Revelation Online Apparel Dye Time

Most costumes can be dyed (you can preview some basic colors before you buy the costume). Some accessories can’t be dyed. You can dye on different layers and parts. I haven’t dyed any mounts or wings, but you can dye those too.

  • Dyes can be obtained from player trades, auction house or through an RNG box in the cash shop (I could buy maybe 50 boxes with $17 USD). * Tier 3 dyes (most common) can drop from bosses, but majority of these colours are not desirable
  • You can randomly obtain anywhere between 1 – 3 dyes from each box. (From what I know. I usually got 2 dyes of same color).
  • You can sell unwanted dyes to player shops or through the auction house; and buy desired colors with the profit.
  • How many dyes you need for each part is different. E.g; socks take up 1 dye, while the main costume may take up to 6 dyes.

There’s 3 different tiers of dyes; In the screenshot you can see that the first tier has Red/Tan/Black/White (each color has 3 different shade variations). These are the most valuable dyes since they drop rarely from the box and are considered true base dyes. 2nd tier is middle price and 3rd tier is cheapest dyes. Of course it’s all player market but this is generally the supply/demand rule. On china’s server, I sold a black dye for 50,000 coins and bought a green dye for 4,000 coins.

You can choose some dye settings such as how shiny you want it or how matte (1 – 9 options)

You can play around with the reflection settings and have a different reflection color at different intensities (1- 9)

I haven’t found a costume that can have custom patterns yet, but that option exists within the dye menu. I also have some patterns acquired from some boxes.


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