First and foremost, I know there’s already a video guide by Vikai Rekt, that used my Account Registration Guide for Revelation CN. That is fine since he used a direct link to my guide. However, I have updated my guide link. Therefore, this is also an awareness for those who shared my old link, to update to the newest one as the old link it is not in use anymore. I have seen people asking for the new link because they couldn’t find the guide anymore and it is due to the old link. Hence, I believe my guide has been shared and re-produced elsewhere. Please kindly update them to prevent more confusion. Thanks!

For your convenience, I will consolidate all the guides I have made to get started in Revelation CN. All guides are done by me unless stated otherwise. They were originally done for my Guild last year when the game was not as hyped for the English community due to the language barrier but I am glad that they have helped many people now. :D

Account Registration Guide

I believe most of the people who have tried Revelation CN is familiar with this link for account registration –,664.0.html
I’d like to add more info – For those with a number ‘0’ as your first digit in your mobile number, please kindly omit it if not you will not receive the SMS verification.

Dolphin Booster Guide

The best ping booster so far (at least for me and many others) that works well with Revelation CN to bring your ping down –,667.0.html
If you are unable to connect or have connection issues, please switch the dolphin ping booster server to another one.
Note: Please avoid using the server: 国际3组. It usually appears as the one with the lowest ping, depending on which country/region you come from. You will not be able to connect to the game server or might face lag/disconnection if you use this boost server. Thanks to @Mion for this noteworthy info.

Dolphin Booster Top Up Guide

If the Dolphin booster works well for you and you have run out of trial runs (10 free boosts. Tip: If you do not shut down your PC or log out of/ close Dolphin, it will only count as 1 boost), you may wish to top up to use the VIP servers. It costs about 3USD per month. Guide is done by Mion –,668.0.html

NetEase UU Booster Guide

Not as good as Dolphin but you can try this if Dolphin does not work for you. Guide is done by Mion –,688.0.html

Solution to Gibberish Text and Installer Problem

If you see gibberish text on your Revelation CN launcher or client, it means you did not install the Simplified Chinese System locale. Sometimes, changing to the Simplified Chinese System locale may be able to help with your installer problem. It worked for some people. Guide here –,669.0.html

Manual Patch Guide

If you get slow downloads from the launcher, you may wish to try to do manual patching instead. Guide by Mion –,670.0.html

If there any mistakes or errors/ if you need help, please do not hesitate to contact Mion or me. We are most active on our Discord server at

If you need to use the English patch, you may check out Vikai’s thread –

Have fun testing the game out while waiting for the NA/EU cbt!

Here’s Mion dancing:


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