RotMG Coral and Covert Bow Comparison

RotMG Coral and Covert Bow Comparison by madtoon

I was fortunate enough to get one of the early drops on this item, so I thought I would write up a summary of thoughts on it.

So it has a bit more range (7.8 compared to 7 on most other commonly used bows). As far as damage is concerned, although the wiki currently says there is a 40% increase in rate, I wanted to test this, it didn?t feel like 40%. So on a lvl 1 hunt I fired for 1 minute using a covert, suicided, and checked number of shots, and did the same with coral.

Covert : 453 shots, divide by 3 = 151 shots
Coral : 382 shots, divide by 2 = 191 shots

191/151 = 1.26 so about 1.25

Actually a 25% increase was about what i expected from the feel of it. Still it would be best if one of you that knows how to look into the code or do a memory dump or whatever it is you guys do, could look into coral and get the numbers. Anyhow, I?m pretty confident that it is a 25% increase in fire rate. So how does damage measure up? Covert ave damage per arrow is 120, and coral is 140.

covert: 120 x 3 = 360 damage
coral : 140 x 2 x 1.25 = 350 damage

covert shoots 3 shots at 120 each for 360 damage. coral shoots 2 shots at 140, but in the time covert shoots 1, coral shoots 1.25 so the total for coral is multiplied by 1.25.

So coral outputs a bit less damage than covert, but the shots are more narrowly focused forward, and extended out in range. In that sense, this is a really nicely designed ALTERNATIVE for covert, and what a player perfers will depend on the given player. Some have asked if it replaces doom, and it does not. Doom has it?s applictions in the game that remain unique to that bow. Personally, I really like the coral over the covert, so for some reason I came up with this silly acronym CORAL = COvert Replaced ALready. Haha thats dumb.

Anyhow, I really like the coral, and also the arrow sprites are really nice. The bow and coral armor sprite might be changed for better looking ones IMO, but no big deal there. All in all this is nice gear for the game, and much thanks to the devs for putting this item out, and their continued efforts with the game. Please post any other thoughts on coral here, thanks and GL

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