RotMG Sorcerer Guide


RotMG Sorcerer Guide by MrYoda

i?v been playing rotmg for long now, but when i started playing i could not find good gudes on how to play different classes.
now i play the Sorcerer at all times and in all situations, and who could possibly make a better guide for them then me?
I think the Sorcerer has to little place in rotmg and deserves more players through the realms.

? So what is the Sorcerer good at then?

I dont belong to the top players in this game, I might accually be one of the worst ones.
I?v managed to kill countless of 6/6?s when this was the max you could get, also managed to kill 3 7/7?s in the short time that it was possible.

? How did you manage to get all pots for this?

anwser to these two questions, you will find here in the guide below..

may the force be with you..



The sorcerer can attack from the longest range with a wand,
and he uses his scepter to fire blasts of chain lightning at his enemies.
To play the Sorcere you have to reach level 20 on Necromancer and Assassin.

Info, Comments

Let?s stop here and take at the Sorcerer and compare it to other classes a bit.
What we first nothice is that the Sorcerer uses a long-range weapon,
therefore we should compare it to the other long-range wielder?s.
Let?s start with the staff, staffs do more damage the same tierd wand?s and has a faster projectile,
the projectile-speed is important sence it makes it easier to hit moving targets.
But we cant stop there because we got a chrystalwand in the game that pierces through enemies like bows do.
This is basicly what makes wand-users playable in this game, otherwise end-game players would not play them.


Initial StatsGain Per LevelAverage at 20Base Stat Cap
Hit Points10020 to 30575670
Magic Points1005 to 15290385
Attack101 to 23860
Speed121 to 24060
Dexterity120 to 23160
Vitality100 to 22975
Wisdom151 to 24360

Stats, Comments

Here we can see that the devs decided to make most of the Sorcerer?s stat to cap at 60,
this is what makes me like it, I used to play rogues back when i started and I am used to the high speed.
The extra 10 speed is more helpfull then you can imagine, it makes you just that little faster the most enemy shots in the game.
Other then that we gor 60 dex and att on this that helps in dungons and somewhat in the godlands,
other then that there is nothing special here.

The Two questions

Well, what about the two questions at the top?

The anwser to this is the scepter, now many of you might laugh but this is no joke,
the scepter is by far the best item to accuire loads of pots in the godlands.
It really shines in a group when you are facing a ?wall of gods,
just press you spacebar and you will have chance of getting a drop on many of them.
I?m assuming that you got a tier5 scepter sence they are really sheap right now.
Many of you might thing that a wizard would be better in this situation, but it wont
The wizard?s spell does to little damage to reach the soulbound limit on gods,
and only nukes gods if you?re in a big group.

Sceptor and Gods

Sprite God20002
Ent God10001
Flying Brain10001
Ghost God10001
Slime God10001
White Demon10001

The Downside

But there ain?t only sunshine with the Sorcerer, it has it?s bad moments aswell.
The worst about the Sorcere is fitting in the tomb sence it has the slow projectile it often hits the wrong target,
this activates the others in the tomb and it just ruins it for the others in there.
So you might aswell just farm the godlands the buy the life for def-potions.

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