Revelation Online Occultist Build

Hi guys, this is an update on my level 69 build so starting with so grid This level 6 Crystal Bill is pretty much complete even if you upgrade to level 79 You don’t need to worry about upgrading this further because the next stage of service level 8 Is pretty much a debate all of these stats that’s only for wealth so for level 6 Crystal Bill For DPS. It has where the other rated magic damage crit and Magic Defense break A Level 70 you can go a bit further back at the V level to defense break so that will require level 5 Chaos Crystals and all of the Sun Crystal need to be level 6 so for now Do I need to level 6 time crystal and to level 6? sky Crystal and one level 6 sun Crystal and throughout this song person only need to be level 4 and then you Army are level 6 birth first Crystal and then another burst of Crystal which well me are level 4 Elise and then a level 6 actually, you don’t need double six you just need level 4 animus Crystal and in level 4 desk Crystal and number 6 Moon Crystal If I’ll complete the requirement for all these steps One thing about Chaos Crystal is you can switch Chaos Crystal to any class? so you can go to this MVC right here and you can switch between any class or You can switch within the same class this is the cultivation for 60 points, so There are two really important books on Each of them or cause 3 to 4 million you can get them from this NPC? so if you can’t afford to get them that ok, but if you do um Try to get this one on this cell which is 50% more magic damage whether you explosion and Second one is on Keep this build it’s increase the crit rate when you are 20 meters away from your Target and What this does not much, but if you’re going for PVe build I? Wanna our dew point you to increase the duration and to point here to increase the damage do to mother and You don’t actually need three pointers when you have And two hundred you can directly put three point here also for this spells You will need three point here, it will reduce the 30% shield It’s very effective when you are going against killers also for Pve build you can invest three point here to increase the damage to your mother and you only need one point here for PVP and If you need to heal you can just cancel These points and pull it three points here because our sometime when you are playing 10 weekend and there’s no service cheaper you can try the hero by just Canceling disband the dew point here if you don’t have here the bills so the next Spell is this one.

We want to meet three point here to increase the cash animations and The next one is the royal cycle Laughing you’re only two point here to increase the range of the flash and three points here to After the flood you will be in mu for three seconds you Will not get any stones species and during these three seconds Also, if we are healing you can cancel these two points for these three pointers because you can increase 20% skill when you are near 10 meters of this totem now the Special skills for PVp. You will need to upgrade the boughs for the stands and the crew down Without going for Pve.

You can go for the damage and cost reduction And for these two cells you only need to upgrade one of them but I prefer using the dance of death because The time that you will need to use this one is really rare. It’s only useful in One we won or 3/3, but even that is still really rare, so I will prefer to upgrade this one for the damage only for the damage easier for the demons and the Angel so if you’re out of your demon angels or healing effect update and the damage upgrade is not effective and also the duration is not effective, so The damage and the shielding upgrade is only effective when you are inside of the demon with the angels So you are me just need to reduce the crudo I have to Increase the damage because sometimes in massive purity I can use the Demon far away to do some damage for the Angel is similar to the Demon you’ll need just me to upgrade the Reductions, but cool down is not really necessary this spell is actually quite useful you increase the damage of your teammates and yourself, so try to upgrade the duration if you can and If your teammates are doing more damage than you You can try to keep using this valve instead of your demon This spell is useful.

But you don’t need much upgrade, but if you can you can reduce the cooldown of this spell There’s one time in a world war ii Vp where my opponents have way better gear than me so I I just stay back and try to do some healing and If I see my teammate are dropping low, I just dashing and use this spells and then I pass out another thing I want to talk about these gears, so if you are not Well or spending that much money on the games. I don’t recommend using Handmade views because they have random stuff and All sometimes they are worse than these engine gears, so if you can study use Dungeon Gears and also using Dungeon Gears when you upgrade your dungeon gears you can Transfer the pure level and the sockets But you don’t really have to get hooked here, but try to like unlock all your sockets So after you invest three points here, you can actually do something like this Or something like this So the last thing I want to share is something about the game it will be very negative so revelation online is a lot more patron than before and The Ma version of Privilege online is actually more a to intensity inversion The reason is because two things Hemet gears and PVP marks for world off So why play Tm.

Version is no handmade gears at the time? Every tales have to do extra mode to craft their gears now page winters Not only can just buy the whole set but they can afford to buy hemic years which have multiple create increments Another reason because PVP marks form three world horses which respond every hours each? Well drop about four cutie marks and for period Marks this quiz creates massive amount of marks for the pay to win players also, the highest Level of marks is now level 7 compared to level 5 when I place the inversion If you have little 5 marks you will still get one shot at by players with Level 7 marks Except you feel our vanguard The reason for our neighbors is more patreon than C Inversion is because the g inversion actually has a lot more quiz and events for players to Form like the Eggy event and they actually deleted that three our new world was a long Time ago already As you can see the unknown version has way more or less has chemicals and our D warbles and Also, there’s a lot of a lot of masses farming bots Prozium Farmers and gold sellers which is another problem, I? Can see that many players has? quit the game already, and I understand us I mean this game is not really friendly to those who play this game for the first time and pay to win game doesn’t work well in the west compared to the east because I think the ratio between Patreon players and Free-to-Play tears is different so different so for those who still playing this game.

I’m Not telling you to quit I’ll be still playing it, but it just something I want to share and hope this game can improve so Thanks for watching you you.

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