Hey guys, so i decided to make a guide on this, after the count-less hours we spent in this cancer, i wanted to share what we learnt, and methods we used. This will be fully updated, just waiting on a couple confirmations for % on the other boss’s before i put them up. I will also be putting up Videos once there done rendering.

Boss 1 ED-3000

Special Skills:

  • LIGHT SLASH: Puts his axe behind his back on the ground, boss will spin around, making a slash from his axe in front of him. Jump or dodge away from the Light Saber, If you get it and survive, you will need a cleanse from a Spirit Shaper or Occultist, due to receiving a DoT.
  • AXE TOSS: Will throw his axe in front of him, spinning it in place, will suck in all players that are within 10-15 meters of where the axe was thrown. (high dmg)
  • DOME: Boss will do a bubble dome at 40% hp, all members should meet at the group up point 30 meters away from the boss, being inside the dome will cause a DoT, as well as apply a DoT debuff/ slow debuff which needs to be cleansed.
  • DRILLS: Boss will shove his hand in the ground summoning drills on the ranged players, The moment he puts his hand in the ground dash away from your previous place, to dodge the drills. If you happen to get hit by the drills you will have a DoT applied and will need to be cleansed by a Spirit shaper or Occultist.
  • CHARGE: Starting at 60% the boss will do a drilling sound, and charge forward. (high dmg), Dodge away from the boss, if he is charging in your direction.


  • Make sure the tank is ALWAYS within 5 meters of the boss, failing to do so/ or going away to far- to fast, will cause the boss to enrage.
  • ENRAGE: Boss will target a random player, and throw 3 slashes, you cannot jump these and is a 1 hit KO.
  • You only have 105 Seconds to break the boss’s axe
  • Boss has no enrage timer
  • After 40% Domes are time based, once every 50 seconds
  • Light Slash/ Drills/ Dome/ all apply a DoT and must be cleansed ASAP.

Upon entering the room, it’s best to place markers to easily allow your team to have group up/ tanking points.

  • Point 1: Is the initial area to start tanking the boss, will allow more kiting and grouping room.
  • Point 2: Is where you’ll group the adds up, to quickly burst them down.
  • Point 3: Will be the secondary tanking spot when the boss does the bubble dome at 40%hp, Spot 3 should be 35-40 meters away from marker 1.
  • Point 4: Is the secondary group up spot to burst the adds.

Breaking the Axe 100%-80%:
Upon engaging the boss, have the tank slowly pull the boss towards marker 1, (NOTE: Make sure the tank is always within 5 meters of the boss!) While the tank is pulling the boss, do not burst the boss or use any AOE skills.

  • When you target the boss’s Axe, you will see a green HP bar. You have 105 seconds to break the green bar, Do not burst the boss, and use only Auto attacks, or attacks that can hit multiple amount of times. If you get the boss below 80% hp before breaking the green bar, the boss will start the phases.

Failing to the break the axe, will cause the boss to enrage, summoning chains within a 30 meter radius, 1 hitting all party members that get hit with the chains, The tank will always die to this attack, which will cause the boss to enrage again due to the next Argo holder being to far from the boss. 

To break the axe:

  • Use only auto attacks on the axe
  • SwordMages use Dagger Flurry 
  • Vanguards use Relentless Hurricane

Once the axe has been broken, the boss will say some things in Chinese. Once you hear this, you can start dps’ing the boss regularly.

ADDS 80%-60%-40%-20%:
At 80% the boss will spawn 2 Nugget adds, and 2 drone adds (1 red/ 1 blue). Make sure all dps are near point 2, so all adds are grouped up. Once the adds are grouped, burst them down, and try to keep the nuggets cc’d. Once the adds are dead, you can continue dps’ing the boss.

40% DOME:
Starting at 40% the boss will start charging the Dome, Everyone should be getting away from the boss quickly (you have about 5 seconds), and re-grouping at Marker 3, Once the boss is pulled to Marker 3, all dps should be at marker 4 and be grouping the adds that have also spawned.
(NOTE: After the first Dome at 40%, the Dome then becomes timed based, with a new dome being generated once every 50 seconds, Continue this until boss is dead).

  • NOTE: Argo holder does not have to stay with the boss while the Dome is being activated, Argo holder should leave the Dome area, and the boss will walk towards the Argo holder once the dome has spawned. 
BOSS 2 V-007:

Phase 1:
Special Skills:

  • Boulder: Throws a boulder on the argo holder, (usually one of the Spirit Shapers)
  • Skulls: Summons skulls on all players,

Group up Markers:
Upon entering the room, it’s best to place markers to easily allow your team to have group up points.

  • Point 1-5: Is where the cannons will spawn, delegate 1 player per marker.
  • Point 6: Is where the Spirit Shapers, and left over DPS will stack

Player roles:

  • Occultist x2: MUST swap Marker 2 on top of Marker 1, and Marker 4 on top of Marker 5, this is so they are out of range from Marker 3 for the skulls.
  • Vanguards x2: One tank positioned on the left and right hand side of marker 6, Make sure you keep the adds off of the Cannon Operators, and Spirit Shapers/ DPS.
  • Leftover DPS/ Spirit Shapers: Stay grouped up on Marker 6


  • Players on the cannons, are to shoot the generators that will be located at the front of the boss platform, You must kill these generators as quickly as possible.
  • There are approximately 4-5 waves of generator spawns, with there being 8 generators per spawn

(NOTE:) If you fail to dps the generators down fast enough, the generators will activate, creating an electric field on the player’s side of the field, causing a party wipe.


  • Adds will spawn from the left and right side of the field, Tanks need to argo these mobs as quickly as possible, as they do high damage, and keep the adds grouped on the tanks.

(NOTE: You do not have to kill these adds, just make sure they stay off the healers and DPS on marker 6, and Cannon Operators)

Skulls will be placed on all players approximately every 30 seconds.

  • Tanks: Make sure you are not to close to marker 6, or the Cannon Operators
  • Marker 6: Make sure all players are grouped on top of each other

BOULDER: Boss will argo usually one of the Spirit Shapers due to healing, because all Spirit Shapers are grouped on Marker 6, all players at this marker will also get hit by the boulder.

  • The boulder does Medium damage and can be tanked
  • Use Nirvana/ Astarina/ CC break/ Fox form to reduce the damage you receive from the boulder.
BOSS 2 V-007:
Phase 2:
Special Skills:

  • Throws a boulder at a targeted player
  • Summons Skulls on all players
  • Summons 2 nugget adds (1 Red/ 1 Blue)

Group up Markers:
Point 1: Is where the off tank, and healers will group up
Point 2: 10 Man party 1 group up, 20 Man party 1-2 group up (All ranged DPS should be here at all times)
Point 3: 10 Man party 2 group up, 20 Man party 3-4 group up (All ranged DPS should be here at all times)
Point 4: Healer group up, at 20%, when boss does spin attack (Have 2 Healers 2 Occultist in Main tanks party)
Point 5: DPS group up at 20%, when boss does spin

Upon engaging the boss, have just the tank next to the boss, the boss will usually do 1 of 2 attacks.
Special Skills:

  • Spin: Boss will throw his arms our and do a 360 degree spin (high dmg).
  • Boulder toss: Throws a boulder on a targeted ranged player, dodge away from the targeted area, Then return to your marker once the boulder is gone.

If the boss does boulder toss, melee can feel free to engage the boss as he will not do the spin right away.

ADDS 80%:
First nuggets -> 80% -> time based / spawns after drones (approximately every 1 Minute)
At 80% the boss will spawn 2 nugget adds on the West and East side of the field (DO NOT ATTACK THEM) until they are grouped at Marker 1, When healers heal the generate Argo and will come to the healers the moment they spawn.

  • Do not let the adds go near the boss, These adds heal the boss, when the boss is in the lighted field that’s around the adds.
  • Once the adds are grouped on marker 1, have the off tank take Argo, and all DPS should quickly burst the adds down.
  • Once the adds are dead you can DPS the boss again.

(NOTE: Do not take the boss down to 80%, until both Nugget adds are dead).
(NOTE: The boss summons adds every 1 Minute, so make sure to don’t burst the boss to summon adds while in a phase).

50% Drones:

Once you get the boss to 50%, the boss will fall down and continue the lay down on the ground. All DPS needs to group up on the South end of the Field (Add 1).

  1. A Drone will spawn here, quickly DPS the Drone, after killing the Drone a ORANGE ball will spawn 4 players must tank this together to split the damage received from it. Have the Tanks/ BM/ Healers tank the orb
  2. After eating the first orb goes to the West side of the Circle (Add 2), and kill the Drone that has Spawn there, again have 4 players eat the orb that spawns from the Drone.
  3. Continue moving Clockwise around the circle till your at the North end (Add 3), Kill the add eat the orb.
  4. Continue Moving Clockwise till your on the East Side (Add 4), Kill the add eat the Orb. Once all Drones are dead return to your regular Marked positions.

(NOTE: Make sure the add does not reach the boss or it heals the boss for 10%)
(NOTE: Make sure you eat the orb that spawns from the Drones, If the orb reaches the boss heals the boss for 10% HP)

After the 1st Drone phase it is important that you are grouped on your markers, due to the boss Spawning Skulls on all players now.

  • Melee need to get away from the boss and group up on 1 of the markers (As quickly as possible),

NOTE: If you feel you can’t group fast enough, get away from all players (15 Meters), so you don’t kill your team.

20% Drones:
At 20% the boss again will fall on the ground, Drones will spawn from the South/ West/ North/ East, Repeat same steps from 50%.

20% Hurricane Spin:
Now the fun part >:D
Marker 4: All healers/ Spirit Shaper/ Occultist go to marker 4,
Marker 5: All DPS go to Marker 5
Tank: Stand on the edge of the inner circle (30 Meters)
The moment you kill the last drone ALL DPS (except main tank) need to go to Marker 5, Nugget adds will spawn just lure them to marker 5 and kill them there.

Main Tank:
Make sure you position yourself on the south end of the inner circle, so the healers can reach you without being inside the spinning radius.
The Moment the boss starts spinning use your Shield Storm and Relentless Hurricane so you don’t get knocked away from the boss/ Reduce the amount of damage you’ll receive/ and increase all healing received.

Once the boss finishes this animation, everyone should return to their original positions.

At 10% the boss again will start the Hurricane spin attack, you have 2 options here

  1. Burst the boss, and yolo
  2. At 12% have everyone in the same positions as 20% and let the boss do the attack again, once the boss finishes the attack kill the boss.


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