Rift Defiler Raid Guide

Rift Defiler Raid Guide?by Dratnuh

Purpose: Describe how too defile like a bawz in current pve raid content.

We got limited role slots, lets get the most bang for the buck. Good dps and ?Purge? with all the defiler goodies.
The build:?http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#r/UkllliEGkG8/nA8U

General information:
Defiler is a support soul that mainly dps, effective healing other souls do better. The links are the major reason too use a Defiler in raid envoirment.
Link damage get absorbed through the Husk of Dawn that with talents refresh itself everytime the defiler cast a heal (Siphon Vitality counts as one). Use all links, ask tanks for advice if your unsure who should have the best link. Unless you got some really squishy ranged use left over links on melee dps for optimium usage of ?Pain Transmission?.
When you dps you will passiveley build up to three Foul Growth stacks on your linked targets (Stronger link easlier builds the Foul Growth stacks).
Stay in Melee range of boss when you can. Use ?Beacon of Despair? on any encounter you can (all to my knowledge, didn?t experiment on twins). Always place Beacon of Despair in melee range main target. Be sure to unsummon it when needed for certain phases.

Self buffs:

  • Rage Blight ? Swap too Grief Blight if you have to emergency heal for a bit, mind it costs you a gcd.
  • Feast of the Fallen
  • Chimera?s Gift ? Applies Chimera?s Gift if the Cleric receives a killing blow. Restores health equal to 25% of the Cleric?s Maximum Health. Lasts 5m. (Reaply this when you can if it?s triggered)
  • Armor of Devotion

Single target dps priority:

  1. Pain Transmission ? Deals Death damage to up to 3 enemies near the Cleric and the targets of the Cleric?s Links. Cleric + Beacon + 4 links = 18 potential hits given three mobs in range (Given that it will hit atleast twice on the target, else don?t use it)
  2. Bond of Pain ? Deals Death damage each time the Cleric is damaged. Lasts 30s.
  3. Siphon Vitality ? Dot
  4. Vex ? Dot
  5. Marrow Harvest ? Deals damage after 6 seconds.
  6. Somatic Desecration ? Nuke

Multiple targets dps priority

  1. Pain Transmission
  2. Bond of Pain, Siphon Vitality, Marrow Harvest and spread them with Unholy Nexus
  3. Single target rotation


  • Unstable Transformation ? Reduces damage taken by 50%. Increases healing and absorption received by 50%. When hit, restores x health. Lasts 10s.
  • The reason to go 61 defiler, it?s awsome.
  • Death?s Embrace ? Combat ressurection, 5 min cd.
  • Jealous Intervention ? Single target cleanse.
  • Bond of Corruption ? Intercepts 10% of all healing received by the enemy. The Cleric receives 125% of the intercepted healing. Lasts 30s. Generally don?t bother with it
  • Bond of Torment ? Causes damaging abilities to restore 31 to 34 health to the Cleric. Lasts 30s. Generally a waste of gcd (for pve raids)
  • Purge ? Duh? 10 sec cd
  • Empowered Affliction ? Restores 7% mana. Reduces Maximum Health by x% for 10s. Max 5 stacks.


  • Foul Growth ? Restores x health after 10s. Max 3 stacks.
    Don?t ever hardcast this!
  • Explosive Growth ? Applies 3 stacks of Foul Growth.
    Warning! Very mana intenssive. Use this alternated with Loathsome/Ghastly Restoration for emergency healing.
  • Hideous Reconstruction ? Heal over time
    You can keep this up on tank but I don?t bother with it since we already got dedicated healers doing a fine job. Use it too reapply your Husk of Dawn when needed if you don?t want to cut off Siphon Vitality (like before a major boss aoe ability).
  • Loathsome Restoration ? Heal, triggers Foul Growth
  • Ghastly Restoration ? Bigger heal on cd 15 sec cd, triggers Foul Growth
  • Feedback ? Restores health to up to 5 party or raid members. Restores 25% more health to targets of the Cleric?s Links. Triggers Foul Growth.
  • Use this to trigger Foul Growth in a emergency sitaution with several tanks where boss tend to swap targets alot or not nessecary target your target.

Specific encounter tips:

Twins, if we use the original warden, chloro and defiler setup on one side, be ready to do alot of ?emergency heals?, specially on tank swaps.
Puri is much more preferd too be honest, we used defiler during progression since tanks was squishy which is not the case any more. Another reason, would be the limit of role slots.
So if you happen to defile on this fight, link tanks and two squishys on your side, other side is fine with their puri, don?t worry about their tanks.
Stay ranged, don?t bother with Beacon of Despair since boss won?t be cloose alot of the time, stay ranged, red aoe in tank path is unwanted.

Crucia, go read instructions how to do the robot, it?s fairly simple! Remember to cancel you Beacon of Dispair just before picking up the robot.
Beacon can not be up on platform one as the raid move too the second. Do the robot stuff.
When you get to adds phase spread Bond of Pain, Siphon Vitality and Marrow harvest before Pain Transmission.
Swap to Grief of Blight as Crucia lands, focus on emergency healing tank and raid members (don?t use explosive growth unless needed), be ready to throw tank Unstable Transformation.
Help out dispelling coolant debuff.
Stay ranged don?t bother with beacon or Pain Trasmission, we got plenty of melee derps in center dying like flies.
I usually position myself as far left off the boss I can next to tanks without risking taking any frontal aoe ofcourse. Halfway between edge and center.
It?s more important defiler stays alive too keep the links up on tanks rather than maximizing dps here.
Dps the mind controlled tank.

Matriarch, time for Pain Transmission to shine! Expect 14-16k dps or more on a good day (not constantly running away with the aoe) Link tanks and two derp melee.
Stay with melee group, duuuh? use Beacon of Dispair on yourself in melee position so it hit boss + adds. Pew pew pew.
Be carefull to refresh Husk of Dawn just before boss ability Consuming Essence hits.
Keep Bond of Corruption up on Matriarch at all times!
When one add are up or more, use multiple dps target priority.

Goloch, Link all tanks and a derp, duhhh?. Beacon might die of the red aoe fields, just put it down again. Pew pew fight, defiler should not bring the dmg boost too the raid, I do it anyway.
Stay out of all aoe, full dps gear is fine.

Regulos, remember to unsummon Beacon of Dispair as you go in too phase 2 and 4. (Every time you take a portal).
Be ready to purge shieldbearer on Molinar side.
Try to save Unstable Transformation until tanks ask for it.
Aoe rotation on eyes, single target down thoose that can?t be hit by aoe.
Help out healing whoever gets unholy dominion debuff. Throw Hideous Reconstruction and explosive growth, trigger growth if needed.
Single target down Spines, if you can spread Bond of Pain, Siphon Vitality and Marrow harvest, had moderate success with it.

Final notes:

This guide was made for how we approached Defiler in Last Dawn
I?ve not tried hardmodes yet so can?t offer any specific Defiler advice there yet.
I?ve probably forgot something, I?ll add it later :d

Why not 15 sent or justicar subsoul rather than inq for improved healing? Chloros, sentinel and purifier does a far better job on single target healing. Defiler healing 24/7 is very clunky, involves alot gcd?s just to regain mana. Healing from defiler with salvation is far too random to be reliable, sure your hps will increase (just too lower other real healers hps) but your dps will take a huge hit. Maybe we?ll use 15 sent subsoul for some progression fight where tanks instantly needs top off after a big hit but I very much doubt it since Chloro and Sent already got the tools to do it and the burst healing potential of Defiler is already good enough.

Yes it?s possible to heal experts with some diffrent variations of defiler builds, wouldn?t recommend it, your better of with a pure 61 sent build or a 54/22 puri/sent.
Various builds makes a very viable pvp pocket healer with a quite unique playstyle.

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