Rakion Pro Swordsman Guide


Rakion Pro Swordsman Guide by DaLor

ok before u start building a swordman u gotta ask urself these

1) Do u want to be a pvp (player vs player) ownage swordman ?
2) Do u want to lvl up fast ?
3) Do u want ur name always on top of the scoreboard ?

well if u answer 2 and 3 yes then u want to build a golem warrior?

ok i gonna tell u the best way to lvl up ur swordman?
of coz you should buy pu first? buy all 6 if u can?. (u can get back ur money after u quit rakion by selling ur acct on ebay.. i have sold my $150 b4)
(if u buy 6pu add 15 to cd and 15 to move speed first)
from lvl 1 to 11 play golem games only.. do not play any stages?
becoz ur extra 30 stats it should help u lvl 1-11 very fast about 3hrs none stop playing.

during these games try to master jump attack at golem?
however do not jump right into golem instead jump from side to side
and make sure u can master 2 hits jump attack?
once u get a feel of it now try circle jump around golem and still get 2 hits?

if you master this then hardly anyone can stop u from killing golem..
however play smart.. only thing can stop u is mage bomb..
if some1 is throwing bomb at golem then stop killing the golem and chase down the mage or make sure ur teammate stop him from bombing..

once u reach lvl 11.. start playing all the stages? once u finish all stages u should be around lvl 17-20

1 important thing to remember do not buy any armor.. until ur lvl 21? and make sure buy 3 golems when u lvl 17:D coz golem rulez?

make sure u max out move speed, CD, and range first?
and rings, amulet use pain of cell? since u a golem killer u gonna be weak against players? also since u gonna be focusing killing golem which means u left ur team 1 man short.. for example 6 v 6 becomes 5 v 6? So the only way u can fill up that missing spot is summon ur high lvl pets:D

once u have 3 golems to summon, try to master golem block?
golem is ur best shield use it wisley? learn how to summon 2-3 golems to box in player in a corner? learn how to golem sandwich players in thin halls? learn how to use 1 golem to block doors?
learn when archer is shooting u while u are trying to kill golem u immedially use golem to block her arrows?

1 good trick for golem sandwich is when someone is chasing u.. u run to a thin hall and summon 1 golem then without turn around just jump straight back and summon another golem?. if u do this correclty then that person = got gayed?.

there is so much to write about however if u like what i have so far then
reply me something and i will continue finish my stratz

and later on i will teach u guys how to use swordman bugs for pvp
stun grip and how to get out of bug attack? and counter grip

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