RotMG ESDF Key Map Guide

RotMG ESDF Key Map Guide by OtherBill

WASD as a foundation for a keymap is fairly limiting. First, it?s a minor reach to hit 4RFV while your first three fingers are over ASD, and it?s an even further reach to hit 5TGB. Second, it leaves your pinky hovering over some particularly useless keys: Caps Lock, Left Shift, and Tab.

The solution: ESDF

I?ve shifted all of my movement keys one keyspace to the right. For touch-typists out there, this keeps your fingers over the ?natural? home keys, so 4RFV and 5TGB aren?t unusual stretches (we all do this when we type, anyway). Not only that, but it opens up your pinky to be useful.

The keymap:

ESDF : Movement
WR : Camera rotation
Space : Ability
A : Nexus
Q : Camera snap to 0? rotation
1234 : 1234 hotkeys
ZXCV : 5678 hotkeys
TG : Minimap zoom in/out (however, mouse scrollwheel works better here)
B : Center/uncenter camera

The biggest advantage of this mapping is A = Nexus. You always have a finger over the escape key. No reaching required, just slam your pinky down when you?re in trouble.

If you put all your hp/mp pots in inventory slots 5678, then you?ll hardly ever have to reach outside of QWERASDFZXCV. This is a very compact keymap, and it has worked exceedingly well for me.

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