Hello everyone, this is H8red again with my brand new video about Yacht map, this time we will skip intro 🙂 The order as always exactly the same. First spawnkills, then the most intresting glitches, hiding spots, shooting angles then hot claymores, valkyrie’s flank and tips for rushing Yacht In short, look listen and take heed 🙂 it’s more like spawn rush than spawn kill never seen someone doing this, so its all at your own risk anyway i think you should wait 2 sec before run from here you can look out for those who are coming up the stairs And this is classic spawn kill, everyone knows it, high risk on high ranks breaking a window here, you can kill those who climbs on the ropes or on side stair one of the most aggressive places, everyone knows about it, but very often looking at the camera in the first place, high risk Finally we moved on to glitches and hiding spots Usually there is no where to hide on the kitchen, unless you looked this guide ;D Friend: I’m not moving Friend: Lol, you can hide there, nice! As you can see you protected from different sides I did not show you how to climb on the fridge, because everyone knows it If make specific angles you can get there In the rooms opposite the Cafeteria you can climb on the beds! here you will interfere with the pipe.

For this it is necessary to sit down in the time of the jump Really good spots for caveira Actually better to do it with one impact grenade otherwise it will take a lot of time and here’s a couple of cool spots for caveira in Cockpit on 3fl This is pure glitch and bug use, seriously, you can’t see shit from here Friend: What the fuck?! This is dope 😀 In a Casino you can hide your drone inside the one-armed bandit Well, we went to my favorite hot claymores, lets take a look given that from the time of their release, no one does it, you will find a lot of butthurt from the enemy team xD Friend: Lol, I didn’t see shit because of light if just 2 or 3 people take claymores you can easily block access to the whole floor And here is valkyrie’s flank, its more like spawn peek or ambush instead of just cams Threw camera, close the window, knock the window 2 times, jump outside and make easy kills And finally last part of this guide, tips for rushing the Yacht here is an example of how your team can kill you if you just don’t give you the any information Yes, go against Caveira without fucking ammo was complete nonsense, but I didn’t know she was there Now let’s see what we can do right and what can be done wrong Wrong!!! to go inside and run on metal floor! Here’s a little rubber track on the edge of the metal, the difference in noise is huge and never run down the metal stairs, move on ALT with fast jerks And it’s pretty good but at the same time a terrible place, because when you get inside you can be killed from 1000 different angles But imagine on seconds, it did not happen with you xD I repeat, do not run on metal!! Only rubber tracks at the edge One more way to rush Casino with Hiban, just on case Well thats all, I think since you saw the end, I hope you liked it, so put a like and subscribe! Up to new meetings! Cya!

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