RotMG Weapon Tier Progression Guide

RotMG Weapon Tier Progression Guide by qwertfour

This is a guide towards weapons tier progression for begginers. Most people naturally assume that each tier is a lot better than the last tier, but that isn?t true until you max your DPS stats.

Let?s look at the difference between T8 Bow (Golden Bow) and T9 Bow (Verdant) Golden Bow does 40-60 damage per shot (50 damage average) while Verdant Bow does 40-65 damage per shot (52.5 damage average) That is only a 7.5 damage difference at shotgun range. Each tier hereafter only increases damage per shot by 2.5. In most cases, using a golden bow is the cheapest and best solution for rolling. Now, if you happen to have maxed your dex + attack, then you should get a Blood Bow. Everything between Blood Bow and Golden Bow shouldn?t really be used because the damage difference is small.

In summary, Roll with a GBow until you max your Attack + Dex, in which case you should use a BBow

For staves, all the tiered staves past horror staff only add 2.5 average damage. Stick with the horror staff till you max out attack + dex, then use Astral staff.

Swords: Each tier adds a significant enough amount of damage so that you might as well use the best sword you find.

Wands: Both priest and Sorcerer are pretty weak. After the T9 wand, you can either choose to use a crystal wand which has the same damage or use an ancient warning. After t9 wand, the regular tier progression increases damage by 2.5, which isn?t that much since priests + sorcerer have relatively low DPS stat caps. It?s better to use the crystal wand, since damage isn?t a major concern for wand users

Daggers: After the t10 dagger, every tier after that increases average damage by 2.5. Considering all dagger users have high dexterity, 2.5 damage is a lot. Stick with Emerald Shard until you max out your dexterity

For the most part, tier progression is kind of messed up, since a lot of tiers aren?t that much better than the last until you max out your attack and dex. Sticking with the lowest possible tier that does a high enough damage is probably the best.

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