Whats up youtube darkmere here Today i’m gonna show you How to get the Clothting(Arboreal jute) thing you use for crafting T1 Of the whats it called Arboreal jute hmm im not sure where else you can find it yet but i for sure know you can get this on the third floor of the sunken galleon in a dungeon so you just get to here on the map mean some your daily quest and where is it this one you can just tell it to find the dungeon when you are 25 what you’re going to do is go into this dungeon and go to 3rd floor and just kill at lot of things and they have a little drop rate for dropping it so you don’t get it all the time but you get some just go through it from here and visit i’m not sure if you can get done this floor I haven’t checked yet but I know I can get it down here see something getting a level 3 then you just actually just need to kill a lot of things and with drops so I be killin piece for some time now and so let’s say 15 minutes let’s see how many i get ok so that was around 15 minutes think it was around 14 minutes of it yeah alright but actually that’s a little drop rate on this but you get them in end i don’t know if you can get them anywhere else if you know that up again be free to comment and if I did anything like did not understand or something be free to comment on it and after this is my first video a comment anything you think i can do better this is measures to be here after all and everything but yeah this is the way this is the way you get aboreal jute to crafting and tailoring you see it has a really little drop rate and you can only do this I don’t know if you cap the monster you can kill everyday if you still can kill them I haven’t figured that again but so now that’s the one way to get them so yep hope you liked the video and everything remember to like and subcribe cya in the next video

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