RotMG How to Die with a Potted Character

RotMG How to Die with a Potted Character by Overdosage

So you are getting pretty good at playing the game, and you decide to pot a character. More Power! Kill Stuff Faster! Never Die! Well, about that last part?

Sadly, there are lots and lots of ways that you can turn your Ultimate Killing Machine into an impressive gravestone. After each death, I of course spend some time pounding my head on the keyboard, and then some more time saying I AM NEVER GOING TO PLAY THIS STUPID GAME AGAIN. And then of course, I go back to playing and pot up another guy.

I also say to myself ?Overdosage, you need to not do that stupid thing again?. Over time, the list of stupid things I need to avoid doing has become quite long. Perhaps someone else would like to learn about all these stupid things to avoid. Perhaps they don?t want to create impressive gravestones. Who knows, perhaps I just like random excuses to create something that looks sort of like a top 10 list.

Anyway, here it is. I have personally created at least a 5/8 gravestone on each and every one of these items, so I can verify how effective they are.

  1. Oryx assassins. They slow you, and then Oryx runs right at you and blasts you with his shotgun. This one gets top billing since I have created 2 nice big gravestones from it. The assassins change direction so frequently, and it all happens so quickly?really a pain. There is nothing else at Oryx that has killed me in a long time, but this one is nasty.
  2. Rotating around Septavius. This one was quite a while ago. I was feeling like quite the stud since I had just figured out how to use off-centered view. So I am rotating around for fun shooting at the boss. The boss shoots out those itty bitty white circle shots in a pattern. It turns out that if you rotate at just the right distance, you can catch every one of those shots in your mouth and go from full health to 0 in about 1/2 of a rotation.
  3. Teleporting to Lord of the Lost Lands. Managed to land right on top of the Lord just as he is about to fire. I caught just the briefest glimpse of the Lord before the death screen. Since then, I don?t teleport right onto the red dot (yeah, this might seem obvious to many of you).
  4. Paralyze towers at Tomb of the Ancients. This one was pure evil. The tower was placed right at the entrance to a room. Had to somehow get around it in order to clear the sarcs, but you had to get very close to it because of where it was placed. So I tried to run past, and the tower zapped me. So I?m paralyzed with the tower pumping shots into me at high speed. Only option was to nexus (I was solo so couldn?t teleport), but I didn?t nexus in time. Since then, I have never seen a paralyze tower placed quite so horribly close to the room entrance.
  5. Pentaract in Godlands. Of course no-one wants to clear the Gods, they just want to destroy the towers and get a drop. So you have boatloads of Gods running around along with the usual assortment of pentaract eyes and tower shots. If the Gods clump up, and if there are a few medusas among them, and if the medusas all firebomb the same spot, and if you just happen to be running through that spot in order to clear the next tower?well then enjoy the lovely death screen.
  6. Using secret phrase at Thessal. Yeah, I was once again feeling like a stud (do you see a trend here?). I had the secret phrase cached and ready to go. My air was a bit low, but no worries. Thessal uttered the magic words, and all I had to do was hit Enter and Control-V and Enter. So easy. Except I hit the Enter key one time too many. Of course, this put me back in chat mode after uttering the secret phrase. I didn?t notice that because there was a coral gift RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I start shooting the coral gift, it pops, blue bag, and I am now out of air. Very Exciting. I try to move back to the air bubbles, except of course no movement happens because I am in chat mode. Air is gone, health is dropping, and crab is on top of me. I reluctantly nexus without the blue bag, except hotkey doesn?t work since I am still in chat mode. I do eventually hit the Enter key again, and make another attempt to nexus, but that?s just a wee bit too late.
  7. Treasure room in Abyss. This one happened just after the last patch. I finally found a treasure room! Needed to wait a bit before entering room in order to regen health. Had autofire on. Did not realize that shots travelled just far enough to reach the gold statue. Also did not realize that once the event started, the ground where I was standing would turn to lava. I did mention that I was standing there because I needed to regen heath, right?
  8. Teleport onto exploding Djinn. Somehow, I managed to teleport on top of a Djinn right as he exploded. Insta-death. This one troubles me a bit, as I don?t really know how to eliminate the possibility of it happening again. It?s not like I?m going to stop teleporting to the Godlands.
  9. First WC. It?s a random public WC. Very Exciting. At some point I check the mini-map and see a bunch of people far away from me. Did not realize that the group was split. Instead, I had heard about rogues rushing Oryx 2 and figured that was what was happening. So in my confused state, this meant I needed to speed past the trash and join the rushers before they finish off Oryx. Yeah, that wasn?t such a good plan.
  10. Second WC. Another random public WC. Once again Very Exciting. This time I manage to stay alive through the trash. I?m approaching Oryx 2 and feeling very studly (yeah, perhaps I should get a clue that feeling studly is very bad for my health). I was playing a wiz, and he had a MNova spell. Was gonna run up to Oryx real quick, spell bomb a couple times, and be sure I have enough damage in to get some awesome drop. Mmmmm, well that didn?t work. I never saw what hit me, but I went from full health to zero in like half a second.
  11. The 5-minute rule. I am WAY more likely to die in the first 5 minutes of playing than any time after that. Something about getting in the groove, I guess. The 5-minute rule says no doing any truly dangerous stuff in the first 5 minutes.

Honorable Mentions ? I haven?t personally created a big gravestone from them, but they are ?gravestone-worthy?.

1. Crossfire at Limon. So I am taking a friend through Limon to show him how easy it is to get dex pots. I show him how to stand in the safe spot in between the turrets, and I let him do all the shooting so he will be sure to get the drop. He is unable to kill Limon in one series, but no problem since we will just wait until the second round of turrets. We get the second round of turrets, and Limon dies almost instantly. My friend sees the blue bag and is Very Excited. He grabs the bag and then starts to tell me how awesome it is. Except for one problem. The crossfire turrets are about to fire. And my friend is standing right where Limon used to be. And my friend is in chat mode. Yeah, he died. And yeah, I got the blame.

2. Trade requests at Ocean Trench Entrance. So you kill the Hermit God and head for the trench entrance. The little Hermit Minions are all over the place and you are taking quite a bit of damage. Perhaps it is just me, but they seem to do a lot more damage since the patch. You are about to enter the cave, when some random unknown $%!#[email protected] opens a trade request with you. Can?t enter the trench now can you? Still taking damage now aren?t you? I managed to reject the trade request and enter the trench before dying, but it was a very close call.

Feel free to share your own stories. Also, feel free to tell me what a noob I am and that you would never die in any of the silly ways I just described. I?m fine either way.

tl;dr potting characters provides fun new ways to die

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