Rappelz Comprehensive Newbie Guide

Rappelz Comprehensive Newbie Guide by dashrandom

a) Game related queries
i. Controls
ii. Classes and Skills
iii. Upgrading and Enchanting
iv. Skill Cards
v. Locations and Places
vi. Quests
vii. Creatures
viii. Character related issues
ix. Items

b) Account related queries
i. Password Change/Retrieval
ii. Abyss
iii. Hacking
iv. Bans
c) Computer related queries
i. Download problems
ii. Installation
iii. Cannot Connect to Server/Time Out
iv. Crashes and Other Technical Issues

a) Game Related Queries

i. Controls
1) How do I move?
Left click around to move. Read this for more info.

2) How do I turn the camera view?
Right click and drag.

3) How do I zoom in and out?
Use the mouse scroll. Alternatively, if you do not have a mouse with a scroll, refer to this thread.

4) What are the list of shortcuts in the game?
A large list of in game shortcuts can be found here.

ii. Classes and Skills
1) What are the classes available?
Please refer to this thread.

2) What Class to pick?
Refer to this chart.

3) Where can I find skill trees for my class?
Deva Skill Trees
Asura Skill Trees
Gaia Skill Trees

6) What is the combination skill used for?
The combination skill is used for a variety or things, including enchanting, disenchanting, adding equipment into unit cards and many other uses. It is a must learn skill for any character.

7) I?ve already learnt the Creature Taming skill, why can I not tame creatures?
Refer to Zoo Zoo?s Pet FAQ. You need a creature card.

8) I?ve already learnt the Creature Summoning skill and have a creature card, why can I not summon my creature?
Refer to the Zoo Zoo?s Pet FAQ. You need to form your creature first.

iii. Upgrading and Enchanting
1) Where can I upgrade my equipment?
At any of the town?s Blacksmiths.

2) Why is there a orange number and a white number after I upgrade my equipment?
You are not at the recommended level (Rec. Level) to use your equipment yet, hence the current stats of the equipment will be at the lower, orange number. In order to get your equipment stats to the higher white number, reach the Rec. Level noted on the piece of equipment itself. Every level you upgrade your equipment, Rec. Level increases by 3.

3) How do I get a +x in front of my equipment?
Refer to the question below.

4) What is enchanting?
Enchanting, sometimes referred to as ?cubing?, is the other form of increasing the effectiveness of your equipment besides upgrading. Enchanting requires a cube of the appropriate type, the combination skill and a piece of equipment to be enchanted. Successful enchants will add a +x in front of your equipment name where x is the number of successes.

Enchanting is generally safe till +4 for R2, +3 for R3, +2 for R4 and +1 for R5 but there have been known of rare cases of +2 to +3 failing for R2 and the equipment breaking. When enchanting fails, the equipment breaks and is no longer usable. The only way to retrieve or salvage the equipment and/or the cubes is to disenchant it or combine it with an eRepair Powder. For more info on disenchanting, read the ?What is disenchanting?? topic further below. For more info on eRepair Powder, check the Items section.

5) What is disenchanting?
Refer to tanda?s sticky.

6) What is overenchanting?
Overenchanting is enchanting a piece of equipment beyond the relatively safe +x for each rank. Overenchanting will cause your weapon to glow. Moreover, stat increases gained from overenchanting is far more than that gained in the safe +1 to +x range. Supposedly, stat increases gained from enchanting increase every x successes. i.e. the +(x+1) to +(2x) increases are greater than that of the +1 to +x; if the +1 to +x range gave you +1 P. Def per success, the +(x+1) to +(2x) range will give you more than +1 P. Def and the +(2x+1) to +(3x) range will give you more than the +(x+1) to +(2x) in terms of P. Def, so on and so forth. Do note that increases are range dependant meaning the ?increased effect? does not carry over to the previous ranges i.e. my +4 Belt gives me +4 P. Def overall as a result of enchanting. When I successfully overenchant it to +5, it will give me something around +6 P. Def and not +10 P. Def.

iv. Skill Cards

1) What are skill cards?
Skill cards are a special type of equipment which enhance the effectiveness of your skills. They can be very cheap or very expensive depending on how well they enhance the skill, how they enhance the skill, and the usefulness of the skill itself. Only skill cards for active skills exist.

2) I?ve gotten a skill card and it says that my class can use it, but I can?t equip it!
In order to equip skill card, you need to have already learnt the skill. Otherwise you cannot equip the skill card.

3) Why doesn?t this skill card does what it says it does?
From my knowledge, most skill cards will do what they say. The only exception of this are the Creature Concentration Up and Creature Evasion Up cards which are actually typos.

If you think that your skill card is not doing what it says, please do note that skill cards explicitly state what they do. Refer to the list below for details.

  • ?Increase Duration of summoned level lasting effect? refers to an increase in duration of either a buff or debuff effect.
  • ?Increase Summoned Level Lasting Effect? normally refers to the effect of the skill used and does not affect duration normally.
  • ?MP -x? reduces MP for every use of that skill by the stated amount.
  • ?Cooldown -x%? reduces the skill cooldown by a percentage of the original cooldown amount.
  • ?Accuracy Correction +x? (I assume) refers to the chances of the skill succeeding increasing.

v. Locations and Places
1) How do I find this NPC?
Move your cursor over the mini map to the orange squares. Doing so reveals NPC names. Zoom out on the mini map to view the names more easily.

2) Where are the dungeons?
Refer to this thread.

3) What is at Rondo and why does it cost so much to get there?
If you need to ask this question, you don?t need to be teleporting to Rondo anytime soon. Rondo has the NPC stores for R4 equipment and R3 mobs around the vicinity of the town.

vi. Quests
1) Where can I find a list of quests that I can get?
Refer to this thread.

2) Are there any negative effects from giving up a quest?
No, you can just get the quest again. But you lose any quest items obtained from attempting the quest and lose any kill count of monsters killed as well.

3) I need to get to this place to do this quest but I can?t find it, what do I do?
Alt + m or use this quest guide.

4) I?m at the place stated in the quest description, but I can?t find the monsters I?m supposed to kill, what do I do?
Read the quest description carefully. West of Lake Messy may not be West of Katan. Refer above if you need help to find places.

vii. Creatures
1) How do I tame a creature?
Refer to Zoo Zoo?s Pet FAQ.

2) How do I summon a creature?
Refer to Zoo Zoo?s Pet FAQ.

3) What creatures can I summon/How many types of creatures are there?
At the time which I am writing this guide, there are 13 creatures in total. 3 basic, 6 excommon, 2 common and 2 rare. There are apparently 2 ?Tier 5? pets, the White Dragon and Cerberus in game since Epic 5 Part 1 update, but so far, no one has tamed any yet. Refer to Zoo Zoo?s Pet FAQ and The E5 Pet Compilation Chart by Angelite. Mounts such as Ornithos and HV Lydians do not count as creatures.

4) How do I ride a mount?
Click on it and type /ride or open the Alt+T panel and click on the ?Mount/Dismount? action. To dismount simply type /ride again.

5) How do I equip my creature?
Refer to this Zoo Zoo?s Pet FAQ.

7) How do I ressurect my dead creature?
There are 3 ways.
a) Visit the town tamer/summoner. Under creature management there is an option to resurrect creatures.
b) Summon it out and shift-click to select it then use a resurrection scroll on it.
c) Get a breeder/cleric to cast the resurrection spell on it after you?ve summoned it out.

6) Why has my creature suddenly disappeared?
Mounts disappear after the timer on them reaches 0. If your creature is not a mount and has disappeared, please post your problem in the Customer Service section of the forums and you will be attended to by the staff and volunteers.

viii. Character related issues
1) I?ve accidently replaced the ?Attack/Pick Up? hotkey, how do I put it back?
Alt+T and drag the related action to the hotkey bar.

2) How do I level up my job level?
Alt + S and click the Level Up button and the top of the window.

3) Why is it that someone could kill me when I didn?t turn PK on? Is he hacking?
Nope. You can PK anyone as long you yourself turn PK on. Read this for more info.

4) Why is my name red and why can people attack me when neither of us have PK on?
You have too much immorality points. Read this for more info.

5) Why has my character name been changed?
Your character name was probably believed to be inappropriate. Should you feel that you have a valid case to appeal against the change, email [email protected] with your user ID, character name (before and after I guess) and the server you play on.

6) What is Stamina?
Stamina is something that is consumed in order to double your EXP and JP gain.

7) How do I gain Stamina?
The only ways to gain stamina without buying items from the Cash Shop is to consume stamina pots or simply staying logged on. There are items from Trainee Island that help with stamina recovery as well. Such items are purchasable from the Cash Shop

8) What does x stat do?
You can refer to the Rappelz Wiki for more info.

Briefly every 1 point of the following stats do this:
Str: 2 Melee P Atk, 0.4 Ranged P Atk, +10 to Max Weight Limit
Vit: 2 P Def, +30 Max HP
Agi: 0.5 Evasion
Int: 2 M Atk, +30 Max MP
Wis: 0.4 M Acc, 2 M Def, 0.5 M Res (Wis may increase cast speed, have to check)
Dex: 1.6 Ranged P Atk, 0.5 P Acc, 0.1 M Acc (going to check on this, Dex may increase cast speed too)
Luck: 0.2 Crit ratio

ix. Items
1) Why can I not equip this armor?
Most armors are race and class specific, please check if you are of the correct race and class as listed on the armor.

2) What are soul stones?
Soul stones are items that can be socketed into your equipment so as to provide Stat boosts to the person equipping them. As with armor and weapons, soul stones have a Required level and will not provide the given stat bonuses unless the user meets the requirements.

3) What is soul power?
Soul power indicates the ?charge? left in the soul stones socketed into your equipment. If you have no soul stones, the soul power should read 0%. The moment you socket a single soul stone into your equipment, the power rises to 100%. When soul power depletes i.e. reaches 0%, the stat bonuses provided by the stone(s) in your equipment will be negated. Do note that the reduction does not scale according to the amount of soul power you have. If your stone gives +10 Strength for example, and soul power is at 50%, it will still give +10 Str, regardless. Only till the soul power drops to 0% does it stop providing the bonus.

Do note that using equipment reduces the soul power in them, this is inclusive of equipment used by pets.

4) How do I recharge soul power?
The 2 ways of recharging soul power are as follows:
a) Visit the Soul Stone Craftsman (or Soulcrafter in Hidden Village) NPC and ask to recharge soul power. If the equipment to be recharged is currently on you, you can select the ?Choose Equipped Items? button. If the equipment is in a unit card, just drag and drop it from your inventory into the window. Lak will be deducted accordingly to recharge the soul power in the equipment. If you do not have the sufficient lak, it will not be recharged.
b) If your equipment has spare slots in it, you may socket a soul stone in one of the spare slots and the soul power will automatically restore to 100%. Alternatively, if your equipment slots are full, you may replace (override) a soul stone in one of the current slots with a new and the soul power will also be restored to 100%.

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