Rappelz Frequently Asked Questions

Rappelz Frequently Asked Questions by coleam

1. When I try to patch, it always says ?timeout?. What do I do?
Try temporarily disabling your firewall and antivirus and making sure that Launcher.exe and SFrame.exe are added to your firewall exceptions list. If it still won?t patch, contact tech support. (thanks to Colbeagle for this answer)

2. Why do I get disconnected from the server every time I try to make a character?
There is a timer on the character creation screen. It is best to come in with an idea of what you want your character to look like and several possible names.

3. Which class should I choose?

My advice on this issue is to pick whatever class you think looks fun. If you like healing and buffing, go Cleric. If you like being sneaky and hiding in the shadows, go Strider (and transfer to Assassin at second job). If you like using bows, make a bow-using Fighter (and go Archer at second job). I could continue, but you get my point. Class descriptions can be found here:http://alizarinhq.ancientkingdom.org/class/. The Rappelz Wiki is another great resource and covers all aspects of Rappelz, not just classes.

4. Where do I get a mount?
There are four types of mounts: Ornithos, Lydians, Qilins, and rideable pets.

Ornithos can be purchased at the Adventure Guide npc in any town and last for 6 hours. You also get a 1 hour ornitho as a quest reward from Sistina, the second newbie trainer on Trainee Island. Red ornithos also exist and can only be obtained as 30 day timed items from the cash shop or as 72 hour items from the Hidden Village, an area only open to people who purchase a Hidden Village Pass.

Lydians are faster than ornithos, but they are cash shop-only items. Red and blue lydians can be purchased as 30 day items from the cash shop. Recently, permanent lydians (black and white) have also been available in special sales from the cash shop. Black lydians are tradeable, so you can purchase them from players in game. White lydians are non-tradeable. Normal lydians are available as 72 hour items from the Hidden Village Adventure Guide.

Qilins are the fastest mounts available, and can only be found at the Hidden Village Adventure Guide. They are only useable by characters of level 120 and higher.

There are also three pets that can be ridden. White Dragons have a Mount skill available at level 150; Nightmares and Unicorns have the skill available at level 100 (115 if you overbreed). Once the skill is learned, the pet can be ridden as long as it is your summoned pet.

5. My friend and I are both in the town on Trainee?s Island but we can?t see each other. Why?
Two possible reasons: first of all, check the top of your mini-map at the top right hand corner of your screen. It will say your location and a number. If the numbers are different, you are on different channels. To get on the same channel, go to the teleporter npc or the advanced trainer (Lancelot) and select ?change the channel?, then select the channel your friend is on. If you are on the same channel, then you probably have people turned off in town. To fix this, go to options (alt+o) and check the box that says ?show people and pets in town?. If that still doesn?t work, then you are probably on different servers.

6. Is it possible to switch characters between servers?

7. How do I shout?

You must be level 20 to shout. Once you reach level 20, you can shout by putting a ! in front of whatever you say. Example: if you want to shout Hello world!, you would type !Hello world! in the chat window. Note that if you shout too much, your hp and mp will take damage.

8. What is OB?
OB is overbreeding. There are two types of overbreeding: pet and character. Pet overbreeding is taking a pet to level 60 before evolving it to evo 2 (pets can get to evo 2 at level 50). This opens up another set of passive skills that you can teach your pet. Additionally, your pet will gain 2 jp per level instead of 1. You can also OB your pet at evo 3. For the OB at evo 3 you will take your pet to level 115 before you evolve it (pets can get to evo 3 at lvl 100). Character overbreeding is taking a character to job level 50 before transferring to your second job. Character OB gives about 4-5 points in each stat except luck, which gets 2 points. Character OB has nothing to do with level, just job level. Typically people finish OB around lvl 55-60 depending on class, how many times they died, and how many skills they maxed out beforehand. Any skills that you did not max before you transferred your job can still be leveled up after your job transfer.

9. How do I set up a shop?
Type /shop in the chat window and drag any items you want to sell into the window. If you change the prices significantly from the ?suggested? prices it will warn you. Just click confirm and your shop will set up. You can switch between buying and selling by clicking the buttons at the top of the shop window. Note that you can only buy something if you have one of that item already.

It is now only possible to set up a shop in the Flea Market, which can be reached via special teleporters (Flea Market Ambassadors) from any town.

10. Where do I buy pet cards?
You can buy Pantera, Poultry, and Tortus cards at the merchant npc in any town except on Trainee?s Island (8000r). You will also get one as a quest reward from the summoner on Trainee?s Island. Other pet cards can only be bought from other players or farmed from mobs.

11. How do I tame my pet?

First of all, unless you get the card from an npc (Pantera, Poultry, or Tortus) or are a summoner class with level 10 taming, I would recommend finding a tamer to tame the card for you. Just shout in world chat that you are looking for a good tamer and you should get a response. Some will charge you, so ask them their price before you agree to use them. If you want to tame your own pet, here are the steps: Find a mob of the same type as the pet you want to tame. The npc pets can all be found near the town of Horizen (or on Trainee?s Island); a comprehensive taming map can be found in JayJack?s Maps guide (here). Find a mob with full hp and cast your taming skill. When it is finished, the mob will attack you. You need to kill it. Once it is dead, a message will tell you whether it succeeded or failed. If the taming fails, you will lose your card.

You can protect your pet cards with a cash shop item called a T-Protect (tpro) which saves your pet card from being destroyed if the tame fails (the tpro is consumed either way). These are only available in special sales and generally cost more than all but the most expensive pet cards. It isn?t recommended to use tpro if cards for the pet you are taming cost less than the tpro. Also note that with tpro, if you have one in your inventory and attempt a tame, it will be consumed without prompting you to confirm. Don?t keep tpro in your inventory unless you plan to use them.

12. Ok, I tamed a pet. Now how do I summon it?
Open your creature formation window (alt+y) and double click the tamed pet card. It will appear in the formation window. Click OK. Then you will be able to summon your pet using the Summon Creature skill.

13. How do I give a weapon to my pet?
First buy the weapon you wish to use (2h swords and 2h axes are the best for most pets). Upgrade it if you want (not necessary though). Then go to the Merchant npc and purchase a unit card (500r). Combine the weapon with the unit card then drag the combined weapon into one of the slots below the creature?s image in the creature formation window (alt+y). You can do the same thing with armor.

14. How do I remove a weapon from a unit card?
Buy a Chalk of Restoration from the Merchant npc (1000r). Combine it with the unit card item and it will be restored. All enchantments, levels, and soulstones will be intact.

15. I bought a weapon/armor but I can?t equip it. Why?
Two possible reasons: First, it could be the wrong level for you. If you click on the weapon once it will show its stats and requirements. Check the required level. If you aren?t the required level, you will not be able to equip it. If it is an armor, it will also have race and class requirements. Check to see if you meet those as well. If you meet all of the requirements, it is probably in a unit card (it will have a border and a little sun symbol on it). See number 14 for directions on how to remove it.

16. What do I do when my Trainee?s Tent runs out?
Unless you want to buy a new one from the cash shop you just continue without it. You don?t need stamina to play the game, it just helps you level faster.

17. How do I combine stuff?

Its pretty simple really. First of all, the only things you can combine are weapons, armor, and cards (with skill cubes) as well as items with unit cards to use on pets and better chaos stones for your chaos necklace. For weapons and armor, just place the cube (defense for armor, strike for weapon) and the equipment you want to enchant in the combination window and hit combine. It will either succeed or fail, with your chance to fail increasing with every enchantment. While no enchantment level is safe, it is generally fairly safe to get to +3 unless you are very unlucky and I usually am able to get to +5 on rank 2 equipment. Just remember that the rank of the cube must match the rank of the item you are enchanting. For cards, it is slightly more complicated. To make a +2 card, you need 2 +1 skill cards and a skill cube. Put them all together in the combination window and hit combine. It will either succeed or fail (about 60-70% chance of failure). To make a +3 card, you need 2 +2 cards and a skill cube. For a +4, 2 +3 and a skill cube, and so on. Very few people have cards higher than +5.

You can protect weapon and armor enchantments with a cash shop item called E-Protect (epro). Using an epro keeps your item from breaking if the enchantment fails (the epro is consumed either way). Broken items can be repaired with a cash shop item called E-Repair (erep). The erep restores your broken weapon or armor to the state it was in before it was broken (the erep is consumed).

There is also a new item called an S-Protect that will protect your skill cards from failure. Use it the same way that you would an E-Protect. It will only save the first card though. S-Protects have only been available in special sales so far.

18. What level can I change to my second job?
Level 50 and job level 40. You can also overbreed your job level to 50 if you like. See number 8 for more info on overbreeding. Job transfer is not level dependent once you reach level 50 (i.e. you don?t have to change jobs right at 50). Overbreeding usually takes several extra levels beyond 50.

19. I?m having problems starting the game and I use Vista. Any help?
Read this guide: http://rappelz-forum.gpotato.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t;=636523&sid;=a70198260af9a4a09220ac98826384c5

20. Can I use WASD to move?

No. WASD is not in the game and there are no plans to implement it. Ever.

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