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Vigil’s & Dokkaebi’s C75 vs. SMG-12: Loadout META – Rainbow Six | Siege


Hi, everyone here is Rogue-9. For the first time ever we can be in a counterterrorism organization, Choose two different submachine guns as secondary weapons. So the question comes which one should you choose? What are their comparative advantages and disadvantages? Is the damage data in the game? Correct? ( spoiler warning incorrect ) For comparison. How do they compare with existing submachine guns? The answers to all of these questions and more are here for you, As always, for everyone who wants to find specific information timestamps in a video. Please find the specific information timestamp in the comments section below Before we make a detailed comparison. Let me answer the most common questions. I received a question about SMG-12, which is “. Is it silent ?”? Yes, I can confirm that smg-12 is actually integrated with a silencer. It will not give your opponent a fire attack indicator; it is much quieter than a gun that is not silenced. This also explains why you can’t use any muzzle accessories And why the base damage is so low.

Now let s get a rough idea of how these guns compare to each other. We can first compare their underlying data. C75. Auto is the most harmful. It has a medium magazine capacity and the slowest rate of fire BEARING-9 is a bit “ regular” compared to C75. Has slightly lower damage medium magazine capacity and slightly faster rate of fire, SMG-11 and SMG-12 both have the fastest rate of fire. Smg-11 has higher damage, However, the magazine capacity is low. The SMG-12 has the lowest base damage, but the magazine capacity is also the highest. All four guns have a mobility of 50., No matter what that means. Reload time is not listed, it would be great if there is one ( implies Ubisoft ), But before that this is the result of my first test. Smg-12 is the slowest reloading time The empty magazine, change time is 3 seconds and the tactical change time is 2 seconds. The second slowest is the C75 Auto. The empty magazine. Change time is 2.9 seconds and the tactical change time is 2 seconds. The fastest ones are SMG-11 and BEARING-9, both with an empty magazine, reload time of 2.7 seconds and a tactical reload time of 1.9 seconds. So this is a good start, but if we really want to compare guns, the damage data in the game is not the most useful. What we need is a comprehensive analysis of the damage attenuation test, And here is the result. One of the biggest advantages of submachine guns over semi-automatic pistols is Their base. Damage can maintain a considerable distance Damage began to decrease from 18 meters to 28 meters.

For unsilenced weapons, I managed to confirm the underlying data. Interestingly, the curves of these two existing submachine guns are exactly the same. C75. Damage is 2 points higher at close range and 1 point higher at long range. Smg-12’S damage curve is generally lower, but this is only because it has been silenced Once the SMG-11 is also equipped with a silencer, they will all have the same damage attenuation curve (. Yes, this means that the damage data of the silenced guns in the game is not very accurate. ) Here is a chart of damage attenuation data ( for those who prefer a chart ). It should be noted here that the submachine gun is not only strong at close range. Long distance is also strong.

Recalling my comparison of MP5 variants in the game, You will remember that the damage data for each gun is 16-30 points and the damage data for these guns is 19-35 points. This shows that in general, these secondary weapons are very competitive in terms of their damage output, Especially when you consider their extremely fast rate of fire, Because all of these statistics contain only three different damage. Curves We end up with three different numbers of enemy ammunition. The minimum number of enemy ammunition required is C75, followed by Bearing and SMG-11 and finally, four silenced weapons, But this information alone is not enough to allow us to evaluate their damage. Output.

Damage per second is more convincing here. These statistics show SMG-12 and C75. Auto are basically on a par with each other. The C75 is more powerful at close range. The SMG-12 is stronger at long distances, (, provided that the C75 has no silencer. Once you add a silencer, It will be the weakest choice at any distance ). If we compare the enemy strike time with different levels of armor, we can observe On average the silence time of the C75 without silencer is 20-30, ms faster than that of the SMG-12. But the addition of a silencer does the opposite:

Of course, all of this time is with fully automatic shooting and 100 % hitting the body. My preliminary conclusion is that, although C75 has the highest damage per shot And the size of the magazine is considerable, the low rate of fire offsets All the advantages of this gun over other submachine guns, and once you have the silencer installed, It is definitely the most Inappropriate choice:

If you choose C75, you should never add a silencer To maximize its high base damage. If you want a silencing weapon, A 100 % better option is SMG-12, But the damage output is only half. You also need to be able to hit the target. You are aiming at, Let’s take a look at the maneuverability of these guns. One of the most important factors is what accessories you can use In the past videos. I have talked about the impact of grip and muzzle accessories on recoil, So I won’t go into too much detail about their functions. If you are interested, the link is below the video

As a weapon with integrated silencer, it has no muzzle accessories, but otherwise It can use all accessories except ACOG mirror In sharp contrast, the C75 cannot use any accessories, Except for what we already know. A silencer is added without any meaning. It can’t even use a laser pointer Of all the weapons in the game. Only four cannot be laser sighted

This is one of them For the C75. The situation is not optimistic. These two existing submachine guns have many good accessories to choose from The most important accessories for controlling recoil are the vertical grip and compensator “ Um, but Rouge !”. I heard your voice C75 and BEARING-9 already have fixed vertical grips, So they definitely have a natural low backseat advantage. Don’T they? If you compare the basic recoil patterns of these four weapons, It will soon become clear that this is not the case. Neither gun has any advantage. The recoil pattern is identical for all four guns, So the recoil depends entirely on the accessories. If we compare the best recoil mode, We can see that there is no change to C75 ( because there are no attachments ) Bearing rear seat force is a bit lower because the compensator is added. Smg-12 has a lower vertical seat, rear seat force. Finally, and overall, the lowest recoil is the SMG-11, with vertical grip and compensator

Before we continue, the last point about maneuverability is Except for SMG-11. These guns have the ability to switch the semi-automatic shooting mode When you want a precise hit. Last but not least, before reaching a final conclusion, I think it’s worth a quick discussion of how the integrated silencer on the SMG-12 works, Especially in MP5SD and Six12 SD. We see the past Rainbow Six integrated silencer in the siege, Not always as efficient or effective as a removable muffler. I have proven that the SMG-12 fire attack indicator is hidden, So this is a good start, but when they add a silencer, the effect of noise suppression is How does it compare to other submachine guns? Come and listen? That’S it! Yes, the SMG-12’s gunfire is louder than other submachine guns, But it didn’t ring a lot. So I’m happy Confirm that the gun is actually completely silenced. Final summary time Compared to many secondary weapons and even Rainbow Six, some of the main weapons under siege, The C75 Auto is a very good small pistol. It still maintains high damage to about 20 meters, a good magazine capacity and a considerable fire rate.

All of this can make this gun a favorite of players As long as you remember not to add a silencer, Because its impact on the C75 is much higher than the data in the game shows Just like Serenity17 recently discovered “, he died” “. This gun is very interesting, Although it sucks it took me a long time to kill Blackbeard …”, Really a chicken. The only problem with the C75 is that two staffers who can use the C75 can also use the SMG-12. It is also very easy to summarize SMG-12

It is essentially SMG-11 with silencer ( same damage, curve same rate of fire and same basic recoil ), Except that it has double the magazine capacity. There are options to add a right-angle grip and the choice of semi-automatic shooting mode. The fact that the C75 cannot add any sights and cannot improve its recoil mode in any way Means that, even if you don’t add a silencer, SMG-12 is a better choice. In almost all cases. If it is important for you not to expose your location In the game, smg-12 is the best secondary weapon.

So that’s it! If you want to access these statistics yourself, There will be a link to my online spreadsheet in the description below. I will update statistics on new white noise operations in the coming days and weeks. What do you think of the new submachine gun? Please leave a message below If you like this video, please like it. If you don’t like it, please tap. That’S it! Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video See you next time.

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