RotMG Solo Godland Guide


RotMG Solo Godland Guide by KirbieOps001

I remember months ago, trying to find information about the godlands, yet coming across practically nothing. Now, I have decided to put some useful information out there to help new godlanders. Because this guide is for newer steam users who just started farming the godlands, it is geared towards unpotted platers with a T7-ish set.

Recommended Equipment

Robe Classes: T6+ Staff (other equips don?t matter much)
Bow Classes: T8+ Bow (other equips don?t matter much)
Dagger Classes: T7+ Dagger, T3 Ability (prism dosen?t help much), T6+ Armor
Sword Classes: T7+ Sword, T3+, Armor T8+, T3+ DEF Ring

Please note that not all classes can solo the godlands unpotted effectively. For example, a fresh level 20 Necromancer may be able to farm sufficiently while a fresh level 20 knight may find it difficult to part from rape trains. If you plan to farm unpotted, defiantly use either the Wizard, Archer, or Necromancer.


Medusa: Medusas are easily draggable, and circling around them while shooting is also a effective method for dispatching these gods. However, Medusas are notorious for steamrolling entire rape trains, and their immensely powerful red grenades are something to be feared. As long as these gods don?t catch you off guard, they are not a big threat, but if they do ambush you, be sure to have your finger on the nexus key. Drops SPD pot

Leviathan: These gods, like the Medusa, are not a big threat to most classes unless they sneak up on you. If you are a unpotted mele, I strongly suggest you leave these things along ? the full force of their shotgun can deal 840 DPS. Not only do these gods unleash a truckload of bullets, they are probably the hardest to hit. With a bit of experience, dodging is not a big problem, but landing a hit is. It travels at decent speeds laterally, and abruptly switches directions once in a while. These gods are a big threat if they catch you off guard, and have the most powerful shotgun of any god. Thankfully, these beasts are relatively rare. Forgot what pots it drops XD

Sprite Gods: These monsters don?t move at all, so getting killed by one is rare unless you somehow not notice them. However, killing them is a real challenge. They are undraggable, and can outrange any weapon besides the wand. Their shots do pretty high damage and travel at relatively high speeds, making them hard to dodge. It is hard to get killed by these gods, but killing them is just as hard. Drops ATT pot

Slime Gods: This pile of gunk shoots five fast bolts (similar damage and speed to Sprite God?s) and one slow-inflicting projectile. These things are more annoying than deadly, because the bolts are relatively tightly packed and travel quite fast, they are hard to dodge; these god do not provide a shotgun threat however, so getting killed by one is pretty rare. If these gods gets mixed in a group, however, watch out for those slow projectiles as they can render you unable to outrun attacking gods. Drops DEF pot


Sprite World: This is probably the first dungeon you should learn how to solo in the godlands, as they drop often and give DEX pots. First of all, soloing this with a melee class is not recommended because of their low speeds. If you enter unpotted, it is recommended to bring lots of HP pots, as the battle with Limon is an endurance contest. So first of all, to navigate the sprite world, (it?s harder than in most dungeons) scroll out on the minimap until you can see Limon, and just head in that direction. You should pretty much ignore all the sprites, and even the Sprite Gods unless they are directly in your path. When you finally reach Limon, it sometimes helps to clear the trees first before you wake him. Once limon awakes, he will randomly dart towards you, shooting a volley of bullets. At this stage, the only real way you can die is if you wait on the nexus, as the bullets don?t it hard enough to kill you fast. Then, Limon will go into his second, turret stage, (they for two squares of bullets, a small one and a large one) If you are using a wand, you can get away with standing right outside and still landing hits, or else I recommend you stand between the first and the second. Watch out for the moving tiles, and don?t forget that although Limon shoots slowly in this stage, he still shoots. After the turret stage, the stages will repeat and eventually, you will land enough hits and Limon will die.

Obviously, I do not have all the gods or dungeons down, and I am missing quite a bit of important information. That is because this is a work in progress, and I will add on to it as soon as I get time.

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