People often message me in game asking a simple question. How do i raise my gear score? I constantly mention there are numerous guides out there explaining in depth how to do it. In simple ways which are easy to understand but I guess i’ll make one myself explaining in depth “How to ”

My IGN – Shawtie. Screenshot by Lightshot

This is my character up to date and i like her  

Easy Part 

From Level 1- 40 – Do nothing but focus on your level. it’s extremely easy to hit level 40, just doing dailies and story-line in a couple hours.

Now the fun part starts – hue-hue-hue.

Starting Level 40 you need to focus on 2 things constantly. These are Merit Points and Demon slayer Points. Extremely Important and DO NOT FORGET to Cap them every week.

Demon Slayer – If you press C – Screenshot by Lightshot

This is everything about Demon slayer. On the right you will see your weekly’s and dailies to do to get Demon slayer Points. BUT this is not the only way of getting Points in, there are multiple ways such as

1- Daily Token – Screenshot by Lightshot It should be your daily.

2- Literally all dungeons you complete gives you the points needed.

Once you have completed everything and you have capped out your points or not necessarily needed to cap out your points you need to head to one cute little girl named Little Suri

She’s located at the North of Sulan Palace. Screenshot by Lightshot

This girl will give you couple materials needed to get the gear you need. Screenshot by Lightshot

To be able to buy materials you need 2 Things

1- Tier 3 Demon Slayer Rank!!!

To obtain Tier 3 Demon slayer rank, you need to complete your requirements Screenshot by Lightshot

Once you come complete your requirement you head to this guy to the right of Little Suri Screenshot by Lightshot

And you are 1 Step Closer to getting your gear :D!

2- Soul of Mist! Where do you get this? – Pretty Simple and the most easiest way is completing – Shrine Easy 2x, Shrine Hard 1x Shrine Expert 1-2Star all 3 times weekly-

Merit Points – Screenshot by Lightshot

Once you go to this guy, You open Merit Shop, Click any item and you will see how much Merit Points you have.

No Merit Points?!?!?!?!

Well means you haven’t been helping low players enough ;) <3

The easiest way for Merit Points at level 40 would be doing Darkfall Easy 5 Runs. Once you hit 45 – 49 you should do Shrine Easy 2x and Hard 1x. would give you enough but if you still need more. Run Darkfall the same day or just do Shrine the next day!

3- Jade… this is a pain to get but easily obtainable from Shrine 1 Star, 2 Star and the Little Suri girl. There’s a limit on this, so choose well on what you want to craft :D

Crafting your Gear!

The Non Player Character’s – Screenshot by Lightshot (I legit don’t know why I didn’t say NPC LOL!!!) But Oh well you get me 

To the left, that guy will craft your Weapon.

To the right ,that guy will craft your Armor and Ornaments.
” I got my 40 Set!!!” — Good job guys!!!! Now what?

Well.. you ain’t done yet. Not even close to done.

Every gear piece has enchantments! Yes Enchantment’s that will destroy your pile of Imperial Coins.

Screenshot by Lightshot This is a piece of gear I am using.

As you can see for yourself, It has 4 Things that your gear would not.

1- Enchantment +10

2- 4 Tier Breakthrough’s (Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow) – 4 bars.

3- 2 Gold Stats

4- 4 Marks (Sockets).

The Road to Enchantment 101?

Every gear starts of at +0 but you need to make it +10

TIP 1 – No matter what you do to your gear is not wasted! Everything is transferable to your next set of Gear!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, now where do you get your items needed to enchant your gear?

1- Depleted Philogostones Screenshot by Lightshot

2- Argent Philogostones Screenshot by Lightshot

3- Red Philogostones Screenshot by Lightshot

The Most Popular Ways of Getting Your Material ARE!

1- Treasure Hunting ( Fun)

To treasure hunt you need to get Nyx which are obtained by completing Dungeons, Opening these Nyx’s gives you a Map Screenshot by Lightshot(requires level 45)

You just right click the Map and it takes you to a spot where you get random materials to even Accessories already made for you.

2- Merit Shop ( I showed you this earlier)

Screenshot by Lightshot

3- Bronze Shards (Careful do not overspend)

Screenshot by Lightshot He is located at the same area Little Suri is located.

Where do you obtain Bronze Shards? –

—- Rank up’s in Player versus Player battlegrounds.

To Rank up in PVP. You need to Spam Battlegrounds. Simple as it is. Screenshot by Lightshot Press C For the left “Rank” , Press H to queue up.

Once you complete the bar , Press L , then find the PVP Rank up Quest and go accept it. You need to win a certain amount of matches to turn in the quest and rank up!
—— Rank up’s in Demon slayer rank.

Already Explained !!
—— Leveling rewards give you some too.

Simple as it is!!
—- Peculiar Ticket Quest
This is more of a discount feature similar to how soul of mist works in the Demon slayer merchant. You get Curious beads to reduce the price of the bronze shards needed.

4- Auction House ( Not Recommended but comes through sometimes.

Ctrl +Y to open Auction House and the title states itself.

5- Final Dungeon’s Bosses

If you complete a dungeon you have a chance of Entering “Vanquish Mode” simple, just beat the hell out of the boss and the higher DPS more rewards you get.

Now , I’m pretty sure you have all you need! Trust me you need a lot of these :( so stock up!!!!!!!!

Well, Time to head to enchanting your gear 

Screenshot by Lightshot This Lady has two Options 1 – Refine your gear, 2- Refinement Transfer ( To Transfer Stat’s to your new piece of gear)

Locations : Screenshot by Lightshot Sulan or Screenshot by Lightshot (Forgot Name Place hehe)

Enchanting your Gear – Screenshot by Lightshot

Place the piece of gear and you see +1 to +10.

You need the required amount to enchant it so it shows 100% – Screenshot by Lightshot

Now is the tricky Part. You see different colors on mine. Green to Yellow to Red. Green being the best to Red being the worst. After enchanting your gear to +10 you will probably have Red’s which isn’t really good. So after you get your gear to at least +8 which is good enough! Work on Refining your gear to all Greens or Yellows(Good Enough)

As i said it all transfers over to your next gear so it’s a one time thing! Costly but good and required.

All you have to do is Click every single enchant that’s Red and put the same amount to 100% or you can go to 200% and RNG it to Green or Yellow.
I suggest make it all Yellow! First before you decide of making it all greens! to save your money :)

Tier Breakthroughs!!!

The most colorful part of you gear, literally

To be able breakthrough your gear you need to fulfill couple requirements.

1- Max Exp – To obtain max experience for it. Literally the only of doing so is doing you Scour Dungeon –Screenshot by Lightshot

2- Tier Beads – To obtain Tier beads you need to head to either place ( Bronze Shards Merchant and Purchase Bead Pouch , Merit Shop and Purhcase Tier Beads)

3- Hematite – To obtain Hematite , Increase your merit Points and purchase a ton of it from the Merit Shop merchant.

TIP 2 : Unless you have the money i suggest DO NOT Breakthrough your Level 40 gear, just do it for your level 50 gear as the number of it increases drastically.

Once you have the requirement’s head over to this little girl Screenshot by Lightshot Click on tier activation then upgrade it. Costly so render to my TIP 2 Please.

Then once it’s broken through and your experience is at max. Press N and click on The Hammer with 3 Stars – Screenshot by Lightshot

Place your gear and use the hematite to keep increasing it.


How do i get good rolls on my gear? – Gold Rolls or Crit Increment Rolls.

To get rolls on your gear you need to head to the same girl you refined your gear from and click the Third Option “Venerate Renew” Screenshot by Lightshot

The only Material you need is Depleted Philogostones which make it much easier to do this now 

Hit the button change and this opens up for you Screenshot by Lightshot

Now you have choices – Don’t Save. Save . Repeat

1- Don’t save meaning, it exits.
2- Save changes the stats to the new ones.
3-Repeat doesn’t change your stat if you like your ones but changes the new rolls you are liable to get.

You can keep repeating and saving the ones if you like them and keep repeating till you get your perfect rolls you want!

Finally we are the last part! Awesome guys, you kept up till now  Thanks ! and I hope you had he best time reading all this 

To be bale to get Marks in your sockets. You need to drill 2 more Sockets in

To be able to drill you need Dragon Spike. Obtainable from Merit Shop 2 a day and Bronze shard merchant.
Once you have enough which I have not told you how much you need mainly because I forgot , my bad.

You head to this NPC Screenshot by Lightshot (The Title Says it all) She’s in the Middle.

Once you have drilled 2 more sockets in each piece of gear, you are ready to socket your gear!!

Where do you get Marks? PVE and PVP

PVE – To be able to buy PVE marks, you need to get it from the demon slayer merchant. Mainly why I said to cap your demon slayer points. Screenshot by Lightshot

I suggest buying Demon slayer Marks 1 and fill in your gear with 1’s first. Once you have done so, work on upgrading them to the next tier.

To upgrade your marks to the next tier, you need 4 of the same marks and click combine in your bag! Screenshot by Lightshot Far Left Option!!

Tier 1 Marks – 1 of each.

Tier 2 Marks 4 of Tier 1’s

Tier 3 Marks 12 of Tier 2’s ( wonder why 12? shouldn’t it be 16) – Don’t forget you already have 1 Tier 2 in the socket already  So it’s counted as 4 already!

And so on~~~~~

PVP – To be bale to buy PVP marks, you need to get it from the Army Coins merchant. Mainly why I said to cap you Army coins points. Screenshot by Lightshot

I suggest buying PVP marks 1 and fill in your gear with 1’s first. Once you have done so. work on upgrading them to the next tier.

To upgrade your marks to the next tier, you need 4 of the same marks and click combine in your bag! Screenshot by Lightshot Far Left Option!!

Tier 1 Marks – 1 of each.

Tier 2 Marks 4 of Tier 1’s

Tier 3 Marks 12 of Tier 2’s ( wonder why 12? shouldn’t it be 16) – Don’t forget you already have 1 Tier 2 in the socket already  So it’s counted as 4 already!

( I know i repeated as i got tired of typing mainly because my hands are about to give up and I am tired)e up and I am tired)

To socket in your Marks, You need to Press N and click the option Screenshot by Lightshot

Simple as it is.

So, everything is done. You and your gear are read and complete to progress through harder dungeons. By the time you are ready to hit the 50 and 60 bracket, you will know what you need to do and you can progress through the game and make guides of your own helping other players and even your own guild.

I got inspired to make this guide solely on helping the newer players w whether they will be a part of us and help the community grow and grow with us. Sure you guys aren’t a part of the higher bracket and are falling behind. Don’t bother with any of that. Just do you guys!

We are playing a GAME! never forget that fact. Have fun and enjoy <3

I hope you guys liked this guide and if you do wan’t more please do email me in game so I may collect info and make more! If you have any problems feel free to ask and i’ll help as much as possible.

I am currently with a guild called Losers. Feel free to be a part of us :) and interact with me more personally, that I have a higher rate of helping you!

It’s all about the community in my opinion :) Happy Gaming!


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