How to Get Married in Revelation Online

This guide was written by Veno for Codex and shared to the community so everyone can benefit from it. Thank you to Deioth for editing the guide. If you want to re-post or translate this guide, please give the credits to Codex.

How to get married and Love Points


What is Marriage in Revelation Online?

It’s a mechanic where you can deepen your relationship with a single partner to gain advantages ingame. It will also allow you to share the same room with your partner in the upcoming housing system on August 18.

When can i marry?

You need a partner same sex or opposite sex doesn’t matter (for China) then you need 3000 “Love Points” with your partner and 50,000 gold coins.

How do i marry?

You and your partner have to be in a party by yourself, then you have to go here north of the main city where the heart icon is located and go inside the portal next to the NPC.

Once you’re inside, go towards the big tree in the middle and you should see 3 NPCs.

Talk to the girl in the middle and choose the first option twice and you get a confirmation window if you really wanna marry the person in your party. The marriage will cost the Party Leader 50,000 gold coins so beware of that. If you proceed with Yes it will also send a confirmation window to your partner that he has to agree on the marriage.
If both parties agree and you have enough money on you then it will roll a short cutscene and you will successfully be married.

You will imminently gain a title with the ingame name of your married partner (my partner has a Chinese name)

This option that i just explained is the fast option to get this done, also known as the Vegas marriage, quick simple easy cheap.
There is however also a “bigger” version of marriage, the bonuses are completely the same so its purely cosmetic.
You can choose the 2. option of the girl in the middle to marry and this will cost you 300,000 gold coins and will “pop up presents” for people around you to grab and get buffs and stuff. It may come with a bigger boom as well who knows, i didn’t test it since i have been told its a waste of money but I’m sure someone will try it out^^

If you are unhappy with your partner or you got forced into marriage, you can always divorce if you talk to the mushroom on the left.
The first option divorces you for 10,000 gold coins but both partners have to agree on it.
If you wanna divorce and your partner doesn’t agree with it – it will cost you 300,000 to get rid of him by using the 2. option

Once married you have a 7 days cool-down until you can marry again should you divorce.

What are Love Points?

Love Points indicate how much time you have spend with somebody ingame and how much you “like” him or her.
They can be obtained by spending time together in a group, clearing dungeons together, using the spa mentoring buff on each other, grinding mobs together and so on.
They can only be obtained if the other person is in your friend list and you find them (“p”)
The best way to increase your Love Points fast is to make your partner your mentee or mentor.
It will almost double the income of points from doing stuff together and make it a lot easier.
6,000/6,000 (4 Hearts as in the picture shown above) is the basic maximum of “Love points” you can have with a friend.
(This can be increased by using the breakthrough NPC for love more to that down below.)

Also by using the spa mentoring buff, (blue icon) you can get an extra 300 love points with your partner each day.
Both of you have to be in the Spa next to each other and then the mentor has to click it on you.
You will then channel for 15 minutes and can’t move.
Worth noting is that the buff will give quite a considerable amount of exp to your mentee (apprentice) depending on how high the level difference between the mentor and mentee is it can very from very little exp to an insane amount of exp per 5 sec (my mentor lvl 75 channeled me lvl 66 for 8,000 exp every 5 sec for 15 mins, that’s 1,4 million exp in 15 mins)

Another way to increase your love points is the mushroom NPC right next to town 1, marked as a heart on the map.
It will have quests available if you and your partner are in party together and mentoring each other.

How to increase the Maximum of Love Points?

You need 6000/6000 points and you have to be in a party with your partner then go back to the place where you can marry (shown in the first picture) north of the main city. Right in front of the portal there is an NPC who will have a quest that breakthroughs your love points so you can have more then 6,000.

What do Love Points points even do?

Now to be honest, I’ve been told they are pretty useless for “regular” friends and act more like an indicator with who you play a lot.
However, they are useful for married partners so stacking up Love points with a lot of people might come in useful one day where you decide to marry someone on your friends list.

Love Points increase the effectiveness of your marriage skills. The more points you have the better the marriage buffs, faster cool-downs and stronger spells.

What are the benefits of Marriage?

Besides a pretty neat title with the name of your partner, you now have access to learn Marriage Skills.
Those can be found by pressing “N” on the 4. tab. (picture)

Purple Skill:
You cook a buff food that can only be used by your love partner, the higher the amount of love points the better the rarity and buff of the food. Food can be used 10 times and buff lasts 30 minutes.

Green Skill:
Resurrect your love partner (out of combat) Base CD is 30 mins, amount of hp restored and CD depends on amount of love points.

Blue Skill:
Summon your love partner to your position up to 3 times per day. (3 for each person) 30 min CD, the amount of summons per day and the CD depends on the love points.

You can acquire these skill books for almost free on the auction house in china, and for release, they do drop in dungeons like 55 great wall or 62 machinery.

Guide made by Veno with the help of Chinese friends for the CN servers, there could be some error in translation and might not be 100% accurate, for EU/NA releases.


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