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Rift Harb/Chloro Solo Leveling Support Healing Guide

Rift Harb/Chloro Solo Leveling Support Healing Guide?by TheGrinnz

The purpose of this spec is for solo/group questing survivability and support healing in dungeons. It can do respectable DPS with Lightning Blade active but it is not a top DPS spec.


Level 50:?http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#FgGi8/SkoGyBplilh0/G
Level 60:?http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#FgGi8/SkiGallkBkg/G4
As you level, continue filling in the extra damage boosts in Harbinger.
You can also point into Stormcaller instead of Archon for slightly higher AoE damage and?Forked Lightning?to use for Eldritch Procs. This is only worthwhile for groups of 5+ enemies.


Use?Lifegiving Veil?always.?Synthesis?is only taken in order to get?Nature?s Touch, you don?t have any other spells to take advantage of?Lifebound Veil?properly.

Blades: Use?Lightning Blade?for maximum DPS. Use?Reaper?s Blade?for survivability.?Luminous Weapon?gives you better self-healing but much lower DPS than Reaper?s Blade, it is mostly useful before you get to level 41.

Don?t forget?Eldritch Armor.

Keep up?Searing Vitality?for a nice Endurance buff.



#show Vorpal Slash
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Vorpal Slash
cast Storm's Fury
cast Storm Slash
cast Vile Spores
cast Ruin
cast Withering Vine
cast Blazing Light
cast Vengeful Shock

(At 54 Harbinger, replace Storm Slash with Rending Slash)

Alternate ST ? less DPS, more healing, use with Entropic Veil:

#show Piercing Beam
cast Piercing Beam
cast Vorpal Slash
cast Ruin
cast Storm's Fury
cast Storm Slash
cast Vile Spores
cast Withering Vine
cast Blazing Light
cast Vengeful Shock

Eldritch Proc ? hit only once:

#show Nature's Touch
cast Nature's Touch
cast Vile Spores


#show Lucent Slash
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Lucent Slash
cast Vengeful Shock


#show Bloom
cast @self Bloom
cast Conditioned Response
cast Essence of Wind
cast Planar Shield
cast Break Free

Note:?Essence of Wind?is not available until 44 Harbinger

Heal others:

#show Bloom
cast @mouseoverui Bloom

Separate on bar (some of these are not available until higher in Harbinger):
Piercing Beam?? if managed separately
Withering Vine
Blazing Light
Radiant Spores
Natural Conversion
Glaring Fetters
Tempest Winds
Distracting Slash?? Interrupt
Blade Rush?? ST charge
Phase Step?? AoE teleport
Planar Retreat?? backwards teleport
Blademark?? If you are fighting two enemies, put this on one and ST DPS the other
Phantom Blades?? Causes your melee attacks to become ranged

Using the spec

To open with, first apply?Radiant Spores, then you can either?charge in?directly, apply?Glaring Fetters?to snare the enemy and damage them as they run to you, or apply?Withering Vine/Blazing Light.

The first priority in melee range is to apply the?Piercing Beam debuff. After that use the ST macro. When you get an Eldritch proc, use the Eldritch macro once to use either?Nature?s Touch?or?Vile Spores?(this is the highest priority). Do not spam the macro or you will begin hard-casting Vile Spores after the 0.5s GCD. If this is an issue you can use Nature?s Touch and Vile Spores separately on the bar.

Keep up Withering Vine for extra damage and healing, and in an extended fight you can keep up Blazing Light as well, refreshing it with?Lucent Slash. Make sure to keep Radiant Spores up when it drops if you need the healing. When you are high enough level for?Tempest Winds, you can use it for a bit of extra damage. Make sure you let it channel the full 3 seconds since there is a burst of damage when it finishes.

In AoE use?Phase Step?as a gap closer and also decent damage, note that you can continue to use other abilities while Phase Step is still teleporting you around. Otherwise use Lucent Slash. Continue to use Eldritch Armor procs on Nature?s Touch and Vile Spores. Also use?Vorpal Slash?whenever it?s up for additional healing. Make sure to keep up Radiant Spores up.

The ST and AoE macros will automatically turn on?Charged Blade?when you have enough charge, which is a damage boost to Nature?s Touch/Vile Spores as well even though they don?t consume charge. If you are using Eldritch procs whenever they happen then you will have no problem maintaining charge with Charged Blade on. Alternatively you can take out Charged Blade from the macros and maintain?Entropic Veil?manually if you need additional healing (Charged Blade will not increase your healing).

In a group situation (where you do not need the survivability) use Reaper?s Blade if enemies are dying at least every 15 seconds, and use Lightning Blade when they aren?t (boss fights). Remember that you can use?Bloom?to help spot-heal others. Entropic Veil is also useful to help your group healing.

For additional healing you can use the alternative ST macro to use Piercing Beam and?Ruin?on cooldown, as they are Life damage attacks so they will heal more than your Air slashes. In a group you can also do a lot of healing by simply spamming Vile Spores or even Withering Vine, but you won?t get any Eldritch Armor procs for Nature?s Touch this way, and you won?t do much DPS.

Good hunting!


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