Revelation Online Occultist DPS Guide

Hey everyone, welcome to my occultist/necro theorycrafting guide mumbo jumbo WIP post thing.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the class, or what they do, as those have all been done by other people. Instead, this post is going to be more focused on things like min/max PvE dps, PvP utilization, potential builds, and things of that nature. If I get free time, I will update this guide to be much more in depth once OBT is released and I can test things out to a further extent.

I would like to say a few things before I begin. First off, I would like to thank those who contributed to the abundant amount of information on the class that I have been able to find online over the past week. People like you are great, and the community as a whole appreciates you. In the following spoiler, I will be providing direct links to all of the posts that I referenced in order to do this theorycrafting + get the information I required. I am not taking credit for their work, but just using the resources they provided to help me. I would definitely recommend checking all of them out. I’m sure some of them check these forums, and if you’re reading this I really appreciate all the work you’ve done! Thank you~

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skill calculator – Revelation Online calculator – Reaper

necro skill details #1 (+ videos) – Revelation Online: Necromancer Skill Description & Details – Freedomplays

necro skill details #2 – Revelation Online Index

necro skill details #3 – Revelation Online Occultist Skill Guides | Pro Gamers Online

necro build details #1 – Class Builds – Guides – Revelation-Online

super detailed RO guide (used for discussing talent tree but has lots of other great info) –Revelation Online CBT Review — Revelation Forum — MMORPG Forums — New MMORPGs,Hot MMORPGs,General MMORPG,MMORPG Pub,game pub –

video info #1 – 

video info #2 – 

Next, this ENTIRE POST is about occultist in DARK FORM. Everything I am doing math/builds on is based solely around the idea of doing damage, and not on swapping between dark/light to help heal or playing in light to heal and not dps. I do not recommend you use any of the information I am about to provide if you are planning on playing either of those two playstyles. All of the skill build explanations, all of the buffs and whatnot, its all from playing in dark form only and therefore I will not be adding in “while using dark form” to any skill explanations and I will instead be keeping things as short and sweet as possible. If I get free time later on, I might consider adding in builds focused on swapping/healing but as for right now, I’m only releasing my dark build.

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about Occultist not having dps potential compared to other classes, but I’m still interested in playing it in both PvE content and group PvP. I’m going to be going into detail on each of these categories and how I think you can best maximize your potential in each one. Keep in mind that this is all theorycrafting. It is not 100% true, it is not 100% tested, it is not 100% the best format for everyone. However until I can really begin experimenting in NA OBT, this is going to be a collection of various facts and formulas I am tinkering with. I am really hoping to come back to this and update it once it has been tested in NA OBT, because certain variables might be altered for our release. I welcome any feedback anyone might have, any additional information I might have missed, any ideas or recommendations. I’m trying to dispel the belief that necro is going to be the worst class ever (qq rip my fav).

So let’s talk skills. I’m going to put these in a spoiler. This is a very summarized list of all dark skills, what they do, their base effects, CD time, cast times (if applicable), and their range/radius. All of this is information I have pulled from other places like the RO skill calculator + skill guides for necro (see above credits for links). The damage listed and CD times are for lvl 79 in RO CN (certain skills receive lower CD as you level), as per the calculator/guides descriptions, so do not expect to see these numbers in the NA CBT. All effects could potentially be changed for our release, and I will adjust accordingly if necessary.

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Hellfire Claw – (basic attk) deals 35% matk + 472-577 dmg [0.5s CD] {25m range}

Creeping Pain – (target explodes after 3s, leaves effect for 3s that gives additional 872 dmg each time target takes dmg) deals 99% matk + 1336-1633 dmg [5s CD] {25m range + 3m radius}

Demon’s Rancor – (5 spheres hit target over 2s period, last sphere provides self heal of 2000) each sphere deals 132.6% matk + 1789-2187 dmg [8s CD] {25m range}

Grasping Spirits- (aoe, lasts 5s) deals 74.3% matk + 1003-1226 dmg [10s CD] {25m range + 5m radius} <0.5s CT>

Necrotic Orb – (shoots ball in line of char POV, hitting targets in path, can explode within 5s) ball deals 87.1% matk + 1176-1437 dmg, exploding deals 271.1% matk + 3660-4473 dmg [10s CD] {2m radius on explosion, range N/A}<0.5s CT>

Occultist’s Gift – (support) increases patk and matk by 150 [5s CD] {25m range + 30m radius}

Adapt – (change between light/dark form) dark form increases matk by 105% of AGI [0.3s CD]

Shattered Abyss – (explodes soul mirror, removes enemy buffs) deals 245.5% of matk + 3314-4050 dmg [15s CD] {5m radius}

Gate of Atrophy – (creates gate aoe that affects if gone through) deals 142.6% matk + 6456 dmg every 2s for 4s + 50% reduced movement speed [30s CD] {10m x 2 radius} <0.5s CT>

Spirit’s Return – (shield self for 5s, absorbs 2880 dmg, removes cc, teleport to soul mirror if its up, can explode shield) explosion stuns surrounding enemies for 3s [42s CD – CD decreases with increased lvl (24s CD at lvl 79)] {5m radius}

Demon Shackle – (shield target for 6s, absorbs 1000 dmg, can explode manually or after full dmg absorb) explosion deals 320.5% of matk + 4326-5288 dmg [30s CD] {25m range + 5m radius}

Void Cycle – (removes cc, swap position with target) deals 252% of matk + 3402-4158 dmg, self heal of 50% dmg dealt [60s CD – CD decreases with increased lvl (24s CD at lvl 79)] {25m range}

Demon’s Touch – (stun for 1s then explodes) explosion deals 210.1% matk + 2525-3086 dmg [10s CD] {25m range + 3m radius}

Dance of Death – (aoe for up to 30s) deals 107.3% matk + 1288-1575 dmg every 1s for up to 30s, sustain minor self dmg for duration [30s CD] {25m range + 5m radius}

Siphoning Spirits – (life drain on target) deals 105.4% matk + 1266-1547 dmg every 0.5s for 3s, self heal for 50% dmg dealt [30s CD] {25m range}

Archon of Darkness – (transforms into demon) only 1 dmg skill can be activated [1s CD], deals 272% matk + 3268-3995 dmg in front of player, can be left to “auto pilot” for duration while you transform back into necro and continue rotations [30s CD]

Permanent Time – (passive) targets with 50% or less health receive 10% increased dmg buff
Flashback – (passive) crit power increases by 12% for self + allies
Body Strengthening – (passive) max health increased by 60 for every 10 points in STR, CON, INT, SPI, or AGI

Each of those skills have varying use in PvE and PvP. Let’s briefly discuss:

Hellfire Claw – kinda garbage
Creeping Pain – slightly better garbage
Demon’s Rancor – pretty good
Grasping Spirits – mediocre
Necrotic Orb – good if executed correctly
Occultist’s Gift – good (buffs are nice)
Shattered Abyss – good dmg
Gate of Atrophy – not good for PvE
Spirit’s Return – not good for PvE / good for PvP
Demon Shackle – throw on tank for slightly increased dps / good for PvP (edit: might not be good, more info to come)
Void Cycle – great for PvP (base skill will dmg target, self heal and remove your cc? sign me up)
Demon’s Touch- subpar for PvP
Dance of Death- decent aoe for PvE but not useful (more on this later)
Siphoning Spirits – meh dmg + self heal
Archon of Darkness – best source of dps, esp if put in auto pilot

Coming up next, theorycrafting PvE DPS, potential builds for CBT, and other goodies (rip this 10k char limit per post)

Now of these skills, I’m going to give you guys some formulas for potential dps of each skill. These formulas use a lot of “()”, “[]”, and even occasionally “{}”. To read them, simply follow the brackets. For example: {[5 + (10 * 1)] * 2] + 10} = 40. You would do (10 * 1) first, then + 5 to that, then * 2, then + 10. Super easy. For my examples used, the only difference is that all of the numbers in the () are going to be from a minimum amount/maximum amount range. So if there is “(1000-2000)”, all of the numbers in between 1000-2000 are potential outcomes, with 1000 being the minimum and 2000 being the maximum. The formula still will be executed the same, but in order to show the true range of the outcome I just included the range in the formulas. So the formula is something like [% of matk damage + (skill damage range)] * number of times used in time period. If it has {}, its from a skill that hits multiple times. So those formulas are {[% of matk damage + (skill damage range)] * number of times skill hits} * number of times used in time periodHopefully that’s not too confusing, I will explain more if needed.

The following spoiler contains formulas for DPS of each damaging skill for occultist. These are just base skill damage amounts. These do not include any glyphs, buffs, gear, or attributes. These do not take into consideration things like targets defense. This is just for the sake of theorycrafting, and to keep out a bunch of variables that I don’t want to focus on just this second. The base MATK I used for each formula is 500 (as it is currently undeterminable, this factor can be used for all skills as an example). The time period used in this example is 1 min.

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Hellfire Claw : [175 + (472-577)] * 60 = 38820-45120
Creeping Pain (not including effect) : [495 + (1336-1633)]* 12 = 21972-25536
Demon’s Rancor : {[663 + (1789-2187)] * 5} * 7.5 = 91950-106875 (total heal of 10000)
Grasping Spirits : {[371.5 + (1003-1226)] * 6} * 6 = 49482-57510
Necrotic Orb (with explosion) : {[435.5 + (1176-1437)]+[1355.5 + (3660-4473)]} * 6 = 39762-46206
Shattered Abyss : [1227.5 + (3314-4050)] * 4 = 18166-21110
Demon Shackle : [1602.5 + (4326-5288)] * 2 = 11857-13781
Void Cycle : [1260 + (3402-4158)] * 1 = 4662-5418 (total heal of 2331-2709)
Demon’s Touch : [1050.5 + (2525-3086)] * 6 = 21453-24819
Dance of Death : {[536.5 + (1288-1575)] * 30} * 2 = 78353-95036.5
Siphoning Spirits : {[527 + (1266-1547)] * 6} * 2 = 21516-24888 (total heal of 10758-12444)
Archon of Darkness : {[1360 + (3260-3995)] * 30} * 2 = 277200-321300

Using the above examples, we can determine which of our skills are optimal to use/prioritize.

Best skills:

> Archon of Darkness – huge dps in demon form, can have demon up constantly if rotation is performed correctly, leave on auto pilot and continue rotation for huge dps boost. Nothing else compares.

>Demon’s Rancor – bread and butter skill #1, deals significant dmg, plus a self heal

>Necrotic Orb – bread and butter skill #2, deals good dmg

>Grasping Spirits – decent aoe damage, Dance of Death is better aoe but using Unparalleled Points on keeping Demon Form up is better for overall dps

Okay skills:

>Creeping Pain – questionable dps by skill itself, but effect can be comboed with other skills to provide increased dmg for soul explosion (i.e. base effect adds 872 dmg per hit in 3s period, combine this with Demon’s Rancor for additional 4460 dmg from effect or with Grasping Spirits for 2676 extra dmg)

>Shattered Abyss – considering Occultist’s Gift only has a 5s CD, you can cast Soul Mirror, wait a few secs for CD, cast Nether Blast for dmg, then recast Soul Mirror and keep buffs up. Repeat every time Nether Blast is off CD

Not so good skills:

>Hellfire Claw – while it shows 5th highest dps in a 1min staged example, this actually provides lower dps in a rotation when combined with other skills (use it only as a filler)

>Demon Shackle – can throw on tank for slight dps increase, but not very useful dps

>Void Cycle – currently not a reliable source of damage, though it does have its perks for PvP

>Dark Grip/Death Transit – although damage is good, you should be using your UPP on Demon Form for max dmg output

>Siphoning Spirits – same as above but the damage is not good, potentially decent skill for healing yourself if you really really need it

We can then use this info on which skills to prioritize to help us build our talent tree. Since we only get 10 skill points to use in CBT, I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on it (I am still working on a potential end game build, and this is just what I’ve picked out for CBT for my char based on skill prio and rotation).

So for my skill build for PvE CBT I went with

Hide Spoiler

EDIT: The skills listed in the images below are not translated for the NA/EU Release. To make this easier, I will add in their actual names in CBT.

Soul Change = Adapt
Soul Beads = Demon’s Rancor
Soul Domain = Grasping Spirits

-Demon’s Rancor dark, first glyph row 1 (increased damage by 10%)
-Demon’s Rancor dark, first glyph row 2 (increased damage on monsters by 15%)
-Adapt dark, first glyph row 1 (max health decrease by 10%, magic damage increase by 10%)
-Grasping Spirits dark, first glyph row 1 (increased damage by 10%)
-Grasping Spirits dark, first glyph row 2 (increased damage on monsters by 15%)

I couldn’t decide which skill to use my last 2 points on, so I chose Adapt because I think its fair to trade 10% max hp decrease for 10% magic damage increase.

Ok so now for a very very rough rotation. Please be aware that this is not tested, this is just something I tried to work out mentally and have not been able to fully test out. This is nowhere near set in stone, as until I can test out my end game build I will not be making a for-sure rotation. However for CBT, this seems like it could work. I would appreciate some feedback from anyone about it as it’s my least confident piece of this post.

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Potential CBT PvE rotation:
Occultist’s Gift (0.5s) <5s CD>
Creeping Pain (0.5s) <5s CD>
Demon’s Rancor (2s) <8s CD>
Necrotic Orb (1s) <10s CD>
Grasping Spirits (1s) <10s CD>
Necrotic Orb explode (0.5s)
Shattered Abyss (1s) <15s CD>
Hellfire Claw (0.5s) <0.3s CD> x 5 **used as filler in between skill CD**

rinse + repeat?

rotation explained:

Occultist’s Gift for dmg boost
Creeping Pain for effect after 3s
Demon’s Rancor to cast over 2s, which ends w/ soul explosion effect proc
Necrotic Orb to start ball trail (works best at mid range so you dont have to explode right away)
Grasping Spirits for aoe dmg + increased soul explosion effect dmg
Shattered Abyss to destroy mirror and deal extra dmg
Hellfire Claw for increased dmg + filler for CD to use soul deception + soul domain every rotation

Cast Archon of Darkness and leave on auto pilot as much as possible, aiming for one up every 30s

**Needs to be tested for CD functionality**
>Add in Hellfire Claw anywhere CD needs to be lowered<

Now let’s move on to PvP.

Let’s begin with PvP skills, and what they do (at base skill, no glyphs yet):

>Demon’s Rancor (main source of dmg)
>Grasping Spirits (aoe, drop on obj)
>Necrotic Orb (decent extra dmg, explosion is small aoe)
>Occultist’s Gift (buffs pls + keep up for soul return)
>Shattered Abyss (removes buffs from enemies! utilize this every 15s)
>Gate of Atrophy (honestly i question its usefulness, most ppl wont walk through it, maybe drop on obj?)
>Spirit’s Return (shields, removes cc, can explode for dmg + 3s stun, can use as escape in tight situations)
>Demon Shackle (shield ally, easy damage) (Edit: might not be good, more info to come)
>Void Cycle (remove cc, swap position with target, and self heal all in one! long CD though)
>Demon’s Touch (1s stun, okay dmg, questionable use)
>Archon of Darkness (auto-pilot mode seems great for single target nuking)

For my skill build for PvP in CBT I went with:

Hide Spoiler

EDIT: The skills listed in the images below are not translated for the NA/EU Release. To make this easier, I will add in their actual names in CBT.

Soul Change = Adapt
Soul Beads = Demon’s Rancor
Soul Return = Spirit’s Return
Soul Domain = Grasping Spirits
Nether Swap = Void Cycle

Demon’s Rancor dark, row 1 icon 1 (increased dmg by 10%)
Grasping Spirts dark, row 1 icon 1 (increased dmg by 10%)
Adapt dark, row 1 icon 1 (max hp reduced by 10%, matk increased by 10%)
Spirit Return dark, row 1 icon 1 >only 1 point< (shield absorbtion increased by 10%)
Void Cycle dark, row 1 icon 1 (provides a 3s stun after position switch)

Why these?

Increased dmg on bread and butter skills, increase overall matk by lowering max hp, give yourself another cc, and also a lil extra absorb on your shield with the point left over (the point wont be wasted, the glyphs for that skill later on are super nice so youd need to unlock it anyway)

Now the last thing I want to share is specific to end game PvP, but something I’m super excited for.

CC’s, Buffs, + Debuffs!!!

All together with proper skill tree build, necro can have 7 cc’s, 8 buffs, and 4 debuffs.


– Hellfire Claw third glyph dark row 1: 30% chance to reduce target movement speed by 50% for 3s
– Grasping Spirits second glyph dark row 1: enemies lose 6 dodge per second
– Occultist’s Gift third glyph dark row 1: reduces dodge recovery by 50% within 10m
– Gate of Atrophy: its a cc skill (reduced movement spd)
– Demon Shackle second glyph dark row 1: explosion reduces movement speed by 50% for 5s
– Void Cycle first glyph dark row 1: stuns target for 3s after position switch
– Demon’s Touch: its a cc skill (stun)


– Hellfire Claw second glyph dark row 1: gain “dark” buff, each stack increases skill dmg by 5% (up to 5x – 25% skill dmg boost)
– Demon’s Rancor second glyph dark row 1: gain “dark” buff, each stack increases dmg by 3% for 10s (up to 5x – 15% dmg boost)
– Adapt first glyph dark row 1: increases matk by 10% but decreases max hp by 10%
– Adapt second glyph dark row 1: crit dmg increases by 15%
– Shattered Abyss third glyph dark row 1: increases crit power by (5% * [# of buffs purged]) for 5s
– Spirit’s Return first glyph dark row 1: shield absorb increase by 30%
– Spirit’s Return second glyph dark row 1: crit chance + power increase by 20%
– Spirit’s Return third glyph dark row 1: skill casting time reduced by 80%


– Occultist’s Gift second glyph dark row 1 : reduces incoming healing by 30% within 10m
– Demon Shackle third glyph dark row 1: enemy loses 3% of mana every 2s
– Void Cycle second glyph dark row 1: target takes 30% increased magic dmg for 3s after position switch
– Void Cycle third glyph dark row 1: receive 3s of cc immunity after swap

This is just a taste of the potential that can come from necro. I have an end game PvP build I’m very happy with, but I still would like to test it a tiny bit before releasing it to the public.

That about wraps up everything I’ve been working on for the past few days. I have made it a personal goal of mine to constantly work on this post, updating it as frequently as possible to include the information I’m still working on, changes to builds due to patches/etc, and collaboration with anyone who has anything they would like to see added. I hope this helps to bring hope back to those who doubted the occultist/necro class as not useful. It’s got a lot of potential friends.

So with CBT coming up soon I decided I would post what I have come up with as far as how I plan to build my character to its fullest potential in the CBT period. Please keep in mind this is all theoretical, and might not be fully accomplishable in the time period we have. Feedback is always welcome.

So let’s get to it. I’ve already discussed my morphs for both PvE and PvP at level 49 at this point, so I will mainly focus on aspects of gearing such as soul grid, gear stats (when I can get more info), stat distribution and other tidbits of that nature.

Now let’s discuss stat distribution.

We have about 1715 points to work with at 49. Now it’s sort of obvious that we shouldn’t put anything in power and so I left that one out. All that’s really left for us is dexterity, intelligence, constitution, and spirit (mainly in that order, with con/spi being equally important).

Here is a list of what one point will give you when put into each stat, just to freshen your memory.

dex = 0.5 matk + soul swap bonus (+4 SP per 10 pts), 1 crit
int = 1 matk
con = 29hp, 8 pdef
spi = 25 hp, 8 mdef

So my personal lvl 49 CBT stat distribution will look something like this:

dex = 150 (1200 pts)
int = 60 (210 pts)
con = 50 (150 pts)
spi = 50 (150 pts)

To give a brief overview, I put points in dex bc its the only stat we get a bonus from based on soul stance, plus the damage multiplier for every 10x points in dex. Assuming you don’t even level up soul stance and keep it at level 1 (with a base of 60% of dex converted into matk) you will still gain more than from Int, plus everybody loves crit. The total modifier is anywhere from 60-105% based on stance skill level, and from what I’ve been told we should be able to at least hit lvl 10 in the skill at 49 (which equates to 82.5% bonus, from what I’ve calculated out). So you’ve got the boost from that + exta crit, as well as putting some extra points into int for extra matk. (I experimented around with the dex/int balance and I have found this setup is the most beneficial. Trying to have dex and Int both be around 110 only increased matk by 7, and we lost out on 40 crit). I added in points to spi/con just for extra def. I know a lot of players in CN aren’t focusing on con/spi due to the bonuses from gearing/soul grid but since we won’t obviously can’t get 79 gear in CBT, I tried to make the occ have a little bit more survivability.

Speaking of soul grid, let’s talk about that now. 

If you are unaware of what a soul grid is, or if what I’m about to say is confusing, please check out this guide written by Dulfy. It’s super informative and will definitely help you out: Guide to Soul Grid & Soul Crystals

So my crystals for 49 will be these:
Central: Occ tier 4 (the water/fire/wind one) = 1/1 slot
Outer: 4x tier 4 sun, 1x tier 4 time, 1x tier 4 air = 6/6slots
Inner: 1x tier 4 soul, 1x tier 4 spirit, 1x tier 4 health = 3/3slots

This is to give the bonus attributes from Wise and from Violent.
So the total bonuses of this gem set up are:

crit power + 4%
crit +94
magic dmg + 2%
magic dmg + 108
max hp + 432
hit + 54
dodge + 54
magic armor + 120
phys armor + 120

For those that prefer a little bit more health (or even just like having higher hp in BGs), you could get 1x tier 4 moon and swapping out 1 of the sun for the moon as needed or to just help you get accustomed to bg playing without being totally squish. That will take out some of the mdmg and give +432 to max hp. (if you take out any more than 1 sun crystal, you’ll be losing your mdmg % increase attribute). And I know what you’re thinking, is the 2% damage increase even worth it? Well, not significantly. A two percent increase at this stage doesn’t do much. Based on stats alone (outside of crystals), you’re looking at a very sad matk. Assuming you will hit lvl 10 soul change and taking into consideration the % modifier from spirit power, the formula will be (150*1.825*1.6)+60=438. Now let’s take into consideration your crystals. If you do the 4x tier 4 sun, you’re adding in 108 matk (and an additional 2% matk from attribute). Why focus on this? Well to begin, the bonus from the 4x matk crystals gives you a total bonus of roughly 25% matk from stats alone.

Each time you cut a crystal from that, you’re essentially losing 6.25% of your potential matk. So just replacing 1 crystal for a measly 432 hp already lowers your potential of dishing out damage, which is what we are focused on in this guide. Cutting any more than 1 would be lowering your damage potential 12.5-25%. That is a substantial decrease in damage, and that is not what I want to do.

Now for those of you that are thinking “well couldn’t I just roll higher con/spi, not use the +hp crystals, and just have full matk crystals instead?” Well yes that’s always an option, but you’d still not be putting out as much dmg as someone doing my theoretical stat build with matk crystals. If this is your preferred path, vs maximizing dps potential, the setup I have described might not be your best option and I recommend you alter it to fit your personal needs.

I don’t like having to put that in but seeing as somebody copied/pasted from my guide directly into a YouTube video and tried to pass it off as their own work, I felt it was necessary. it bummed me out because I spent a lot of time working on this. I understand you’re trying to spread information but please just give credit where it’s due, especially so I can help anyone with questions you might not have answers to. I would really appreciate it.

Coming Soon:

– A tested PvE rotation (once CBT arrives)
– A tested end game PvE build + rotation (OBT/Release)
– A tested end game PvP build (OBT/Release)
– More in depth information on stat building/gearing a necro specifically
– Maybe a Necro PvP guide section if I get free time idk

*let me know if there’s anything you want added in*

Version / Edits:

1.0 (10/15/16) – original post published.
1.01 (10/15/16) – fixed minor mistake in DPS examples for Demon Form
1.02 (10/24/16) – changed PvE morph build image
1.03 (10/24/16) – added in CBT advanced build section
1.04 (10/28/16) – changed CBT stat distributions a bit
1.05 (10/30/16) – added in stuff about plagiarism
1.06 (11/07/16) – changed several things to match current CBT localization


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