RotMG Becoming Pro Guide


RotMG Becoming Pro Guide by IGSRJ

It took a long time for me to get to where I am now, mainly because I had no outside help and I tried to figure out the tricks behind the game myself, also only being able to play an hour a day. Enough is enough though! After 5 months of playing this game, I?ve figured out a plan for any noob to become a pro.

There are three main ways to become pro:
1) Have a main account to max out a character, and use an alternate account to farm for pots and other equips. Drink up gathered pots to your main account, or sell gathered pots for other pots. Top equips you gather either go to your main account or sell for pots.
2) Have a single account for doing everything, and use several mule accounts to store your pots and equips for future storage (This is how I will write this guide)
3) Do a combination of both, use an alternate account to grind for pots, a main account to drink them, and use mules to store equips.

1) Farming the Godlands

Priests, Necromancers, and Wizards are the easiest to abuse for farming. Make a character, and level up, don?t enter the godlands until you?re around 15-20. When you?re a good enough level, start farming the godlands for gear and pots.

What gear should you get? Start out with T6/7 gear, T3 ability items, and T2 greater rings (Def/HP/MP Rings are the best, gather those). Create mule accounts to store the gear you gather at the godlands. When you start getting T8 gear, T4 ability items, and T3/4 superior/paramount rings, mule those up too, and use them instead of the weaker gear.

While you?re gathering gear, you should also gather stat potions! Defense is the most important stat potion you should farm for right now, they?re essential for maxing out your first character, then Attack, then Speed. You should save those stat potions on mule accounts as well. Do not drink any stat potions on your account just yet! You should save those pots for a new character

Keep on farming the godlands. You will eventually die. That?s okay, it?s part of the game! Start a new character put on that gear you saved up, and keep on farming until you have enough to max out at least Defense on a new character! Speed and Attack pots are also highly recommended to max out on.

2) Dungeons

Pirate Cave: These are extremely laughable. Nothing worth here unless you?re leveling up.
Spider Den: Nice source for healing ichors, you can drink them or save them up, doesn?t matter.
Snake Pit: When you?re able to go to the godlands, enter Snake Pits every once in a while to get a guaranteed speed pot. Save up those speed pots. You also have a chance of getting T9/T10 items, I?ll explain what to do with them soon. You can also use the Snake Skin Armor or mule them. Snake Skin Shields you can also mule for/sell. If you?re lucky, you can get an Incantation or Wand of the Bulwark, save those up, they?re very valuable!
Sprite World: If you?re not experienced, you can get killed here. Sprite Worlds give you a guaranteed dexterity pot, but generally isn?t worth the trouble right now, unless you know what you?re doing, in which case you can go as many times as you like for easy dex pots.
Undead Lair: Not worth the wisdom potion right now, a fresh level 20 character can take it on, but it takes a pretty decent amount of time. The only exception is if you?re with a group, but even then you?re unlikely to get a pot. You?re free to go to them though, if you desperately need wisdom pots.
Abyss of Demons: Well, this is a bit of a challenge. It?s pretty hard for a fresh level 20, and it?s pretty long. It even causes a few problems here and there for a few character classes when they?re maxed. Go with a group if you?re planning for vit pot hunting.
Tomb of the Ancients: Don?t even bother to solo it, unless you want to explore it shortly to prepare for future trips. Other than that, if you?re not maxed and with at least a small group, you will die. Life pots are non-issue for you as of right now, they?re worth more than vit pots.

3) T9/10 Gear (OUTDATED BUILD 118)

Did you find some T9/10 Gear? Sell it. I don?t recommend using it on a maxed character because T11 does a better job, and I don?t recommend farming with it.

Yes, I know, they?re better then your T8 gear right now, and they?re worth more. But really, it?s not worth the trouble. T9/10 gear is only slightly better than T8 gear, and there is not much of a difference when you?re farming with it. Sure, you get a bigger fame bonus, but fame doesn?t matter at this point. You want more pots, sell these to someone who wants these items for more pots.

UPDATE: Since build 119, grave looting has been removed. This means that less T9/10 and even T11 items are entering the market, the rarity has increased, and the price has gone up for T11 items. You have the choice to sell T9 items if you wish, but I doubt you will find a buyer. You can always use them on a farmer when you become more experienced. T10 items you should keep, since they can still be usable on a maxed out character, especially during the first stages of maxing out. T11 items should be kept as well, as well as bought if you are reaching the middle stage of maxing out.

4) Your First Maxed Character

Once you have enough Defense Potions (along with Attack and Speed Potions, highly recommended), you?re ready to max out your first character! But what class should you pick? Each character will be assigned a difficulty of 1 to 10, 1 being easiest.

Rogue: 8/10 This is more of a pro?s class, considered to be a high risk high reward type of class. I really don?t recommend starting with this because a Rogue kinda sucks at farming for pots in dungeons, for when you want to max out your Dex/Wis/Vit stats. You?ll be able to use a Rogue effectively after enough playing in the game.
Archer: 4.5/10 If you like bow users, you can use either the Archer or Huntress really, it doesn?t matter. They?re more of an ?in-between? class. It?s not hard to use, but it doesn?t have a healing ability, but long range helps it a lot.
Priest: 3/10 A noob?s best friend. But, by now, you?re probably sick of Priests, if you farmed with Priests. But a Priest really is an invincible class if you know how to use it effectively, it just doesn?t do a lot of damage. But if you don?t mind that, go ahead and use a Priest!
Wizard: 5/10 Wizards are incredibly powerful when they?re maxed out, but they?re fragile, even with the maxed out defense. They can get good soulbound damage at event bosses, oryx, and group dungeons, which is good for farming!
Warrior: 6/10 Warriors are an ?in-between? class, it takes a lot of skill to avoid hits and fight close range, but at least they can take a lot of damage! They are also really powerful. Wouldn?t recommend starting with them though.
Knight: 8/10 One of the hardest classes to max. You need a whopping 40 defense potions to invest in a Knight, unlike the 25 the other classes get. In fact, I don?t recommend to start with this class to max, it takes way too long. A Knight shouldn?t even be at 3/6, it should skip directly to the 5/7 or 6/7 phase I?ll get to soon. But phuck, if you max this guy out, you?ll be able to tank like a boss. Stick to a Knight later.
Paladin: 5.5/10 If you want to use a sword user to max out, stick with a Paladin. Paladins take a bit of skill to fight in close range, but Paladins have a great healing ability, and that will help you a lot, as well as being able to take hits. I recommend it, it?s my favorite class.
Assassin: 6/10 Assassins can get great soulbound damage, just like a wizard, but they have to rely on dodging hits in order to stay alive, because they don?t have a healing ability. They?re not as fragile as wizards though, so that?s good. I would recommend this as a second class to max out, if you?re experienced.
Necromancer: 5/10 Necromancer makes a great offensive healer, healing is risky though, since you can be potentially killed. It is also a fragile robe class. But, with a bit of practice, it?s just like a Priest.
Huntress: 5/10 It?s the same as an Archer, really. However, traps don?t give a dex boost, suck up a lot of MP, and really are only used for slowing enemies. If you like AoE damage, you will like Huntress more than Archer.
Mystic: 4/10 Mystic is mainly for support, and it farms okay, but not as good as other classes. But it has its uses for saving your ass in almost any situation, if you have practice with it.
Trickster: 9/10 The teleport ability can be a bit tricky to master (Pun intended. I am so funny, ha ha ha). As such, it isn?t recommended as the first class to max. As a matter of fact, it should be the last class in your mind to max out. Trickster is the jack of all trades, and that?s not very useful in RotMG. Rogues are easier to use to avoid enemy detection, and have higher stats too.
Sorcerer: 6.5/10 Sorcerers are hard to use, because they?re frail, they?re not very offensive, and they don?t have a healing ability like the Priest does. Sorcerers do have a niche though being able to farm pots godlands easily, as long as you are in a big group, but that?s about it, really.

Once you decided on a class, level up your character to level 20. Look at the HP/MP roll of your character. If you?re not satisfied with it, kill your character and roll another one. If you are satisfied with it, max out that class?s Defense stat, along with its Attack and Speed stat. Now you?re ready to start farming for Dexterity, Wisdom and Vitality potions! You should also be farming for those Attack, Speed, and Defense potions you drank, in order to get back on track in case you die again. You should focus on farming more, stay away from event bosses (except maybe a pentaract).

Another important thing, you should also farm for defense potions in order to buy yourself some T11/10 Gear, T5 Ability Items, or Exa Rings (Para HP/MP/Defense is still fine though). You can also buy yourself a Crystal Sword/Wand if you?re a Sword or Wand user. These newly bought items will greatly help your character.

5) Dexterity, Wisdom, Vitality, and Life Potions

You?re now ready to farm for Dex, Wis, Vit, and Life pots with your 3/7 character. Dexterity pots are the easiest. You only find them in the Sprite World, but since you?re maxed now, it?s not as hard as it was for you before. Limon is a cakewalk for you. Simply dodge if you?re not a healing class, or eat up those hits and heal if you are (especially easy for a Paladin). When Limon Dies, never get the loot while the turret box is up! You may get a Cloak of the Planewalker, which is a useful cloak for a Rogue, and can be sold for a good price, or a T5 ability item. If you?re lucky, you can get an Incantation or Staff of Extreme Prejudice! Save those up. You should be going to the Sprite World as much as possible.

Wisdom Potions are not that hard to get, and kinda easy if you?re a healing class. Find an Undead Lair and get up to Septavius, circle him while avoiding his spiral attack and his minions. You should be attacking him while you?re circling him. Avoid his bubble-ring phase, if he gets up to you, he can easily shotgun you. You can either avoid his brown magic to retain your MP, or attack him while avoiding his confusion stars. After a few phases he should be dead. You may get a T5 ability item. If you?re lucky, you can get an Incantation or Doom Bow, save those up.

Vitality Potions are kinda hard if you?re not a healing class. You should try to avoid the lava in the Abyss of Demons, and you should kill any sort of minion or White Demon that happen to be in Malphas? room. Avoid Malphas? attacks, because they will cause Armor Pierce, Weak, and will hurt you. After a little dancing with Malphas, you should be able to kill him. You may have to back out and recover for a while though, so don?t worry about that. If you?re lucky, you can get an Incantation or a Demon Blade, save those up.

Life Potions are the hardest to obtain out there. As such, you should do a mix of farming for them, and buying them with Vit/Def pots. The Tomb of Ancients is a hard dungeon, even if you are maxed, you will have to do some careful planning to solo it safely. Make sure you are with a group, 5-10 if they?re maxed, or around 20-25 if unmaxed. Try to get a lot of SB damage in the final boss, but don?t risk your life, these guys are hard. If you?re lucky, you can get special Untiered Egyptian Rings, they?re worth a lot.

6) Fully Maxing Out Your Character

After a while of farming for enough pots, you can finally 5/7, 6/7, or even 7/7 your character! I do not recommend drinking the vitality or life potions, because they?re hard to get, and almost every class has a max vit of 75. Now you can start killing event bosses and easily take down Oryx. You should still be regularly going to dungeons for Incantations and pots, as well as farming the godlands. Have fun with your first (almost) fully maxed character!

7) The Wine Cellar

After more farming, you?ll be able to 7/7 if you haven?t already. Good job! Congratulations for coming this far! Remember those Incantations you saved up? Start opening up Wine Cellars with them! Make some friends with other pros if you haven?t already! Organize some Wine Cellar runs so you can split the loot Oryx 2 drops, and get some Wine Cellar tops for yourself! Have fun!

8 ) Death

There will come a time when your maxed character dies. If you have followed this guide, it will be very unlikely for your character to die, but in the event you do, don?t worry about it! Farm for more pots, and if you already have enough, max out another character! You will get a better feel of each class after each death you get, think of it as a wake up call! There is no point in grieving over your dead character, so you might as well start a new one!

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