RotMG Certainly Pro Guide


RotMG Certainly Pro Guide by XXSonGokuXX

So here is my way how to make self a pro,or at least certainly pro.With my basic skills of english i can make finally my own topic.This guide should help a lot of players,who are somwhere between 0-20 stars,already learned price list,have some skills with godlands and some 1-3/8 characters died.And this is guide for players who likes long range classes, i dont have any skills with short range classes,so i am sorry about it. So,lets Start.

1. Godlands pot farming

Oh yes,our most important part of the game.Godlands are easiest way how to catch stat pots.Gods will drop you def,att and spd.

If you want to max your character, start first with def.If you will max other abilities,u will die foolish.I don?t to explain,why u should max def first,u would know that.

But wait, ,,what class should i take to farm?,, Of course Wizard,he is best class for pot farming.Don?t try to play with Priest,Necro or even Mystic (other classes big NO!!). Simple reason for why is wizard best class, is,that his ability covers the longest range of creatures.Dsphere spell?s average damage is 130 and overall average is 2600. With dsphere u will farm faster than any other class.

,,So i took wizard and i am farming,what now?,,

Don?t try to ,,Wizard potting up,,. U are not such skilled to do that.

Keep your def pots. Save them to vault,if you won?t have space,make another account.Farm with wizard until u get 25 def pots.Then pick your favourite class and max his def.
(Its up to you ,if you decide to save att and spd pots too.Highly recommended YES.)

,,How many hours does it take?,,

It depends on luck. Once you catch 2 defs in one minute,once 2 defs in one hour. My farming took 3 days,was playing 6-8 hours per day.

This is simple sub-guide how to have these 25 def pots the fastest way.

2. What after maxed def base?

With your farming skills and 25 def, u will not die in godlands.If you do,u are fool.
So,u have 25 def base.U can do event bosses now (cube,skull,LotLL,etc..). Don?t try to be very active in these events,maxed def doesn?t mean everything in game and u are not indestructible.Inflict SB damage,then stay back behind group and shot to boss.With this events u can max other abilities.

3. Last steps to max your character

And the longest work comes out. Maxing Def,wis,att,dex,spd is easy. But u are just 5/8. U need to max vit,life and mana.

I prefer to max life first out of these 3 abilities.Then Vit and last is mana.

Congratulations,you are now 8/8.It took so long.Be sure that u will die many times 1+/8 before u will be 8/8.

Step after 8/8 is find and equip the highest stuff.

And the last step after this all is to make many fame bonuses and continue with rising your base fame to be the best one in legends. My guide looks very simple to do that,but one of the worst things in this game is DEATH. My guide shows you also my skills,how i died and lessons to future,how to avoid death :

4. Advanced tips

1. To avoid your soon death,dont be so hyperactive in events (oryx included) and be first in the lines of attackers.Don?t go in oryx castle break walls and headless forward.behind walls are waiting 15 pets and u will get insta one second 300 dmg. Misstake!

2. To avoid your soon death,be careful in dungeons,especially Undead Lair and again headless forward rush.There are monsters who are hitting 100 dmg and slow. if one of them hits you and they are 5-6,u will get pwned hard doesn?t matter how maxed are u.Misstake!

3. How to psychically stand you death,when u was so foolish and died by no lag/spike.

This is special tip,which can save your whole Rotmg career.

Here is example : Wizard, equipped T10 staff,T10 robe,Dsphere spell,Para HP ring.

U are making events,where u can get loot to your character. U will get T11 staff,which costs nowadays about 12-14 def. What will you do? ,,Of course i will equip self to be better,, NO!!! U f*** fool. Saw that such many people are doing this..

I am wizard 5/8. i dont have maxed life,vit,mana.I can?t equip Astral on self. Many people are maxing their chars with pots and stuff and doesn?t save reserve to vault.Until you don?t make reserve 50 def,don?t equip rich stuff on self. Remember that.
When u die and u will have reserve 50 def,u can easily max your char to at least 1/8 DEF. with other 25 defs its up to you what will you do.When u have reserve under 25 def, u will spend days of farming pots and u won?t want to play this game anymore..

Try to have lowest stuff until u will be 8/8. Those are undetectable changes when u have Necro 50-95 /Astral 55-100 or Magus/Elder.. Highly recommended to play with max T10 weap,armor,T4 ability and T4 ring until u don?t get reserve to stand your death.

Thank you for reading it,i hope it helped you. SxExVxExN .

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