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What exactly do the Muzzle Attachments do? – Rainbow Six Siege


Hello everyone I’m Rogue-9 Today I want to revisit the barrel attachment of Rainbow Six After many years, many R6 communities (including me) have And play style role is best make a lot of guides Since the introduction of the new recoil system in Operation Dark Air Many people have made many guides based on experiments and experiences But the guides we’ve seen so far have a basic problem Is that no one is 100% sure how these attachments work The recoil of Rainbow Six (as in most games) is random This makes it impossible to test the precise utility of various accessories in the game But the good news is that the uncertain times are over Because as you can see I cheated a little this time Instead of spending 40 hours shooting walls in custom games and comparing screenshots Or spend hours using various accessories in hunting terrorists I just sent a letter asking if Ubisoft could provide the details of the function of the gun attachment.

And received accurate data in my mailbox within a day And I must say that after fully understanding the role of these accessories I will revise my suggestion in the previous video The brake is very useful but now I believe some weapons Maybe there are better options on different accessories So before discussing which recoil and style is better, We will introduce the various barrel accessories one by one Today’s video is sponsored by the rather popular mobile game “War Robots” In a six-to-six real-time battle you can see it from a third person perspective Choose various deadly robots to fight You can customize your robot in the machine room with different weapons To match your style or allow you to play different goals Choose small and agile robots such as “Cossack” to occupy strongholds or attack enemies sideways Or choose “Carnage” equipped with two cannons The choice is yours The game is constantly updated with new robots, weapons, maps, and even activities Like an upcoming Halloween event Over a million players have downloaded on both platforms If you download it using the link below You will get “Cossack” full of weapons and a unique shape Plus one hundred gold mines and 400,000 silver mines Sponsors like “War Robot” really help the channel a lot And if you use my link they will know you came from me This will be of great help so hurry up and click on the link below We will explore different barrel options from left to right Technically “no barrel” will be the first choice But this is really not the choice for all guns And the next one is the muffler who follows my channel for a while Maybe I have seen three episodes of mufflers in the past I suspect that there are some changes to the damage reduction after those series.

Worth watching again but for the purpose of this episode Let me simply share the information obtained by Ubisoft As we know the muffler will remove the smoke traces of the bullet Removed threat indications when bullets passed over your agent Reduces damage by about 15% In addition to these basic changes it is worth mentioning Silencer is the best accessory to eliminate muzzle flash Muzzle flash is definitely not the most important factor in choosing a barrel Several reasons are as follows The first muzzle flash is not a problem for every weapon The flashes of many defensive submachine guns are very small No matter which barrel you choose, it won’t cause you much problem Second, the flash of some weapons can cause blindness in some darker areas of the map But hardly visible in brighter areas To make a long story short, the effect against flash flames is not important to all weapons And only in the darker areas can there be major differences But the effect of each barrel is still worth paying attention to Because Flash Flame not only blurs your vision and makes it easier for enemies to detect you After the recoil of Operation Dark Air has changed, Many players try to use a muffler as an option for accessories Because the recoil of many guns becomes slightly easier to control Whether each player can accept damage reduction Maybe it depends on how often you get headshots If you often get headshots, the damage reduction is completely Kansai.

If you mostly aim your chest then you better stay away from the muffler Because injury reduction will be a serious problem, especially at long distances Now we finally come to the more complicated and interesting attachments Flame arrester has reduced first shot and 37.5% vertical recoil 30% reduction in time to zero and 5% reduction in rhombus blending effects Who wants to get a flame extinguisher is also useful to eliminate the flash But we must explain before proceeding The meaning of each effect modification Reducing vertical recoil is the easiest It reduces the muzzle up when shooting and interestingly The flame arrester only reduces the recoil of the first shot Zeroing time refers to the rise after continuous firing Time to return to the original aiming position And I also found something interesting Assume it is reasonable that each weapon will return to the origin at a fixed speed Means the longer the recoil will act on you You have to spend more time back to the origin But this is not the case! What we get is a fixed response time Taking C8-SFW with flame arrester as an example we can see It took us 300 milliseconds to return to the origin no matter how long we sent it.

Even if only a few rounds are fired, the time is still 300 milliseconds. So if the time to reset the flame arrester is 300 milliseconds Then it is about 428.57 ms without any barrel. We continue to test the record based on analysis of 60fps Finally got 433 milliseconds very close to what we estimated Ok so what does the last recoil “diamond” do Basically the R6 recoil movement probability can be explained by a diamond Meaning the more vertical recoil you get in any one shot Less horizontal recoil You will never get the maximum vertical and horizontal recoil at the same time randomly Of course, all guns have different recoil probabilities. Some guns have short and wide diamonds, while others have high diamonds. Diamonds for some guns may be skewed to the left or right The recoil of the first shot of most guns is actually Much higher recoil than other bursts And in the end there were the first two or three shots of some guns It was really well controlled but became completely unpredictable after that So the reduction in diamond size means The possibility of vertical and horizontal recoil decreases with each shot Very good now that we all understand the effect of various effects We can start evaluating the practicality of the flame arrester It only surprised me that the reduction in vertical recoil was provided But I want to comment that only tell us that the flame arrester can help reduce the recoil after a short burst.

And slow down the strong initial recoil And a smaller recoil rhombus Minimizing flash flames is a playful bonus side effect but when it comes to zero time I must say I am no longer sure how useful this modification is There is no doubt for those novices who do not control the muzzle of a burst Reducing the reset time is very useful because when they finish a burst This allows them to re-target faster But after nearly three seasons, season after season, Almost all R6 players will now control Recoil when their weapon fired When you control the recoil to minimize your rush-up on bursts Zeroing will actually pull your gun back to where you started firing The faster it goes down, the more violent you must push your mouse or joystick up Go back to where the bursts stopped to stop your crosshair from falling too far Will this be a big problem No one has ever complained about this phenomenon, but it is worth our attention Now let’s move on to the compensator. This attachment is great and straightforward.

It reduces the recoil by 17.75%. This means that every shot, not just the first one, benefits from the positive effects of the compensator But the effect is significantly reduced compared to other barrels. Especially the control of vertical recoil I want to comment in the game again It really helps us understand the ability of the compensator for long bursts Muzzle flash is better than no attachments But it still blurs your vision to a certain degree The brake is also quite simple.

Most of the muzzle flashes are facing the sides. Only occasionally will a flash of flame spread below the line of sight And it also reduced the first shot and zero time by 45% each No further improvement in subsequent bursts And finally, the least important thing, before I go any further We can recall this new knowledge and of course the lengthening of the barrel The function of this attachment is already quite easy to understand He does not improve recoil in any direction but increases the minimum after decreasing damage I still support this argument when the average kill distance of the game is within 10 meters Adding a little 28 or even 35 meters of firepower is very useless So we get some conclusions The simplest conclusion is that a single shot weapon is like a pistol DMR The brake is still the best When every shot is your first shot and your first shot because This attachment’s recoil relief will continue to stack up to about half of the muzzle.

And it will be reset to zero faster between each shot. In addition, the recoil of those first shots is particularly greater than the subsequent recoil. Retractor is still a good choice to slow the muzzle up I used to say that compensators are not a good choice It is important to gain a lot of advantage in R6 engagements But if you find that you made 15 20 30 rounds or more Then something is probably wrong and you are likely to lose the crossfire.

So a logical reasoning in the past would be “Why the most useful accessory for long bursts” But now that we understand these barrel attachments, I believe maybe some weapons do benefit from the compensator Any gun that can control the muzzle to rise, but at the same time will be biased to a particular side (Or even worse, unpredictable movement to the sides) Can definitely be improved due to the reduced recoil rhombus of the compensator You also know that moving your mouse or joystick back and forth to resist vertical recoil Is a skill that can be learned through practice Random left-right movement is impossible to control no matter how experienced you are So for example Ella’s Scorpion Mirra’s Vector or even Alibi’s Mx4 Maybe it ?s easier than controlling the vertical recoil of the first shot.

More benefit from reducing horizontal recoil As seen in background tests, whether Scorpion or Vector It will still lean to the left and right in bursts, but it is not as bad as using the brake What about the flame arrester? The data confirms this attachment as we continue to wonder Between Compensator and Retarder So those with strong first shot recoil At the same time, weapons that have a tendency to be sideways are best equipped with flame arresters In addition to different recoil modes, different game styles must also be taken into account If you are used to holding the trigger until you hit the photo bullet Or the enemy falls then maybe the benefit provided by the compensator Is bigger than other accessories In other words if you tend to control bursts Then the flame arrestor or damper is more appetite for you That ?s it for this episode I hope you know more about the role of each barrel attachment now Advantages between and I will continue to observe the recoil mode of each gun in the crew menu Maybe find opportunities on specific guns Test compensator or flame arrester Who knows, maybe it’s better than attaching a retractor to every gun I will find a setting that works better for me If you like this kind of video, more videos will be released in the future You also know where the like and subscribe buttons are Plus I have started regular live broadcasts four times a week If you like Why not join them together <3 So as always, thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoy this video and see you next time

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