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Inner Demon Trials is available every other Sundays from 10:00 to 22:10 Server time for players level 40 – 79. Using your Road to Greatness panel click Join to bring up the event’s window. After applying to join head over to Immortal Annex to collect “Demon Arrest Token.” Talk to Magician for the quest called Inner Demons and he will give you 15 Slayer’s Charms.



Find a group of up to 5 players and wait for the next round to start if you notice a timer on the Progress page. If there is no timer you will be able to start immediately as a round is currently in progress. Head outside the Immortal Annex to find a portal. Your party leader simply needs to walk into one of the portals to be transported into the instance. Each color portal leads to a different boss room which is explained below. The portals are Fissure of Tranquility, Obsession Fissure, Greed Fissure, Anger Fissure, Intelligence Fissure, Fisure of Restraint. If you do not get in when the leader starts there is a little blue square icon that will appear on your screen that lets you port into the raid. (Sword with wings)

This event was done with a team of 62+ players (for some reason 3 vanguards…). The bosses were all level 40 and were fairly simple to kill. As an occultist I was healing and had very little difficulty in doing so as I used my Archon of Light (the angel that heals) and then spent my time dpsing in between, The party honestly could have gotten away with a few aoe heals on occasion and been fine. There is a possibility that you could do this without any healing class and just healed between fights. The fights were not very dps intensive (we had three vanguards again) and complete fairly quickly. Lower level players may need more heals but I doubt they would struggle with killing the boss.

After killing each boss a box will drop in the room. Each player should collect this (like personal loot) to get an event item. Check your bags for space before starting this you will need 7-8 slots for the event items. You are able to visit 15 portals (one for each Slayer Charm).

Boss Fights

Greed Fissure: This boss is a Volpine called Covetous Ramzi. There are two ways to kill this boss. Behind the boss are 5 treasure chests (Covetous Ramzi’s Treasure: Chest of Gluttony). You can either ignore the chests and fight the boss in easy mode or you can choose to open the chests. The chests will slowly disappear through the fight if you don’t open them. Each chest you open enrages the boss making him (very slightly) harder to kill. These ended up spawning for us 3 Little Treasure Chest (personal loot item) that gave Small Money Pouches (used to gain 666 Imperial Notes). The boss was still fairly easy to kill and I did very little off healing outside of my Archon of Light even after opening all of them. I would encourage you to either all open a box each at the same time or move the boss away because he aoe’s when they are opened which could hit your box opener. This boss gives the item Covetousness.

Anger Fissure: This boss is similar to the one in ToP (Bloodborne King) and is called Harbinger of Fury. On top of a floating platform in the room is a sprite. Quickly kill the sprite to prevent the boss from enraging. If the sprite is alive he will charge around the room dealing damage to those that get in his way. Once the sprite is killed he will stay in one spot and be easy to dps down. This boss will give you the Angry Path event item.

Obsession Fissure; There are two bosses in this room a Falimari Man and Falimari Dane. These two are apparently lovers and are impossible to kill if you let them stay near each other. Have one person pull the Falimari Dane across the room to prevent her from healing the Falimari Man (and the man from healing her). Have your dps stay on the Falimari Man. The Man will occasionally do a ground effect of rings that do damage if you are standing in them. Simply move to one of the unaffected ground areas and you will be fine. Once the Man is dead the Dane will leave as well. These bosses drop the event item Obssession.

Fissure of Restraint: This room has three different bosses; Life and Death, Poet Muse, and Greed. On the floor will be three colored rings that slowly spin and move around the room. Stepping across one of the rings will give you a thirty second buff (you have a orb of that color around you) that will allow you to hit the correct corresponding boss. Have every team member grab the same buff to dps each one down at a time. These bosses give the item Restraint.

  • Orange: Poet Muse
  • Black: Life and Death
  • Blue: Greed

Fissure of Tranquility: This boss is called Butterfly Demon. When entering the room there will be a book on the floor. Click on it to start the fight. The Butterfly Demon will spawn. She will constantly run around the room using aoe’s and raging which is difficult to deal with. To stop this there will be 3 red glowing books on the floor. You will want three ranged players to stand on the books. This will stop the boss from moving so try to have your last team member step onto the book when she is towards the center of the room to make sure everyone can reach her to dps. She will calm and stay in one place as long as no one leaves the books. simply dps her down when she is done.

Intelligence Fissure: This room is filled with little Grassroot and Sagewort Mobs. In the back will be the boss Worldly Thrawl. This boss will start at 50%, but he will heal any time you kill one of the Grassroots near him. Simply drag him to a corner and be careful of using aoes. If you kill a Sagewort mob he gets a debuff making him take more damage for 30 seconds.


Upon completing all 15 portals head to the Immortal Annex or Divine Overlook to turn your items in to the giant floating scrolls. Each item will correspond to a partially red (currently) chinese letter on the scroll. Click on each to turn in your item for that letter. You must turn in 15 items to collect all of the rewards. It will tell you how many remaining in package you have to turn in or give you an error if you have none. This will help contribute to the progress of that round. Alternatively you can talk to Magician (NPC) again and trade them in for items. Collect using the button in the red box as shown in the screenshot.

You will gain Item rewards based on points of contribution (I believe from turning the items in) at 150 points of contribution you will receive 3 Inner Demons Cultivation Reward and 1 Inner Demons: Shattered Remains. After the round completion you will receive Demonslayer points as well (I received 1650) Collect using the button in the green box as shown in the screenshot.

Items gained from the Inner Demons Cultivation Reward / Verses include;

  • Peculiar Tickets
  • Ausgyth Gift Chest (Imperial Gold)
  • Ascension Essence
  • Moonshade Fragments
  • Gold Bar (2000 Imperial Note)
  • Imperial Gold
  • Depleted Phlogiston

From the Inner Demons: Shattered Remains:

  • White Jade
  • Depleted Phlogiston
  • Peculiar Tickets
  • Demon Idea (event item)
  • Moonshade Fragment

The boss sometimes also drop a book shaped item. I picked up Gibmorn Wyn Notes from the ground after killing one of the bosses. I clicked on on it and it gave me a little popup with text and I have no idea what else it did. If someone has information about what they are for please let me know.


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