Lets talk Arcane Arts!

First off when you open your arcane arts and select a skill you will see its individual arcane arts tree. Lets break this down:

Each arcane arts tree is broken into several branches, with each branch having up to three talents. Each talent is ranked as Basic (left: blue box), Intermediate (middle: pink box), and Advanced (right: yellow box). Talents are the extra effects you can give the skill which I think is what you were calling “add ons”

  • Basic talents are unlocked at level 49 and many do not require books to unlock.
  • Intermediate talents are unlocked at level 59 and most will require books
  • Advanced at level 69 and all (I think) of these will require skill books to unlock.

As you can see in the top of the yellow box I have a locked arcane arts skill. This will need a book to unlock this point to make it usable. Also note that you do need to complete the path breakthrough at that level to have access to the arcane arts talents.

To activate talents you need to use cultivation points. Cultivation points are shown at the bottom right of your arcane arts as a series of numbers (green box) as ##/##/## (Picture: 69/75/80). The first number indicates how many points you have spent on talents, the second indicates how many total points you have available, and the third represents how many skills points you can buy for your level. Individual talents use one point per level of the talent and talents can have up to three levels. Once you have purchased a cultivation point you keep it permanently.

To use your cultivation points simply left click on the talent you want to activate. If you need to remove a cultivation point right click the talent to remove the point. To use the intermediate and advanced talents you must spend 2 points in the previous talent first (2 basic to use intermediate and 2 intermediate to access advanced). Each skill is broken into top, middle, and bottom branches. Top and bottom branches may also split again into two separate sub-branches. This means if you want to use the intermediate talent you will have up to three different options on how to spend points on basic talents: 2 points on the skill directly preceding the desired intermediate skill, 2 points on the other sub-branch, or 1 point on each sub-branch.

Lets take a look at the top branch of this tree. Currently I have no points equipped to either of the sub-branches. If I want to access the talent in the middle of the top tree I need to either add two points to the top talent in the blue box, two points in the second talent in the blue box, or 1 point in both the first and second talents.

Key Points:

  • Once you have points to spend on the “add ons” (talents) you can unequip and re-equip them freely without cost. If you need additional points you have to buy them.
  • Functioning “add ons” (talents) will say 1/2, 2/2, 2/3, etc. Non-functioning talents will say 0/1, 0/2, or 0/3.
  • Skill description will not change if you have specific talents in effect for a skill
  • The most noticeable “I can tell this is working” is the cooldown effect. For example if I put three points in the the assassin’s skill golden chakra and click the skill instead of the cooldown timer starting at 30 and counting down it starts at 24 and counts down.


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