(Funland that I couldnt finish last week ._.) I purchase the 120 voucher box for one week’s use (approx 60 used per day) You can click on [Go to your cell] to reach your latest checkpoint Using 1 Point ticket Tile 55 – Falling bombs In this area other than dodging, you can kill the minions The method is to lure minions to a shattered area that appears on the floor I personally felt that the shattered area appears more in this corner i walk around I specifically stand on it as long as I could, but I am not sure if it affects the damage ._. Tile 56 – Crates The main threat in here is the (Serpentress?) that chases you This would be easier if more players are inside [Note] The little laylas will not reset their spawn if there are still little laylas left, even if only one left The serpentress, after getting bombed TWICE IN A ROW, she enters a deep stun state During this deep stun, the bomb spawns faster before she is released from the stun This provides sufficient time for you to save one little layla up, and head back for the bomb You can repeat this process endless times until you clear ._.

I am bombed here… I have to head back since I wont have enough time for little layla I can still save one little layla, but the serpent will move out of the bomb’s position if i do so o-o I saw XR here, i will help him Tile 57 – Roulette Tile 57 has best chance to obtain negative roll (roll backwards) But I didnt get ._. Tile 58 – Balls Nothing much except dodging for this I personally walk through some monsters that are too close to me This allows the closer monster to slow down, and the monster far away to catch up Then burn them all at once Tile 59 – Treasure If you have already bought the weekly funland material from [Tile 46] I recommend using bomb card after getting the reward from [Tile 59 – Treasure] Tile 60 – Medusa I personally waited here to show you the immune trick If there are other players present in the field, it wont work Dont do this purposely, just play it as usual as it takes a long time to wait for players to clear ._.

Another player I wait for the timer to show 4 ~ 5 seconds remaining, and enter immediately Preparing to enter Grab the first layla here Immuning medusa strike using entry protection mode Walk quickly to this next one You will notice medusa cant detect anyone, and the timer stopped Shield yourself, and take the last one.

As found on Youtube