Rift Cleric Holy Paladin Leveling Build Guide

Rift Cleric Holy Paladin Leveling Build Guide?by Silentstorm

The Build in Action Vid game play
The Calc link

I had to scale back a little on desire. And test a few things out which is, why it took so long to update this post. First understand what I?m trying to do. I wanted good dps/utility found in old school paladin/monk play. These hybrid classes usually don?t have the highest dps. But offer a unique play to almost singlehandedly influence fights. Just by going in between and outside of the trinity.

The Souls

61 Inquisitor= really no point in explaining it again. But I will explain how I use it. I have a few macros I use my main macro is below. It?s also the reason for the swaying you see me doing back and forth. It allows me to strafe and machine gun BOJ in pve when movement is required. In pvp combine the dots of Scourge, Sanction Heretic, and Vex.

Now you can introduce a constant BOJ spam to someone?s face. Anyone running away or too me is going to have a problem. This also allows me to kite if say a warrior gets to me. Throw on those three dots, Judicial Privilege, Overload and if you?re greedy throw in Dehydrate. You can finish this with Nsryr?s Rebuke your 51 point beam spell. If they don?t have heals or even with it sometimes lights out. Be aware that people with kick or CC you out of Nsyry?s. And it brings attention to you in pvp. And makes you stationary in pve exposed to a would be mechanic. Use it wisely or its major dps wasted for you.

8 Warden= Different from 1.0 I decided with much sadness. That I don?t need the gimmick tidal surge spell. Also notice I didn?t use Soothing Stream as much. Both still very valid and useful but not needed. So I scaled back and went 5/5 Boundless and 2/5 Strength of the Deep. With the final point into Geyser my last gimmick spell. The reason I like Geyser so much is it does exactly what I wanted from a dps/heal splash build. You cause pressure and damage to the enemy while healing. Something we had severely nerfed in the past. Be forewarned in pvp without good vengeance Geyser gets cut in half almost. But combine with Healing Flood and Salvation. You basically have a nice constant heal aura going on. My sole purpose for doing this build in the first place.

7 Justicar= Putting points into this further brings along the splash healing. Allows me to add 10% wisdom of 5/5 Armor of Virtue. I went two into Reparation because I choose to control the healing. Over doing it passively with no control. Also I did the numbers I healed higher using Geyser/Healing Flood/Salvation 2of5 combined. It smart heals so it?s no real worry anyway.

When to use this build

Conquest if you want to rofl at heal killing people. Use this build there it?s hilarious how useful and fun it is. Especially watching all those green numbers fly in the screen while bodies drop.

Pvp normally when a team has some healers. I?ll use this build on top of it. Because you can still be top of the damage kills. And then be boom up there on healing. Like I said in the video things like this separate you. And make you influence fights almost alone. You still need skill to use it all correctly don?t assume it?s an Iwin situation. When you get comfortable however you will see the difference you can make.

Dungeons I use this as my support spec. Because Defiler is boring in dungeons, at least to me anyway. And works better for raids. Raids I wouldn?t suggest this unless you are raid geared out. I?ve seen someone with 6000sp be downright godly with this build. Reminded me of Icar days not as unrealistic and nerfhammer asking. But it was really close and I was impressed with his play.

I don?t suggest it for solo play over Holy Fire or Law bringer (which you will see this week). I mean you can use it for that just fine. But you can bend and break easier than the other builds. So I really look to this as my support build. Until we get that ?actual? support sole in 3.0. Which will cause me to actually go Paladin 3.0 ?

Leveling Progression/Gear

Leveling clerics is always easy to me. I would suggestion all points into Inq until forced into another soul. That soul should be warden until you get 8 points in. Then follow that with Justicar?s 7 points. Then from there all in Inq?s. This is if you really like this build and want to level as it. But again I suggest holy fire over it for that.

Gear stack wisdom whenever possible. To take full advantage of your 20% modifier. Crit power is your friend then next SP. Spell critical is ok but nothing you should go out of the way for. People don?t talk about this much so I will. Level like mad in Planar Attunement. It?s a lot of power to be had there. I know it looks daunting and a long grind. But trust me you will be happy when and if you max it.

Macros I use

#show Bolt of Retribution
cast Sanction Heretic
cast Bolt of Retribution
cast Bolt of Judgment

#show Bolt of Judgement
cast Sanction Heretic
cast Bolt of Judgment

I use this macro everytime BOD is up on proc
#show Fanaticism
cast Fanaticism
cast Bolt of Depravity

I use this macro mainly in pvp as my own no button. You can use it pve too just take overload out.
cast Overload
cast Judicial Privilege
cast Healing Spray


These buffs you should have all the time

Fanatacism= Forces the next damaging Life or Death spell to Critically Hit. Lasts 30s This is best used with BOD. I really don?t use it for anything other then BOD. Thus the macro I made for them.

Judicial Priviledge= Adds 5 stacks of Judicial Privilege. Each stack adds 10% movement speed. When hit, removes 1 stack and restores 10% health. Lasts 20s. Nothing more I can add here. It?s your oh no button use it wisely.

Radical Coalescence= Resets the cooldown on all Inquisitor abilities. Grants Unified Theory. Increases damage done by 10% for 15s. This is a on use buff you can use this to burst like a boss. I will explain that below. And you can use it defensively resetting Judicial Priviledge. It won?t reset overload however that is a pvp skill.

Armor of Awakening= Damage 10% Critical 5% to damaging abilities

Shroud of Agony= 20% chance to deal 3300 damage over 6 seconds to 10 enemies. This scales off of sp this becomes quite a large damage dot. When you have 5000+ sp

Spiritual Scrutiny= Reduces the global cooldown of the Cleric?s ranged damaging abilities by 0.5s, and their mana costs by 33%. Allows the Cleric?s damaging abilities to ignore 20% of their targets? Armor and Resistance. Reduces the cast time of Bolt of Judgment by 1.5s and its damage by 20%. Lasts 1h.

Ok that?s a lot of info.

Here?s why you should care it allows you to cast faster and have a strong movement spell cast in BOJ. You can take this a step further and do this combo. Cast BOD hard cast or use a already holding BOD charge. Use Radical Coalescence cast BOD while letting BOD fly, Use Sanction Heretic, Move forward allowing the cast of BOJ, Cast Soul Crystal, Cast Nysyr?s Rebuke, Which if they fail enough to let that finish, cast BOD again instant cast, dot them vex/scourge and watch them die if they haven?t already. This wouldn?t be possible with out Spiritual Scrutiny.

So to recap what I did so you can grasp it. BOD+BOD+SA+BOJ+Soul Crystal+NR or BOJ again which may refresh BOD+BOD+Scourge/Vex= Opponent saying wtf I just got hit like 10 times in 8 seconds. Only way someone will stop you from doing this is CC you. So pretty much if you are in a crowd left unattended yea?Machine gun mode.

Spiritual Protection= Increases all Resistances by 65 on all party or raid members.
Optional if you have them they do help

Flaring Sigil= 160sp Nice dps boost. Gained from tier 3 of the fire planar attunement. If you haven?t gotten that far yet. Try for tier 2 Flaring glyph which is 80sp

Archiac Tablet/Petrified Rune= Both offer minor boost AT offers you Wisdom/Strength +60 for 15 minutes. Petrified Rune offers Dexterity/Intelligence +60 for 15minutes. Both of these buffs are the entry point of Tier 3 for Water and Earth. So all you need to do for them is get to tier 3 and spend one point.

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