RotMG 3 Star Class Guide

RotMG 3 Star Class Guide by Seven

While the Testing Server was temporary down after the release of build 121, I did my own experiment on finding a decent way to gain a few Rank Stars. (Production)

First Note: It doesn?t involve being a Deadweight Pacifist!

Here?s my analysis.

Achievements Stacked (Original Formula)

Base Fame: 155?

Thirsty (requires lv20)
Never drank a potion. (even stat potions) (+25% fame)

Never used an ability. (requires lv20) (+25% fame)

Boots on the Ground (requires lv20)
Never teleported. (+25% fame)

Accurate (requires lv20)
Accuracy of better than 25%. (+10% fame)

Sharpshooter (requires lv20)
Accuracy of better than 50%. (+10% fame)

Friend of the Cubes (requires lv20)
Never killed a cube. (+10% fame)

Total: 400 Fame

Note: Gods aren?t that important, since there?s monsters out there who happens to give a lot xp as a mob. Also, I payed no attention to Well Equipped because I always De-equip before dying.

RotMG: ????? Class Death

Achievements Stacked (Safe Side) [Recommended]
Base Fame: 175Same achievements as previous stated but without Sharpshooter.

Total: 411 FameWith Sharpshooter it?s the Total of 452 Fame.

Achievements Stacked (Risky Approach)
Base Fame: 145Same achievements as Original Formula with Enemy of the Gods.

Enemy of the Gods (requires lv20)
More than 10% of kills are gods. (+10% fame)

Total: 412 Fame

Note: It?s for those who wants to challenge themselves against the Realm Masters. It?s only recommended for players who knows what they?re doing!

Equipment of Choice

Tier 8 Drops:
Tier 8 Drops:

Accuracy Booster:

Feel free to make up your own choice, it doesn?t have to be the one that I used.

Total Time: Hour or 2 (Depending on the user/ class)

(Leveling process excluded)

You are welcome to use your own method if you wish, this guide is meant to help players who are struggling with gaining the necessary amount of stars.

I hope this helps?

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