides of the boxes, like you see me doing, to be in an even darker spot, with the odds of somebody coming up to your side. Even less most drones are going to come in under the door, check the entry and then go upstairs so you’re, probably going to be starting some arguments on the other team about bad droning. Once you get the opening pick [ Music ] and at number six we got the crazy, big brain kate electric spot on chile. All you got ta do is break the east side of the dining room table and then you’re gon na be able to throw an electric cloth all the way down to the end.

It’S gon na be completely inside plus, most likely you’re playing ranked and thatcher’s gon na be banned anyways, even if they did have a thatcher. It’Ll only get disabled for 15 seconds callie’s not going to work here and then it’s going to be back. We have two floors: drone parkour jumps in at number five, and these are just really good to know about, especially if the defending team doesn’t have as much utility to clear as expected. This first one on clubhouse is a little bit more difficult than the second, but it’s also cooler. If you jump your flores drone up on top of the shelf in stock, then you can either jump it up and stick it to the ceiling or start the detonation process.

Once you’re balancing at the very top of the metal shelf from there, you can take out any defender, that’s playing on the common desk in cash and even if they move out of the way, then you’re still going to be able to clear any utility that might Have been placed here, the second one that you’re gon na see on oregon is really unexpected and is gon na force defenders to potentially run in front of your line of sight, because the drone is gon na be coming through the window and then turning the corner. Really quickly leaving them barely any time to shoot it before you start detonation. The number four spot belongs to shaved raccoon’s opie shield pixel spot. That makes for one of the best anchor spots on all of oregon, especially if you’re able to pair this with a jaeger ads or will mai now, by facing just slightly northwest. You can line this up to go from the back corner of dorm all the way through the trophy door: [ Music, ], now up next we’re going over to trophy room on villa and if you shotgun out this area below the blue chest, you’re actually gon na See a brick wall, that’s not fully attached to the ceiling.

This creates an angle, that’s almost impossible to see as an attacker and you’re gon na be able to kill anybody. That’S going up backstairs into astro. If you lean left, you can even see all the way down to first four back stairs. So this is an angle that you could use as a roamer, even if you’re not defending a statuary trophy site aggressing onto the side, so with 30 seconds left psk’s alive swings onto the windows like i’m in danger. You know you’re dead.

This next c4 might look complicated, but after this 15 second tutorial you’ll be able to land it 100 of the time every single time, if you know somebody’s on the rappel, you go down into laundry. Put your face in the corner: look up lean, left and then count. Four brown squares. You’Re then going to throw the c4 and you will land it on the windowsill 100 of the time wasting time by leaving them closed. It’S going to take achieved all of two seconds once it gets up there.

That is what you do allow for boxer this time, able to find that nitro. The second t4 in our number two spot on my list, is fox’s early c4 to take out anybody. That’S repelling up the northwest corner on cafe, which also is probably the most common place to repel up now. He didn’t have a valve cam on his team, but i imagine that that would probably make this a little bit easier to land when you go for it or you can turn your headset up and go off of sound cues and at number one. We have my personal favorite trick that i learned, and it should come to no surprise to anyone that i learned this one from nico and it’s how you can actually get on top of either one of the bucks antlers in trophy room on villa from there.

You’Re. Actually going to be able to shoot over the reinforced wall through astro and out the window, i’d like to point out that maybe go jump in a custom game and test out this vault prompt. It is easy to miss it slightly left or right and actually just vault over the buck, but at the end of the day, just nobody expects this in all of siege yet and having the top walls opened up, is so common for either impact tricking or just Throwing stuff over that nobody’s going to be pre-aiming here unless they’re straight-up, cheating and know that you’re there or and i’ll say, joan d out anyways, that’s going to wrap it up for my top 10 tricks that i learned last season that you need to know about. Going into crystal guard and don’t forget, the new battle pass is running from september 7th to november 23rd and includes 100 tiers of exclusive cosmetics like weapon skins, charms and more plus premium track. Owners are going to get 600 r6 credits and two-week early access to osa.

Before she becomes available to all players, if you’d like to check it out or support my channel, then click the link in the description to learn more about the season pass and see. If it’s something that you might be interested in, also don’t forget right now. You can grab the squad and try out the game for as low as five dollars. So it’s the perfect time to finally convince all the friends that haven’t tried it yet to jump on. Please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video thumbs down.

If you didn’t i’ll see you all very soon in the next video love you all peace, [, Music, ], you

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